Rosacea cured in two weeks

In 2009 I was diagnosed with ocular and dermal Rosacea. It turns the whites of your eyes pink and causes unsightly red splotches all over the face. The dermatologist told me it was of "unknown origin" and was incurable. He prescribed Metrogel that I applied each morning to reduce the redness. When in 2010 I discovered MMS, I started taking it for cancer, one 15-drop dose daily. This was before Protocol 2000 for cancer was established. After two weeks, I could find no splotches to put the Metrogel on. I watched for a week but the Rosacea did not return so I tossed the Metrogel. I've had no Rosacea since. I was so excited about this that I went to the Dominican Republic in August 2010 for an MMS class. I stayed on to work as Jim's assistant and edited his book on MMS, The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium. I also made the eBook version and wrote a poem about it that I put on the last page, called Winging Online. Thank you Jim for making all this possible!

Jenny Kimberley

Posted : 18-11-2015

MMS may have saved my daughter's life

Letter sent to news reporter Cindy Galli (Oct.23, 2015)

5 years ago my daughter reached a crisis point:

A combination of asthma and infection that resulted in her throat swelling nearly closed - making swallowing impossible and breathing nearly so.  And great pain.  She was taken to hospital and placed on an I/V regimen of antibiotics.  This became a daily treatment, with two visits per day for a couple of hours on the I/V.  After THREE weeks of this, the treatment was discontinued.  The symptoms persisted to a lesser degree, but the use of antibiotics simply need to be halted.  It took several months for her condition to return to (kind of) normal.

A year later, my daughter moved in with myself.  A few months later the condition returned with a vengeance.  She asked me to take her to the hospital once again, however I prevailed on her to try MMS.  (The master mineral solution product I learned of from Jim Humble.)  It was a Friday night when we started, and MMS was used 3-4 times per day.  By Sunday the condition hadn't yet improved and my daughter asked again that we resort to the hospital.  With the experience a year prior in mind, I promised that if there was no improvement by Monday, away we would go.  The next morning, she was delighted to report she was much better and was happy to continue with the MMS.  By Thursday she was completely back to real, actual, normal health.

And it never returned.  There were a coupld of "minor incursions" the following couple of years, but only minor.  And then no sign of it at all, for about three years now.  MMS accomplished in less than a week, what three weeks on a heavy regimen of antibiotics failed to do.  To say nothing of permanently solving the problem.


Taking MMS requires dispcipline - no eating 2 hrs. prior, same for 1 hr. after.  Challenging, when trying to use more than one dose per day.  (Plus, the more you need it the worse it tastes - a bodily reaction.)  As such, I personally use MMS occasionally when the chronic ringing in my ears becomes intense, and about 6 hours later I expreience NO ringing for a few hours (or until I eat again, diet being the root cause).  I lack the discipline to solve the problem entirely, but it works for me to the degree I use it.

Cindi, MMS works.  It is safe.  I have used doses ranging from 2 - 12 drops, from once to four times per day.  I am 56 yrs. of age and have used MMS off and on for a decade.  And it virtually saved my daughter's life.  I beseech you to take up the truth in Daniel Smith's case.  The FDA has behaved in a reckless, prejudicial, and vicious manner in relation to Daniel Smith.  It is not difficult to guess the motivation, as this regulatory agency is a known advocate for the pharmaceutical industry.  As with many such agencies, there is a revolving door between industry and agency executive postings.  The FDA is prejudiced, and Daniel Smith's treatment is testament to that.

Please, report the truth.

Wayne Froese

http://marketing-moment.com Posted : 18-11-2015

Genital herpes cured after 47 years of hell.

 I have lived with this devastating and painfully horrendous virus for 47 years. After treatments with high strength CDS covering a period not exceeding 3 months overall, my genital herpes (HSV2) is completely cured.

It is now over 18 months since my treatment and not a sign of the HSV2 virus have I seen in that time. Previous attacks came every 2 months as regular as clockwork.

My story of how I succeeded with this cure was far too long for a testimonial, so in the interests of providing some really helpful feedback, and for those who would like to know the full story, it is 5 pages, I have presented a document which can be viewed at the following link.


::: Genesis II Church edit :::  
The onedrive.live.com .docx in the link above has been pasted below:

My Story of CDS and the ultimate final demise and destruction

of the Genital Herpes Virus (HSV2).

A long story by “Ancient_Rider”.

For those of you who know nothing about MMS your starting point should be the book by Jim Humble titled “The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium”. My document is based on the fact you already have a good grounding in MMS.

