Lyme, Bartonella, Mycoplasma, etc.

My husband contracted lyme from a tick in southeastern Idaho spring 2015.  In the first three months, his vital signs were fluctuating and he had horrible, painful, papular skin rashes which would break and bleed. We went from MD to MD.  You know the story:  They told us to go to a dermatologist.  Lyme travels in "packs" with other "friends," such as bartonella, mycoplasma, erlichiosis, etc. etc. and invites in new friends and even parasites.  When my husband developed staph and was oozing ounces of yellow serum from his head, I forced him back to an MD, and the MD told us to change our laundry soap.  Eight months post bite, when the last infectious disease specialist told him over his encrusted, split, bleeding legs that he was fat, lazy, and probably just wanted to collect a disability check, he left her office, slumped in his truck, and said a prayer.  Within an hour he had found a naturopath who agreed to see him THAT NIGHT.  She sent him home with herbal tinctures.  The herxheimer for BOTH of us (I was infected via sexual contact with my husband after about two months of him becoming seriously ill--I didn't know lyme can be easily sexually spread and spread to fetuses in womb.  It even lives in saliva) which followed beginning those tinctures cemented my belief that herbs could work.  That allowed me to open my mind to other things we found combing the internet.  This is how we found Jim Humble.  As we had actually visited India and become ill only two weeks before my husband was bitten by a tick, I wondered if he had something like Dengue Fever from India.  We were both seriously ill in India and after returning home, for six weeks, but then my husband was bitten and continued being very ill.  The MMS is what first stopped the serious rashes.  We both took it internally for about three months.  It worked so well, that I think we stopped it only due to the taste.  I have since read others take it in juice.  My husband would ask me to bathe his rash-ridden body in a glass of MMS wherein I'd used about 25-30 drops of MMS and then filled the 6 oz glass with water.  I also often added 1 T. DMSO to allow the MMS to penetrate through his skin layers to kill the nasty bartonella, which loves to reside in the skin layers.  Anyone you see with permanent little "knobs" all over their face most likely has bartonella. Bartonella suppresses lyme and then become the major offender.  It can ultimately ruin the heart valves.  My husband could feel the MMS working immediately on his skin.  It was the only thing which stopped the painful, to-the-bone itching he suffered day after day (until we tried MMS on his skin).  THANK YOU, Jim Humble, for being a humble warrior.  May God bless you and exalt you forever and ever.  We must tell everyone about MMS and stop the fdastasi from allowing our loved ones to suffer and die.  My husband almost died at the hands of MDs who actually REFUSED treatment.  I quoted to the doctor in front of my husband whose vital signs were fluctuating:  "The Merck Medical Manual states that if patient has recently returned from a tropical or third-world country, and has fever, rashes, breathing issues, bloodshot eyes, etc., do not wait to detect exact pathogen, but begin treatment immediately with broad-spectrum antibiotic and anti-parasitic."  This doctor REFUSED.  He was dead-set on finding the EXACT pathogen, whilst my sweet, poor husband was delirious and almost stopped breathing some nights.  It sometimes seem the MDs would rather see us all dead.  Hello?  I am speechless after all of this.  Only  herbs, MMS, and regular supplements like calcium/magnesium and Co-Q-10 helped.  The MDs took lots of money and some even refused to test him for lyme.  I am so done with them.  My husband thinks he is recovered now, nine months later.  MMS works.  Thank you, Jim Humble!!!!!!  God bless you!!!!!!!  Spread the word, everyone!

Danielle Isom
United States 

Posted : 02-05-2017

Severe feminine itching

I have struggled with candida (then thrush in mouth) since I was a newborn!  My mother told me she could not get rid of it with anything.  Finally, the doctor gave me Gentian Rose.  I don't think that is even available anymore.  It went away, but I've struggled with candida most of my adult life.  Last week I had such severe feminine itching that I couldn't even sleep.  That's when I remembered MMS!  We used it initially 6 months ago to fight lyme which my husband contracted from a tick and gave to me.  So a few days ago when I couldn't sleep due to horrible itching to the point of pain, I made up a glass of MMS with 4-5 drops, drank it, and ONE HOUR later there was no itching.  THANK YOU, Jim Humble!  You also saved my husband from being eaten by lyme and bartonella!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  I am praying for your protection and for the release of the innocent Daniel from the stasifda.

