Four years ago I was bitten by a horsefly. I got a red circle round the bite. My doctor told me it was inpossible I had gone Lyme disease because I wasn't bitten by a tick. He gave me something for eczema. The circle became bigger every day. After two weeks I went to the doctor again. I insisted on a test for Lyme's disease. A week later the doctor confirmed I had Lyme. He said I would have to use antibiotics for a long time. I don't like antibiotics, so I took mms 30 drops a day, for five weeks, then for five weeks 5 drops a day. The circle was completely disappeared two weeks after I started with mms.  I am still healty.


Posted : 11-12-2016

Strep throat

I recently have had a serious problem with a Strep throat infection which did spread to my kidneys causing severe pain and dicomfort constant coughing and choking. I decided to follow the 1000 protcol with MMS. after only three days all syptoms have gone and I am feeling so much better. Thank you.

Mike Daly
United Kingdom 

Posted : 06-12-2016

Pancreatic Cancer

Hi Grenon family,

Let me tell you how much I appreciate all your information about MMS or CDS. Thank you so much. I think you do a great job trying to make people aware of the benefits of MMS.
I, myself, learned how to prepare my own CDS at home from scratch through your videos. I use it, my wife uses it, my mother in law uses it and even my six year old daughter also gets it in her water she takes to school.

I first heard about MMS from a close friend that was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, phase four. We thought that he was not going to make it but thanks to the MMS protocol 3000 he is back enjoying god health, so far the doctors can not figure out how he is cancer free today. Amazing!

Now, I have another friend that has lupus to whom I am trying to help, making him aware of the benefits of MMS but I have the following question for you: What protocol should he be taking? Please, help me out with this.

Until now I told him to start with protocol 1000, I have given him a lot of places in the internet for him to get informed as well as some videos to watch.
He is very exited about MMS and I am also glad to be able to hand this information out to any person that has health problems.
Thank you so much, and I am looking forward to participate in your youtube broadcasts.

Have a great day!

Sincerely, Joel.

Santa Marta

www.g2voice.is Posted : 14-11-2016


Hi Jim, I have been using MMS as a for full worming regime for my dogs for about four years with complete success.

Keep up the good work.

Ross Allan




Ross Allan
Struck Oil

under construction Posted : 08-11-2016


dentist gave prescription





United States 

Posted : 03-11-2016


Amazing stuff!!! I have only had it a short time but the  results are amazing. I bought it first and foremost for my mom who has leukemia. She has been on an experimental drug (imbruvica? Not sure of spelling) but the joint pain it caused her was unbearable so she stopped taking it, it also gave her melanoma. She used the black salve and also surgery on the melanoma. Cancer has metastasized to her bones now. She went for the chemo she gets every three months last week and all her labs are better. I started her off slowly and was doing a gradual increase she had just gotten up to 3 drops every hour the day before labs (She stopped the MMS for two days). Even with less than a week I see definite improvement. I have now made the CDS which is much easier to tolerate.

For myself I have seen my white tongue disappear. The extreme dry skin I have had all my life is almost normal now. I believe I have had Candida most of my life and it has manifested as dry skin and an inability to lose weight. I did find myself ravenous on MMS and everything tasted metallic. I think I didn't do well with the citric acid. I am doing much better with CDS. I also had a couple age spots ( just a couple!) On my hands and they are turning pink with the spray. I expect them to be gone soon. A colorless mole on my nose that I had been considering getting removed because it has been growing has reduced to about one third the size. 

My 15 year old son who has a ton of small pimples on his forehead had them all healing with one application. I just need to make sure he sprays everyday.

I am excited about these fast results and I am looking forward to posting more as I can convince family and friends to give it a try. God bless. Carri Kartes

Carri Kartes
United States 

Posted : 03-11-2016

Chest, tooth, sub meningitis, cat-scratch fever


I started using MMS about 10 years ago, due to having previously suffered all my life from constant cold and flu infections leading on to chest infections, frequently serious.  Ever since then I have been completely clear, even when tending others and have often been the last one standing at work when an infection is going round!  With confidence I originally shared this with my family and some friends who likewise benefitted on the occasions they've picked up an infection.  However since it became popular worldwide for similar reasons -, and for more life-saving reasons, bad press and internet intrusions from 'jealous pharmaceuticals' have made it impossible for me to share these amazing benefits further with anyone else!