I contemplated considerably about making a long story of this, but given that many testimonials are rather short, one extra-long story should not hurt. I believe that some aspects of my story may just encourage someone, also in such a predicament, to have faith in the MMS (CDS). I wanted to show others that no matter how difficult their situation, or what turmoil herpes puts you through, this treatment works.

The Road to genital herpes.

I am now, in 2015, in my 70th year of age. At the ripe old age of 25, in 1969, a one night stand while I was backpacking through South America, saddled me with genital herpes. My first attack was devastatingly severe and painful, and being travelling and on the road at the time, made it more difficult. After that first fateful attack I never had another for 6 months, this time while I was on the road backpacking through Africa, but two months after that, when I returned to Australia the attacks started coming every two weeks.

At that time (1971) doctors in Australia knew nothing about it. After being fed every antibiotic in existence for several months on end, I was eventually sent to a specialist with gave me my life sentence news, and told me there is nothing more they can do for me. At 27 years of age I was totally devastated. This started a cycle of total depression from which I didn’t emerge for many years.

The Bad Effects of the virus.

Genital herpes can effect different people in different ways, for myself that was in the most triple severe category. There are those who probably think that this affliction is nothing more than a few inconvenient blisters. Well, unless you have been saddled with this debilitating problem you really have no idea. As for my attacks, they consisted of severe and agonising pain and swelling in the prostate, bladder and rectum, also affected was the skin with the nervous system surrounding the pubic region and thighs, becoming agonising to touch, and quite often attacking the sciatic nerve down the right leg, so one limped around for a week or more unable to walk properly.

The severe itching followed the initial pain 24 hours later, affecting an area about 150mm radius of the pubic region, an itch which is impossible to describe, and for which nothing provided relief. And last of all followed by the inevitable 10mm to 15mm circle of painful blisters, which usually appeared on either the penis, scrotum or in the pubic hairs. The blisters of course, if you did not take care of them, infection would follow, and the lymphatic system in the groin, would become swollen and painful. And all of this would be coupled with severe depression which triggered every time an attack came. All in all a great package. At times, not many, three or four that I can remember, the attacks would lock themselves into the pain syndrome without ever leading to blisters or finality of an attack. The longest period I remember this happening was some 9 months in length and the pain never subsided until another major attack decided to eventuate and put things back to the normal horrid cycle.

In my first two years back home after travelling, herpes, attacks came every 2 weeks, no doubt triggered by the severe depression/stress cycle this whole scenario had me locked into. A nightmare, ten days to get over one attack, four days of peace and the next would start. After that two year period I tried very hard to come to grips with my allotted course in life, and the attacks levelled out at every two months, as regular as clockwork, and for the next 29 years maintained that two month pace with the severity, listed above, never lessening over all that time.

My herpes caused cancer.

Then when I was 58, I was diagnosed with cancer of the rectum. Now as the rectum was one of the most severely affected areas with each attack, it was always my considered opinion that the cancer was caused by the herpes virus and blisters in the rectum that did not heal. Not too difficult to come to that conclusion given the severity of the herpes attacks on the rectum.

The inevitable and barbaric chemotherapy and radiation treatment, and I got through the cancer, and from that time, after cancer treatment, I went on to suppression treatment with aciclovir, three per day, to make sure the attacks did not come again. My thinking being, that if I could stop the attacks then the risks of cancer returning would be minimised. Mind you at 58 that was the first time I ever heard of aciclovir. Given the fact that I was run a merry dance for five years when I was a young man, by doctors, who of course told me it was incurable, but always promised me hope, I never discussed herpes with any of them ever again, until cancer diagnosis, when they told me that herpes can kill you when the immune system is killed off by chemotherapy. After that comment, the decision to go on aciclovir at that stage was pretty easy.

Bad generic drugs.

I was on aciclovir, three per day for ten years with no attacks. Then I changed to a generic brand of aciclovir. After about a month on that brand, the herpes virus found a way to start attacking again. I had it on good authority after that, the generic brands are poor quality and not very good. They are usually made cheaply in Asian countries, and should be avoided. In short the generic did not work properly and allowed the virus to evaluate a way through the suppression. Even though I went back on to Zovirax (the original and the best), the attacks, although very minor, would come regularly. The new attacks were rather painful, could last for two weeks or sometimes only for twenty-four hours, but never created the itching or blisters of the original attacks, and eventually went away. Remember I was still on three per day Zovirax. These attacks mainly affected the bladder and the prostate.

The Road to MMS (CDS).

I first heard of MMS in 2007 but it was not until about 2013 that I started realizing that some people were having success with the eradication of genital herpes, as I was alerted by emails from Genesis2Church. I started following MMS much more closely at that point.