Danielle Isom
United States 

Posted : 02-05-2017

Periodontal disease

I’ve had bleeding gums for years and was totally horrified after an absence away from the dentist to hear that I had developed some pockets in my gums due to mild periodontal disease. This thought was so scary as I had my father as an example of what this can do. His teeth were awful and eventually he had to have dentures all because he could not cure it. Periodontal disease is anaerobic bacteria eating away at flesh and bone! The consequences if left unattended are dire as one could expect. Nasty bacteria they are!

I first came across MMS about 10 years ago, and found it all very interesting and bought an MMS set without needing it. Maybe it was the universe getting the order of things mixed up! Another synchronicity happened years later when I got to know the manufacturer of AMS (same as MMS). He told me that the solution attacks anaerobic bacteria. I started thinking that a good way to deal with this would be by applying MMS and submerging the infected pockets with the solution. So, I apply it with a syringe in between each tooth with a high concentrate solution of 10 drops into a small shot glass ¾ filled. I stay still and leave it in there for 1 – 2 minutes and then spit it out. As I have a pocket in my upper teeth, I have to lie down and hang my head to be able to ensure that the bacteria are submerged within the solution.


On my last visit to the dentist, she was delighted to see that there was no bleeding anywhere. Her words were “whatever you are doing, keep doing it”. It’s become a ritual using micro brushes between the gaps inside and out, brushing with bicarbonate of soda and then applying the solution through a syringe but it’s a small price to pay to maintain my teeth and gums in a healthy state.

Carlos Silva

Posted : 07-04-2017

athritis fingers and toes (assumed but never diagnosed)

2005 I started to get pain in finger joints, working as a chef. 2010 I saw an interview with Jim Humble. Then I watched testimonials on you tube. I saw a dutch guy telling about his ill joints and about a rapid improvement. I bought some Sodium chlorite online and started to take the drops. I took as large doses I could several times a day(up to 15 drops). The citric accid was a terrible activator. However my joints were completely healed in 2 weeks. Now 6y later My joints are still great. I only used mms for a month. No maintanance drops during the years.


Thank you Jim Humble, actually thank you one million times!


Posted : 05-04-2017

285 Testimonies (HIV etc)

Here is various testimonies but many are HIV and Malaria in Tanzania!

Tanzania, United Republic of 

g2voice.is Posted : 13-03-2017

Swollen Feet

My problem started one morning a few months back getting out of bed when I noticed my feet were swollen, red and sore to touch. I didn’t think much of it for the next couple weeks, but because it was getting worse and not going away I asked my friend Sharon to take a look. She said I needed to get to the doctor right away. I went to my doctor and the only thing she could tell me by looking was that I had a very bad infection of some sort and she would prescribe an antibiotic. I took the meds for 10 days and the redness faded slightly, but the swelling and pain remained about the same. I went back for a checkup and she again told me she didn’t know the cause was, but she would give me some water pills for the swelling. In the following days I had various tests done at the VA hospital and they also had no idea what the problem was or how to get rid of it.
It was at this time Sharon suggested I try MMS Protocol 1000. After 3-4 weeks it was gone and has not returned. Sharon and MMS made a believer out me and I keep my MMS handy for whatever comes my way.



Don Mesquit
United States 

Posted : 28-02-2017

Flu, Head Cold

I was teaching a class and all of the sudden, I got a head cold. I had to wait til I was finished with class, with all the wet tissues I was throwing away. The "cold" was going around our house, so I kind of knew I was next, but after a few days, I let my guard down. This rushed on me like a freight train! I was miserable until evening, then I thought I would take a mega-dose of CDS that I had in the fridge. I just poared some in a glass, added some water to it, and down the hatch! I guess now, it was equal to a 6 drop dose of MMS. Within, say, 2 or 3 minutes, the "cold" left like the wind blowing a raincloud away. Clear as a bell!. That night, I was clear. However, it rushed me again as soon as I got up. Again, I took a "Mega-dose", and again, the head cleared in a minute or two. 4 hours later, it came on again, and again, another mega-dose. This time, it cleared up for good! A few weeks later, I started to get the flu. That achy feel, and diarreah. I used the megadose on it too. Same thing happened. It cleared up in no time at all. I tried to come back, and I kept it in check with my trusty CDS. Now I know what to do for the people in my house. CDS seems to be a lot more palatable than MMS for everyone here. I can tolorate more CDS, and I don't get that Herxy effect.

