Hi this is Wanda from Cary, NC. I have been using MMS since July 2016. I used it succesfully to get rid of my bleeding gums. My gums used to bleed every time I brushed and flossed my teeth. Within a week of using mms to rinse my mouth, my gums stopped bleeding. Then I developed tooth pain and sensitivity. I threw out my Sensodyne toothpaste and started brushing with Bentonite clay while continuing to use MMS rinse once or twice a day, morning and night was enough to keep gingivitis away. No more painfull teeth, and no more bleeding gums. I thank God and everyone out there working diligently to get the word out about MMS.

United States 

Posted : 03-02-2017


Last year, I had tried CD, but could not tolerate a 3-drop dose, so I stopped taking it. It would upset my stomach. 

This week I started to come down with what felt like a bad cold, sore throat, stuffiness, tiredness. but none of my regular remedies seemed to be working. The timing made me suspicious that it was some new virus, because three days before, I had spent time with someone who also had been feeling lke he was coming down with something, but he was doing all his Russian mother's home remedies that normally keep the family healthy. None of their remedies worked. He got really sick for a week, with a fever of 105. He couldn't even get out of bed. 

I had watched the video of the two funny guys treating an ear infection with chlorine dioxide, how you can treat it by dropping a drop of the CD solution into your ear, and gargle with it. They said you can repeat the treatment every hour if you need to. they also sid that you should start with one drop. If I had known that, I would not have had to stop taking it last year.  Three drops is too strong for me to take all at once. In the interim, I have been taking Dr. Wilson's Original Formula Adrenal Restorer. What a great product for people who are fat and tired all the time. I think I was run down because my adrenal glands were burned out from years of sressful life. Now I am stronger, and have dropped a lot of weight.

So I sipped a solution with one drop of CD in it, letting it run down my throat slowly, a few drops at a time. My throat felt noceably better. An hour later I snuffled up some solution I had made with two drops of CD. I did an experiment where I only snuffed the solution into one nostril, and not the other one. The nostril I treated became clear, and stayed clear for 24 hours. The other nostril stayed stuffy, but not as stuffy as it had been. Before I went to bed, I made a solution with 3 drops of CD, and gargled with it, and let the rest trickle down my throat. I slept 10 hours, and was well when I woke up.

I have sipped a 2-drop solution of CD each day since, and have stayed healthy.

Cara McMillan
United States 

Posted : 01-02-2017

Years of Arthritis gone for good with MMS

So here is my story. When I was 7 years old I had my tonsils removed because they were always getting infected. What I know now is that the job of the tonsils is to help protect the body from any infections that enter via the mouth. If you've had your tonsils removed then you are at extra risk of getting sick from bacteria that enter through the mouth. This means if you kiss someone who carries a bacteria you're not used to it can cause you great harm.

In my 30's I was seeing a girl that lived 200 miles away and whom I didn't see very often. I kissed her and didn't see her for several months after that. Soon after that I started getting pains in my neck, which over time progressed to my shoulders and worked it's way down the body.

At first I just thought it was my pillow causing my neck pains and bought a new pillow. What followed was years of joint pains that would come and go. If I had taken antibiotics right away then my joint pains wouldn't have progressed. But because I didn't know the cause of my joint pains being bad bacteria I just assumed it was inherited because my grandmother had really bad arthritis - so much so that she was on cruches for most of her adult life. I simply figured it runs inthe family and I'd inherited it from her.

Later on I was on antibiotics like doxycycline and I did find it helped with the joint pains but the pain never really went away and if you stopped taking it, then the pains returned. I set about on a quest to find a natural cure for the joint pains and tried about 20 different things over a 2 year period. The first thing I found that really helped was the herb from Peru called Cat's Claw. That made a big difference but once you stopped taking it - the pains returned.

Then one day I came across MMS, but there was so many scare stories out there that it took me 1 month to work up the courage to try it. At this time the forumla was MMS and 50% Citric Acid - which has now been replaced with Hydroclaric Acid. 

I will say right from the start the smell of MMS is simply horrible and so is the taste, although the newer version with Hydroclauric Acid instead of Ciric Acid is a bit better tasting and I recommend that for sure from now onwards.