My wife on the other hand, about this time was told to have root canal treatment for a tooth infection. As root canal is a fate worse than death, and the only other option is to remove the tooth, she decided to try the MMS. After six weeks of that treatment the tooth problem was solved. She returned to the dentist who could no longer find a problem with the tooth. (She used the original MMS as detailed in Jim Humble’s book.)

So at last we had our own positive proof that MMS can solve major infection problems. But would it work on a virus, and one that was as dastardly and clever at hiding in the cells as was genital herpes, that was the big question?

My first treatment.

With my renewed minor virus attacks continuing, and the aciclovir not managing to prevent them, I decided it was time to do a course of MMS. Living in a remote country location and working outside and away from my house mostly every day, I was reluctant to get involved with the MMS mixing scenario. I also didn’t like the idea of getting any type of stomach problem while I needed my health to keep working, so I decided that CDS was my best option. I purchased some concentrated CDS, 24000PPM from a Genesis2Church recommended source in Australia, and commenced to take the drops at a dosage rate of one drop CDS per one drop of the original MMS directions. At that point I stopped taking the aciclovir, totally removing any protection that they still provided. I quickly pushed up to 8 drops per hour and continued that dosage for ten hours per day for ten weeks.

The herpes virus reacted rather badly to the daily CDS giving me medium pain attacks occasionally, but never arriving at the itching or blisters. Most attacks lasted about 24 hours and they were gone. After the 10 weeks I stopped the CDS and waited to see what happened. After several weeks, some minor attacks appeared once again to my disappointment. After a few of these I figured I need to do something else. I was not prepared to give up, I wanted this virus gone.

My second treatment.

About this time I was advised of an alternate method of taking the CDS. Approved or not I don’t know, and I don’t really care, I was ready for something new. The instructions were to take the course with as many drops as you can stand, over a two hour period instead of the ten hours like I did in the first ten week treatment. The instructions were to take the drops every fifteen minutes for two hours. Two hours sounded good to me as I was always back in the house in later afternoons, so I made my two hours from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. I thought this a good time relative to the fact that lunch was over and the body would not be craving food and would be in a better position to fully absorb the CDS and move that quickly into the bloodstream. I quickly got my drops up to six per fifteen minute period, but with the fifteen minute time frame could not get them higher. I did this for three full weeks. I did find the fifteen minute time interval somewhat difficult, you felt rather bloated with fluid, and the taste of the drops started to become annoying. (Please note not as annoying as the original MMS.) I did however find that the drops were more palatable if I took them in cold water from the fridge. You were always glad when 4:00pm arrived but it took a long time coming, but a nice cold beer about an hour and a half later washed the events from my mind.

On reflection after my first ten week CDS treatment, I now believe the perceived attacks after that first course of CDS were simply harmonic reflections of the original herpes virus winding its way out of the energy spectrum. Perhaps I did not need the second course, who knows, but as the virus is completely gone I’m not sorry I tackled that second course, better to be sure. It may have completely faded away without the second course but my theory at that time was that it was still in my system.

Alternate applications.

During the first ten week course I added two other methods to apply as much pressure as I could to the eradication of the virus. First one was from information I received from Genesis2Church, and that was using a mixture of MMS and DMSO in water and rubbing that on the lower spine. I managed a few applications of that but in the end my skin reacted badly to that mixture breaking into severe itching so I abandoned that treatment after two separate attempts.

The second was from information I noted from the Genesis2Church Forums, and that was that some people were suggesting the hot and cold shower treatment on the lower spine shocked the virus out of its hiding place. That method was to take the hot water, as hot as you can stand for as long as you can stand, on the lower spine, then hit it with the cold water. I used that hot and cold water treatment quite a few times. I have no idea of how much, or how little, these additional methods helped, but any method had to be better than none in view of what I was trying to remove.

The shower treatment seemed to have a reaction to that action from the virus, with what I felt was some pain and annoyance on the following days after the hot and cold treatment. I can perhaps assume from this that the virus got disturbed popped out of its cell into the bloodstream and got hit on the head with the CDS. (Perhaps.)

I thought it was worth the try and looking at the final results I don’t know which one helped the best but I guess they all worked together as the final results was a positive cure.

Good results, genital herpes cured.