United States 

Posted : 14-02-2017


I posted my main testimonial in the category Sarcoidosis but i just wanted to share that i had struggled with Acid Reflux / GERD and a hiatel hernia for about 8 years and the symptoms continued to worsen.  My gastro doctor run a scope down my esophogus and said i had a hiatel hernia and some erosion and prescribed me the largest dose of Prilosec and commented that i would probably need to stay on it the rest of my life.  Although i was trying to eat healthy i reached a point that my one pill wasn't working for 24 hours.  I was having to supplement with Pepsid, baking soda, anddrink over the counter liquid acid antacid.  It reached a point that if i drank a glass of water it would trigger and i would be miserable for an hour.  Because it was also affecting my bowels i was going to ask my docter on the next visit if i could be battling more than just GERD but maybe Crohn's disease.  MMS has COMPLETELY healed my gastro problems.  No more reflux.  I don't wake up at night strangling on acid trying to catch my breath.  What a wonderful feeling each day that i think about it.  Although i am trying to respect my body and eat in moderation and no big meals before bed, i have tested it and i can.  As a matter of fact i indulge in my healthy nuts, seeds, and raw milk about every night before bed.. lol.. with no problems whatsoever.  I have discovered a trick.  If you overeat and feel slightly bloated or sluggish digestion just take a few drops of the activator Hydrocloric Acid by itself.  I have found for my 180lb frame about six drops does it.  It seems to dramatically improve my digestion.  I remember hearing ArchBishop Greg on the Genesis2Broadcast lecture on digestion and mention as you get older your body doesn't produce enough hydrocloric acid to properly handle todays overly processed diet.  Hopefully my testimony can help someone that suffers with similar symptoms.  Thanks to Greg and Joseph.. i enjoy those G2Broadcasts!  I am anxiously waiting for one on cleaning our arteries. 