I have meanwhile used it myself effectively for even more serious conditions, such as


1)   I used it both internally and externally to recover fully from 'cat-scratch-fever', which is related to lime disease and can be fatal.


2)  I used it internally to recover fully from sub-meningitis, when the doctors had wanted to give me medication and an ambulance to hospital.  Afterwards they could not account for my complete and fast recovery at home - visible also in my blood tests.


3)  I used it both internally and externally to eliminate tooth/gum infection


The side effects I used to experience from doctors' medication (if it even worked) always far outweighed any slight discomfort from using a large dose of effective MMS - and the worst of that would just be a bit of diarrhoea initially as the toxins were being rapidly expelled from my body . . . they've got to go somewhere -  "Better Out Than In"!  Whereas FROM MEDICATION, I WOULD ALWAYS GET DIARRHOEA ANYWAYS, but that was quite a different unnatural BUM-BURNING experience!   Not a natural release of toxins, but a horrendous effect of the medication itself upsetting my body - along with a multitude of other awful side effects, and a compromised immune system.   By NOT taking medication over the past 10 years I've also avoided the worst side effect - DEATH - which affects over a million people a year worldwide.


It's a no-brainer - I'll stick with MMS - until the 'jealous pharmaceuticals' make it impossible. 


Thank you Jim Humble for access to changing my life.


Kind regards


Susie Randall




Susie Randall
United Kingdom 

Posted : 28-10-2016

Smashed finger

I smashed my finger yesterday morning with a hammer, and it was throbbing with excruciating pain. I sat for a moment and asked myself what can I use to get rid of the pain. DMSO. I sprayed my finger with MMS first to clean out any contaminants, then put a couple of drops on it. Literally within seconds, the pain went away. Today the swelling is gone, and practically back to normal. This stuff is truly amazing.

Paul B.

Posted : 04-10-2016


Hi to Jim and crew;

Thanks for all your great work! A friend told me about MMS about 12 years ago. At that time I was suffering from genital herpies outbreaks at 1 to 2 per month. I the old protocal of 9 drops of activated MMS in water for about 4 months and then added DMSO to the treatment. I stopped the treatment at about 1 year. The result; 0 outbreaks in over 11 years. I continued to use MMS sporatically over the years for various small problems. 2 months ago, my type 2 diabetes. took a real turn for the worse. Blood sugar was measuring out at 250 plus each morning. I was on Metformin at a rate of 2 per day and the Doctor was ready to prescribe Insulin. I came accross your article about the success of MMC with diabetes. So, based on my earlier experiences with MMS I used Protocal 1 (3 activated drops of MMS with 3 drops of DMSO every hour for 8 hours, for 21 days). I tell you, this was not easy but it was doable. My blood sugar readings started coming down after the 3rd day. Now, after 2 months, my morning readings are mostly around 100. Awesome! On my monthly blood test the Doctor said that she was very surprised and pleased with the results. Two deseases that were supposedly uncurable. Way to go MMS. Thank you to Jim Humble and friends.



Bob Bowers

Posted : 22-09-2016

Pseudomonas aeroginosas

Despues de diez dias ingresado en un centro medico de renombre , mi marido tuvo que pedir el alta voluntaria , para asimilar lo que le estavan diciendo , el ultimo dia le dijeron que tenia que quedarse tres o cuatro semanas mas para administrarle uno o dos antibioticos en vena , por una infeccion por "pseudomonas aeroginosas" , total , que salimos del centro sin recetas ni nada , solo que controlaramos la fiebre y algun dolor e ir a urgencias si esto pasava , ante la impotencia ... Se me ocurrio mandar un correo a Isabel ... Y ella nos dio las pautas para tomar  MMS . A los quince dias se repite analisis completo de sangre y cultivo de orina y salió negativo , no habia anemia ni Pseudomonas ...


Posted : 18-09-2016
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