Cancer cured!!!

Dear Jim,

You remember the case of my dad, which I write to you a while ago. In his surgery for colon obstruction, the doctors found massive tumor grown through surrounding organs. They removed it but most his liver badly damaged. The surgeon not give him a good prognosis. He said if my dad took chemotherapy, he might live 6 months and with no chemotherapy, just six, eight weeks.

In December 2010, my dad decided to taking MMS and no chemotherapy. He started Protocol 2000. One drop of MMS1 every hour 10 hours a day and MMS2 capsule 4 times a day. The capsules just two thirds full. If he felt nauseous after third capsule, he didn’t take number four.
Now he is still with us two months later and managing very well. Full of energy, planning his life, going for walks nearly most days.

Today my daughter phoned me crying, she is so happy. She took my dad for tests when she found doctor to order them. My dad’s doctors refused to treat him when he refused chemotherapy.

Tumor markers – zero
Liver – completely clean, without any damage

He does not have cancer any more! I cried on the phone with my daughter and now I’m sending you a really, really big thank you! You saved her granddaddy and my dad!

We have all documentation and have it translated in English and send it.

Jim, thank you!

John W,
Czech Republic

John W.
Czech Republic 

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Lymph Node Cancer

Hi Jim & All...Please to send us the maintinance protocal using MMS1-MMS2..I personaly cured my wife's lymph-node cancer with MMS-1&2.. Doctors wanted to do Chemo & Rad,i did not take her. I followed your advice..cured in about 3 mons. God Bless you & all you do.. TY

My thanks to Humanitarian Extraordinaire - Jim Humble

I sent this to all people I know:

Hi everyone,

First off, this is not an advertisement and I am not selling you anything.  This is my personal experience this week.

I want to tell you how I just conquered the nasty virus that hit me last week - and which for most people when contracted takes weeks to a month or more to get over.  Last Friday, my energy began slowing down and I felt totally dehydrated.  Jim fell to the virus about a week ahead of me . . . which then began to attack me.  By Saturday night I was down.  I battled it with essential oils, all kinds of dietary supplements and lots of bed rest.  On Tuesday, I was browsing the net and came upon the Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) founded/discovered by Jim Humble.  I then remembered that (my) Jim had helped a guy out on a project about a year ago - and the guy sent a bottle of MMS as a thank you.  The MMS sat in our fridge since receiving it.

With the advent of this viral attack, and seeing info on the net about MMS, I started reading about it - and the material I read thoroughly blew my mind.  Jim Humble had CURED thousands of people of Malaria, hundreds who were plagued with AIDS and others with Lupus, Cancer, Herpes, Hepatitis, etc. - basically eradicating any anaerobic pathogen (micro organisms that don't use oxygen - the bad guys that makes us sick) including viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus, mold, etc.  BTW, Humble stated that at the center of cancer is a "bug" which I've heard before having read about a physician in Italy who said fungus was the culprit living inside tumors.  MMS does not attack our cells or beneficial bacteria that help us digest our foods since those cells/organisms are aerobic (they use oxygen).  He said our blood cells pick up the MMS Cl02 molecules which are comprised of two oxygen atoms and one chlorite atom and delivers it where oxygen is needed and releases it.  If the released MMS molecules come across an anaerobic pathogen, Humble says it attacks it like a ferocious Tasmanian Devil and blows it up!  I thought - wow - that's some interesting imagery!!!

Well, I thought, let me find out the protocol of using it and try it out.  I then went to my kitchen and took the MMS out of the fridge and put the smallest dosage of one drop in a spoon.  I added five drops of fresh lemon juice to activate it according to instructions, waited 3 minutes for the activation to complete, then added it to about 4 ounces of apple juice, per instruction.  I drank it down.  I offered to make a dose for Jim, but he declined.  Within a few hours of taking it all coughing and sneezing stopped.  The following day I took another dose.  To bring it to Jim's attention again, I asked if he had heard me coughing at all - he said no.  I told him that I had no doubt that the MMS was responsible - then again offered to make him a dose since he was still coughing and sneezing after being under siege for a week and a half.  He acquiesced and took the dose.  Within hours his coughing and sneezing stopped.  I am still expectorating the aftermath of the junk left from the virus in my lungs - but I do not feel compelled to cough all the time due to a continuing viral infection.  

I believe the Miracle Mineral Solution is indeed a miracle and am very grateful to Jim Humble for bringing this magic bullet to The People.  His book even tells you how to make this solution in your own kitchen because he doesn't want Big Pharma to suppress the information such as they have with a multitude of natural remedies in the interest of protecting their profits.  In an online interview (link below), this great humanitarian recounts a story of a friend of his who was in Africa curing people of malaria.  While doing this good work, Jim's friend was approached by two Big Pharma reps who told him to stop what he was doing.  Jim's friend basically told the reps to take a hike.  When he got back to his hotel room - the door was rigged with explosives and blew his legs off.  Jim's friend now sits in a wheelchair for the rest of his life here in California.  Jim Humble has since moved to Mexico to avoid this type of terrorism potentially directed against him.

MMS sells for about $20 (by Jim's request to keep it affordable by all) for a 4 ounce bottle which he says will last a person about a year and a half if used regularly for maintenance of the immune system.  He says 5 cents of the solution cures malaria in about 4 hours which is supposedly incurable according to the allopathic medical community (the longer people are on symptom relieving pharmaceuticals - the more $$$ for Big Pharma).  My household will always have it on hand now that I know it's power.  I've copied some links here with Jim Humble\'s interview, info and mixing instructions for MMS.  I hope you\'ll check it out for yourselves.  There are different protocols for different diseases which are clearly outlined online, i.e. cancer takes a month or more to kill off and has it's own instructions of use - as opposed to malaria which cures in a few hours after a dose or two.  This stuff even strengthens your teeth & gums by brushing with it and also cures skin cancer when mixed with DMSO and applied to cancerous lesions!  You can also treat animals with it.  I gave a couple doses to my dog today.  The benefits of MMS seem endless . . . here are a few links for your consideration:

Jim Humble interview on MMS:

Important MMS info:

How to use MMS:

There is a great deal more info and testimonials online . . . I encourage you to investigate.