Mark Clark
United States 

Posted : 06-02-2017


Sarcoid, Brain Fog, Reflux, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Gout, High Blood Pressure, Candida, and fungal/parasite Rash All are GONE!   Around 2003 I begin experiencing unexplained arthritis along with  what I coined “muscle arthritis” that bounced around to different places in my body.  It would be in my ankles one week, move to my knees, elbows and then to my spine up my neck and then settle in my low back.   The two combined caused constant pain and aching feeling all over.   I suffered from repeated severe bronchitis.  And a year or two later I begin having large nodules show up on my jaw bone and neck area; similar to large pimples that were sore but never come to head and would stay for 6 months and longer.  At this point around 2006 as a result of a skin biopsy I was diagnosed with the Autoimmune Disorder, Sarcoidosis.   As time went on I begin having the patches of the nodule / granulomas show up on my arms.  Again as a result of skin biopsy it came back as Sarcoidosis.  From year to year I noticed my health slowly deteriorating.  I begin developing severe reflux.  Next came Hypertension, high blood pressure.  Here I was in my forties and I found myself diagnosed with Sarcoid, four types of arthritis, severe muscle / body aches, severe reflux, and high blood pressure.  My “doctors” had me on 3 medicines for arthritis,  1 medicine for muscles, 2 blood pressure medicines, a proton pump inhibitor for reflux,  regular steroids for autoimmune triggers and wanted me on methotrexate which I refused.  My symptoms were affecting my lifestyle and work, and actually becoming debilitating.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was when it began to affect my mind.  I found myself forgetting why I entered a room.  I would stand in the room and try to recollect what I was doing before I came into the room in hopes that it would remind me why I needed to be in the room.  It got to a point where I would have to set down and think thru it because I couldn’t remember what I was doing before I entered the room.. Whew!  The mental frustration was becoming overwhelming and at this point I knew I had to do something even if it was resort to the pharmaceutical protocol for advanced sarcoid, which is ugly, consisting of daily steroids, Benicar, and various antibiotics for the rest of my life.  At this point I begin to research and found a consistent link between autoimmune disorders and L forms of Bacteria within the body.  I came across MMS along with DMS and Menorillite Clay (similar to bentonite clay).  My better judgment told me that Jim Humble and Greg were sincere guys so I decided what would I have to loose trying it before I succumbed to my doctors’ pharmaceutical protocol.  Within the second and third day on the MMS protocol my mind begin clearing up.  Within a week as my mind continued clearing I noticed increased energy levels and my aches and pains begin going away.  It took me about 3 weeks to get past my stomach and gut symptoms and get to 3 drops per hour.   Sounds weird but I noticed that places I suffered from I would notice it working in that area due to increased symptoms like my gut and then I would notice another area like my back and low back.  For about 4 days I walked around bent over like an old man and was painful to straighten up but out of nowhere went away.   After 3 months, I realized that I was 97% symptom free from all my ailments.  My life is completely changed.  The only reason I say 97% was because the autoimmune would still try to trigger on occasions but the big difference is when I would feel it triggering within one to two rounds of MMS protocol it would stop it dead in it’s tracks and go away.   Now after 7 months the autoimmune triggers have almost completely subsided, I don’t even think about them anymore and it had become an everyday occurrence.  After the second day I have not had a single day of brain fog and forgetfulness.  I wake up and go to bed with no arthritis pain.  No Gout flare ups.  My blood pressure is normal.  No more fibromyalgia muscle pain.  No more reflux/GERD.  A fungal / parasite rash that I was unable to get rid is gone.  Candida rashes are gone.  I have been on no medicines whatsoever for 7 months now.  It is absolutely amazing!  I want to mention that I had a fungus that MMS was reacting with so I went off MMS for about 2 weeks while I followed the various internal and external protocols for fungus by incorporating bentonite and menorillite clay.  With my whole heart I believe God, Our Creator; thru this mineral along with the clay, has brought complete healing to my body.   I sincerely appreciate and respect Jim, Greg & Joseph for their faithful dedication to bring awareness to this precious mineral that our Creator, Healer and Savior have given us for healing and health.  

Mark Clark
United States 

Posted : 06-02-2017


Howdy everybody.  I have had psoriasis since age 10. I'm 48. I was told I'd have it for life. Well, the truth is it's cureable.  I have been taking CDS for going on 2 years. I make it myself. I take 25 drops 2-3 times a day. My body is nearly clear of plaques. My body was once covered with psoriasis. For as long as I can remember, I've been allergic to nearly every food imaginable, too. I believe psoriasis, liver dyfunction and food allergies all hold hands and are related. Our bodies really are magnificent and capable of healing, though it takes time. My arthritis also has gotten way better.  Can you imagine what the inside of my body looked like before CDS? Good grief. I have also been doing Protocol 4,000- cal hypo. I started 2 years ago taking 73% cal hypo. Got up to 330mg and then had a bad puking incident and temporarily stopped. The results were pretty awesome though. My body kicked out so much imflamation.  I lost 30 pounds in under 2 months.  Well, I found 99% pure cal hypo on amazon earlier this year. I've been taking it every day. I got up to 130 mg and that's about it before feeling like I was gonna puke, and experienced a burp that burnt my esophogus, so I backed down to 100 mg. Yesterday, I started taking the 99% cal hypo with the 73% cal hypo together. Currently I'm upto 200 mg, 100 mg of each. I haven't noticed the weight loss like I did on just 73%, but I'm going to keep at it. I occassionally feel it doing its thing in different places in my body, like clearing garbage from my arteries in my neck, brain and heart. The sensation is like warm burning. So, there you have it. Best wishes to all.

United States 

Posted : 04-02-2017
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