Anyways, I think my inital mistake was taking took much. I did 2 drops per hour instead of just 1. But also the shape of the bottles I had was different to most of the ones I've seen online, so now I'm sure the size of my drops was larger also, as I'm sure the holes in my bottles were larger. So I probably took the equivelent of 4 to 6 drops when I thought I was taking just 2 drops.

The first time I took MMS it was on an empty stomach and now I know that's not a good idea. It felt like I'd been punched in the stomach. I know now that it's best to eat some food and wait about an hour before taking MMS. But from everything I read I heard you'd feel worse before you got better. Anyway I kept with it but by day 2 I had uncontrollable diarrhea, everything was just gushing out of me. But what really struct me was the smell of it - it had this very metallic smell which was exactly the same kind of smell I knew of as a child being in a dentist's office and getting a silver mercury filling. I had many fillings as a child, maybe 20 or more because I used to cough so my doctor loaded me up on sugary cough syrup which rotted all my teeth and hence the many fillings.

I believe now when I took the MMS it was helping me to get rid of years of mercury stored in my body and that was the smell I was getting.

I also think I may have had a lot of parasites. I love to travel and at that time had been to around 20 different countries including months in my childhood in East Africa as we had family there. So I'm sure I could have picked up a lot of different kinds of parasites. And I think perhaps this is the reason I found MMS really hard to take because I think those parasite put up a really big fight when MMS comes along and does everything it can to turn off from using it from the taste and smell of MMS.

Anyways I found it very hard to stick with the regular 1 or 2 drops per hour because MMS just smelt and tasted so bad. But I did take it whenever I could work up the courage. One of the first things I noticed was within the first few days of taking MMS my toes had a mild burning sensation which went away after about 3 days. Up until this point whenever I walked the joints in my toes would click. The same thing with my wrists, they would also make a clicking sound as I moved my wrists back and forth. After a few days on MMS the clicking from both my toes and wrists went away.

It took me maybe 2 months of using MMS to be pain free but I wasn't using it every day. The biggest reason I wasn't taking it every day was because MMS used to give me uncontrollable diarrhea 2 to 3 days after taking it and so I had to plan times when I could take it and know I'll be a home in 2 or 3 days time. I believe now the major reason for the really bad diarrhea was because of the citric acid. As I have now switched to using MMS + hydrocloric acid and it's so much easier to take and less of the diarrhea.

But after having joint pains for 2 to 3 years and taking many other things before MMS that helped but didn't get rid of the pain for good - I found the MMS seemed to get rid of the joint pains for good.

it's probably been about 4 years now and I've been pain free. MMS tastes horrible, it smells awful BUT it really works. Recently I've come back from a road trip across Europe where I got sick because of breathing in so much cold air, plus lack of sleep, plus I was in a carw ith another person for 12 hours a day and sure I picked up a bug. And I avoided taking MMS simply because I really hate the taste of it. But I did try for three days in a row simply rubbing it into my arms and chest with some DMSO added and it really helped. My cough reduced right away after rubbing in the DMSO and MMS mixture. So there are many ways to take MMS and have it help.

I can really see why Big Pharma would want to shut down all knowledge of MMS, for years I spent hundreds of pounds on things that help reduce the pains but didn't get rid of it totally. And in all cases when you stopped taking whatever it was the pains returned. MMS was pretty much a one time treatment which if I'd been able to stick with it constantly I'm sure would have gotten rid of my joint pains in two weeks total.

I really don't know what else to say, MMS totally changed my life.Before MMS I thought my life was over and I was going to end up on crutches like my grandmother. Now I'm pain free and my joints don't click when I move. I hate the taste and smell of MMS so much but the lasting effects of what it does for your health is simply amazing. 