I finished that second course many months ago, and have not seen the slightest sign of the genital herpes virus since. At time of this writing November 2015, it has now been over eighteen months since I finished all treatments and not a sign of genital herpes attacks have I had in that time. And I state here, in that time since, I have encountered some emotional turmoil that in the past would have always triggered a herpes attack. I do believe with absolute certainty, for the first time in 47 years I am now clear of the herpes virus. Overjoyed in not really good enough to describe it. This virus totally ruined my life, at times I wonder how I kept going. But at least now I can contemplate my later years and plan future events, knowing full well I am not going to be saddled with an attack at a time you would least want one, which usually happened.

The problem with a genital herpes life sentence is that it is not the type of problem to even discuss with anyone, so telling people my problem was never an option that was going to be accepted. This was very much an alone path to walk. Also considering the mentality of most of society, where genital herpes is primarily the source of great jokes from low types who have no idea of what a person with it goes through. This virus is taking over the world and the number of people who have contracted it is enormous. Never a word do you hear from the media regarding protection and avoidance of this horrendous monster.

Final summary.

I occasionally consult an alternate practitioner and he has also confirmed that the herpes virus is no longer resident in my system. That was my opinion before I asked him, he simply confirmed my assessment. I have no intention of getting a blood test to prove the finding, I hate doctors at the best of times, I don’t really care who believes me, I know it is gone forever, and I’ll leave it to doctors to keep prescribing aciclovir to poor unfortunates, keep them ignorant and in the dark, keep telling them it is incurable and keep Big Pharma in the style to which they have become accustomed. Big Pharma will not be happy as I am no longer on their expensive drugs.

I hope someone can gain from my story and realize that no matter how difficult the path is, or has been, and how bad the attacks are, that all you need to do is persist with MMS (CDS) and it will be gone. I for one have considerable faith in CDS above standard application MMS, and would use no other in any further treatment I undertake for whatever in the future. In the end I could not believe how simple it really was to eradicate this monster after all this time. What I find really sad and annoying is, that I could have had a marvellous life not overshadowed by this viral monster, but alas all we had were doctors telling us it was incurable, there was no MMS or Jim Humble back then. And to Jim Humble I can only say “Thank You” for your efforts in making this knowledge public.

I’ve always been a very anti-drug person, I can still count on two hands the number of headache or pain killers I have taken in my life. I never took pain killers with my herpes attacks primarily due to my hatred of drugs, I learned to tolerate the pain and the itch. I was glad to say goodbye to the aciclovir and I take no other doctors drugs and don’t intend to start. Sadly too many people are up to their eyeballs with drugs and are afraid to dump them in favour of MMS. If people could realise just what a Band-Aid measure drugs are, they would stop taking them and search out the real reasons for their malady. The system has people lured into the false reality that they cannot go on living without all these drugs and the help of doctors. Alas too many people live in the vain hope that all they have to do is go to a doctor, get a prescription for some drug or other, and all their problems will just disappear. That is not the answer.

On the last positive note, I did have two wives and three children, none of whom never caught the virus. Believe me, you don’t know the meaning of vigilance until you go through the routine of making sure you don’t pass it on.

To all of you that have this virus, think long and hard, don’t hesitate any longer, and start on MMS (CDS) without delay. And if you don’t like the taste of MMS and if you don’t like being ill from MMS, I strongly suggest you consider CDS. I never got ill or had diarrhoea once, the taste is much more pleasant and fairly easy to take, especially in cold water. And in consideration of the very strong solution of CDS that I used that was extremely effective in removing this virus, I strongly suggest you get hold of some of that without delay.


If anyone would like to ask a question, or if I can be of any further assistance on your journey to a cure, you may send an email to:-

ancient_rider@yahoo.com.au (don’t forget the underscore between ancient and rider).

This email box is not checked regularly but I will reply eventually.

End of Document.


Posted : 08-11-2015

homeopathic CDS

Hi, used CDS C25, homeopathic dilution, got rid of my anxieties, depression and sadness within 24 hours, I used it in combination of cds  mouthwash two times (4 drops in 1 dl h2o), the common protocoll was much to intense for me

Fritz Klase
Posted : 31-10-2015

Persistent bumps on face

My wife doesn't write in English really well and has asked me to write this testimonial. At the time of this writing, she has been taking the Protocol 115 (unofficial code) for one week.

Four years ago, my wife (now 47 years old, Asian) went to see a dermatologist for a persistent bump on her chin that kept coming back and spreading. After seeing countless dermatologists over that four year period and taking numererous antibiotics, antifungal, antiparasites, antiviral, accutane, the condition continue to worsen. These drugs cannot be taken forever, because they eventually will damage her kidney and liver. The bumps continue to spread fo her cheeks all the way to the skin around the eyes . They are throbbing and painful so he must take Tylenol (pain killer) twice a day.