To our good health,


P.S.  FYI, the FDA & USDA are filled with former Big Pharma & Big Biotech employees & lawyers who are fully looking out for their vested interests in those Cartels.  In my opinion, Big Pharma is the worst drug pushers on the planet killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of people each year with their chemicals and Big Biotech is destroying nature\'s genetic code with GM Frankenfoods which will shortly have devastating effects on the world\'s food supply, deadened soils from their cavalier spraying of toxic chemicals and polluted water from the runoff of their toxic chemicals into our waterways.  I have signed countless petitions online to make my voice heard.  I hope you will join me in raising your voices with me.

Kim La Chance
Malibu, CA
United States 

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Athletes foot

I had athletes foot, as long as i can think of, i'd say ,I inherited it from my mother.. I'm 68 now and i gave up on it,using all the available brands of anti fungus salves on the market, to no avail.
just 1 capsule of mms2 with some water lasts me for a fortnight .I use it now since more than 6 months and the fungus left without trace,just after a few days, for me a personal miracle,
thanks a lot JIM !


http://jimhumble.biz/testimonials.html?view=display&id=56 Posted : 29-06-2012

Treated athletics feet (Fungal Infections)

I had some pains between the toes. One evening I decided to treat using MMS. So I warmed some water. I activated 15 drops of MMS with 15 drops of Citric Acid in a basin. I then added the warm water and then put my feet in the water bath for 15 minutes. I let the feet then dry and went to sleep.

The following day I never had the pain. It is about over 2 months now and the infection is no more. I also use MMS to treat drinking water and sometimes I take it orally about 5 drops. I was introduced to MMS by my employer Tony, who brought me a pair of the bottles and a DVD and asked me to try it. Great work Jim Humble. Would you be generous enough to Send me the latest DVDs. I did some tests on how MMS kills bacterias and maybe I will send you some photos.

Thanks a lot.
Anthony Muiruri
Nairobi, KENYA

Anthony Muiruri

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Cured from Leision in Colon and Tumor

My father was diagnosed with the following mentioned above 10 weeks ago, he was not having any bowel movements, he did not have any appetite and he lost 43 pounds in 3 weeks, when he walked from the bed to the kitchen and back he was extremely exhausted and all limbs were week.

I ordered the MMS for him and begun Claras 6 by 6 and increased it by one drop every day after one week, after 3 weeks he was back outside working with the workmen helping to build our health detox spa.

He continues to use it as much as 5 times a week and he is very well indeed, thanks to MMS.


May the Rest of Your Life, be the Best of Your Life,

Richard Homer
Trinidad and Tobago 

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COPD Healing

A friend recently introduced me to their daughter (42yr old) who has suffered with COPD for years and recently had gotten terribly worse. Her mother asked me if I would call her daughter and offer help. When I first called her she could barely hold a conversation and it was very hard to understand most of what she said.

She told me she had been unable to work for a month and was often unable to go from one room to the next without passing out, so little was her strength and breathing. She had been told by her Dr. that the lower portion of her lungs was dead and the disease would only progress.

I sent her some MMS2 and she took 1 each hour for 3 doses. She quit because of a sever pain in her upper abdomin which began 45 minutes after the first dose. She continued anyway with 2 more doses before quiting. The next day when I spoke to her she was 50% better. By the 2nd day she was breathing better and walking about.

Her doctor then took her off the high doses of Steroids she had been on and she is now, (5 days later) back to work and feeling better than she has in years! When she attempted to tell her Dr. (she is part of a COPD study) what she had done to make the sudden change he only said "I don't want to hear about that!"  What will he say when she continues to be well and the others in the study get worse? Praise God for the MMS and thank you Jim for bringing this to our awareness!

United States 

Posted : 29-06-2012

Bronchitis Cured

I suffered with a severe case of bronchitis every year in the winter for 5 years in a row.  I found MMS and started taking it at the first sign of symptoms.  I haven't had bronchitis in over 3 years now. I take it once a week during cold season just as prevention and every time anyone in our household shows any symptoms of cold, flu, etc., we grab the MMS and start dosing. It works every time. Thanks so much for making this information available to the public.

M. Robinson
United States 

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Asthma after contracting allergic bronchial aspergillosis, Gone!!!

I started very slow, 1 drop per day and then increased to 7 drops 9 times a day.  At that moment I began with my usual asthma attack but not as severe as the ones which took me to the hospital 5 times in a year.  The amazing thing it was that I could breath from the middle of my upper chest while my bottom part of lungs where full of mucus which I was coughing.  Amazingly after 5 days with asthma like symptoms they stopped and I recovered after 3 weeks only.  I haven't been sick nor taking any asthma medicines since 5 months ago.  My blood work came negative for Aspergillus sp.  God bless you, Mr. Jim Humble.

Maria R.
United States 

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amazing healing

I've been taking MMS for 2 years and could not ingest enough to win.  Then added wrapping a towel over my body and found improvement.  About 4 months ago began squirting 2 squirts in a tub and soaking in the bath and finally started winning.  Increasing the quantity made breathing difficult.  So 2 regular squirts and soak as often as possible and I've improved remarkably to near cleared.  Absurd and astonishing these MMS soaks have me nearly well.  Thank you Jim.

Dave Cunningham
United States 

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