United Kingdom 

Posted : 01-02-2017

Mr.Dominik Filipiuk

Simply, no more asthma. Told it was incurable. Hinted many " stopped using the medication" in past far ill-begotten doctors visits after a nasty parental divorce. Being the second child and accidental i was beaten and injected with a vaccine. My alcoholic father, strangely, or not so much anymore( wavelengths, duh) has started beating me after i was vaccinated in my bum of all places. Right on the sphyncter. That's when it started. Hyper inflamation everything. Asthma diagnosed. Allergies to nuts. Stomach pain ao terrible i had to go to the hosptal. Like a vice upon the kidneys. Now 27. 20 years later. I find mms because of a drug overdose that shriveled my kidneys to a moldy string theory. All jokes aside. Chlorine dioxise litterally burned out oxidatively all the hum drum parasitic feelings everywhere in my body with simple felt electrical " snaps" like static. It felt so good as if i was never this high in my life. Turns out. I was never in my life since age 6-7.


All in all.


Cured inhaled corticosteroid addiction.

Hyper irritability.






Everything including the toiletries.

If there is anything close to holy water this is it.



Bless you all. Love light life.


Posted : 23-01-2017

Mr g brian

Hi, my 7 year old son developed a skin condition called molluscan contagiosum. 

My wife took him to the Dr's  who's diagnosis  was this..and he said as it a virus there isn't nothing they can do , it will clear up on its own within 18 months to 10 year's. 

I got in touch with Jordan who advised me to do the bath protocol  which we did..3 weeks.later totally  cleared up..

The condition is in the pox family  of viruses  and is  lethal once popped  it just spreads. 

Thanks to the g2 church guys 

Love and peace

Gareth uk

100% clear.

Posted : 19-12-2016

Mr g brian

Hi, my name isn't Gareth from.the UK. ..I went to the dentist with a serious tooth ache, told me.I needed an urgent root canal..had abcess in tooth and gum.

I went away immediately  started the teeth protocol  with dmso ..

6 days later totally  gone.

3 months on...nothing wrong here

Thanks Jordan mark and the gang.


United Kingdom 

Posted : 19-12-2016


 I was souffering about Breast cancer and i conctated mr Jim humble who advice me about mms1 . After taking protocol 1000 during 21 days then i went to the hospital for check up whooooooooooo Doctor told me good New i am free from breast cancer. i would like to said thank you to Mr Jim humble to save our life thank you so much.


United Kingdom 

Posted : 18-12-2016


Four years ago I was bitten by a horsefly. I got a red circle round the bite. My doctor told me it was inpossible I had gone Lyme disease because I wasn't bitten by a tick. He gave me something for eczema. The circle became bigger every day. After two weeks I went to the doctor again. I insisted on a test for Lyme's disease. A week later the doctor confirmed I had Lyme. He said I would have to use antibiotics for a long time. I don't like antibiotics, so I took mms 30 drops a day, for five weeks, then for five weeks 5 drops a day. The circle was completely disappeared two weeks after I started with mms.  I am still healty.


Posted : 11-12-2016

Strep throat

I recently have had a serious problem with a Strep throat infection which did spread to my kidneys causing severe pain and dicomfort constant coughing and choking. I decided to follow the 1000 protcol with MMS. after only three days all syptoms have gone and I am feeling so much better. Thank you.

Mike Daly
United Kingdom 

Posted : 06-12-2016

Pancreatic Cancer

Hi Grenon family,

Let me tell you how much I appreciate all your information about MMS or CDS. Thank you so much. I think you do a great job trying to make people aware of the benefits of MMS.
I, myself, learned how to prepare my own CDS at home from scratch through your videos. I use it, my wife uses it, my mother in law uses it and even my six year old daughter also gets it in her water she takes to school.

I first heard about MMS from a close friend that was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, phase four. We thought that he was not going to make it but thanks to the MMS protocol 3000 he is back enjoying god health, so far the doctors can not figure out how he is cancer free today. Amazing!

Now, I have another friend that has lupus to whom I am trying to help, making him aware of the benefits of MMS but I have the following question for you: What protocol should he be taking? Please, help me out with this.

Until now I told him to start with protocol 1000, I have given him a lot of places in the internet for him to get informed as well as some videos to watch.
He is very exited about MMS and I am also glad to be able to hand this information out to any person that has health problems.
Thank you so much, and I am looking forward to participate in your youtube broadcasts.

Have a great day!

Sincerely, Joel.

Santa Marta

www.g2voice.is Posted : 14-11-2016
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