At the end, the doctor always use an immunosuppresant drugs (cyclosporine, or prednisone in the past) to treat her condition. Doctors use cyclosporine to treat transplant patients to weaken the body's immune system so it won't reject the new organ. They shouldn't use this drug if the disease is caused by bacteria, virus, etc. since this drug is actually weaken her immune system. So this drug only treats her symptoms (inflammation on her skin and not the cause) and may actually worsen it but the problems are no known solutions after trying numerous different drugs.

Below is a list of the diagnosis her doctors have given her over the four years period (listed chronologically):
acne, hsv-1, impetigo, rosacea fulminan/pyoderma faciale, follucilities.

Below is a list of medications she has taken:
- antiobiotics: keflex, dapsone, clindamycin, minocycline, doxycycline, ciprofloxacin, azithromycin.
- antiviral: acyclovir, valtrex.
- steroids: prednisone, kenalog injection, desonide, clobetasol
- immunosuppresant: cyclosporine
- antifungal: fluconazole
- antiparasites: ivermectin
- other: accutane, protopic

This disease really changes her life and my life as well. She couldn't go out because these bumps don't look like a regular acne at all and more like an infection. We spent our vacation days visiting doctor's office. When she go out, she must cover her face. They also biopsied her face four time by taking a chunk of her skin and found nothing under the microscope. When she has severed flare up and feeling despair and hopeless, she talked of suicides because her once beautiful face is now ruined and the doctors don't know how to cure it.

So, this year, the disease is almost untreatable with those drugs and starting two months ago, she has been taking a cocktail of these medicines together daily: 1000 mg of Keflex (antibiotic), 1000 mg Valtrex (antiviral), Accutane 60 mg (synthetic vitamin A, very potent and dangerous drug at high dose like this since my wife only weighs 95 lbs / 45 kg), and cyclosporine 200 mg (immunosuppressant).  The disease continues to come back and the doctor two weeks ago told my wife that he will take a biopsy again on the skin next to her left eye the next time she visits him. This will leave a permanent scar on her face. She already had one on her chin (taken four years ago). 

So, I kept on searching for alternative solution and found a video on youtube about MMS. My wife intially was skeptical and at the end decided to try it after seeing MMS cure my dog of her urinary tract infection condition. My dog was peeing all over including on the seat of my car and there was blood on her pee. She was cured in two days.

So, I went to mmsinfo.org and asked a question there for help. Charlotte helped me with the knowledge. She was very kind and responded to my questions with patience and quickly. She taught me how to create CDS using the overnight method and pointed to me to try Protocol 101 (using CDS for 8 hours period). On the night my wife took her first CDS, she felt stomach ache in the morning. So she stopped for a day and tried again. The bumps continued to worsen slowly and the pain was still there. Maybe because it's been for a few days but then Charlotte mentioned of Protocol 115 to be considered. So I started giving my wife 10 ml of CDS (2500 ppm) in 16 oz water and asked her to drink 2 oz of it every 15 minutes for 8 times (all within 2 hours). The effects were fast: the pain was gone over night. The bumps are shrinking (about 20% each day) and within a week, it is almost flat (about 10% left). Please use this dose only if you are familiar and knowledgable about MMS.

The MMS gives us hope and so far it is working for her. She now can go out and laugh more. We cannot say that she is cured now because it's been only a week, and this disease in the past always returns. However MMS does improve her skin condition now while all of those expensive and high-risk medicines could not do. I felt compelled to write this testimonial early in case others have similar skin problems and can benefit from it. 

Thank you Jim Humble, Charlotte, and all those people who made the testimonials. You have given hope to the hopeless and eliminate sufferings of the sick and their family. 

Thank you,


United States 

Posted : 25-10-2015

MMS and water

When I first came into contact with MMS I researched what it was exactly.  In my research i realised that it is a common product in the food industry, in the medical field as well.  So I injested MMS regularly, and even suggested its use to cancer patientls close to me.  I am in perfect health.   When I would feel a cold or flu manifest itself, i would reach for the MMS rather than aspirin or cold medicine.  In genereal, a cold or flu could not resist a small dose of MMS for more than 48 hours.  A bucal infection begins to heal on contact of this inofensive product.  To those who consider this product dangerous, I would respond that even water is dangerous for your health!  Taken in to large amounts, water can kill you.  Would you ban water from our diets?  Of course not.   As a matter of fact the general consensus is that we should drink lots of it to stay healthy...  but too much and you could drown!  My point is that MMS could benefit from more research funding and maybe some regulations of some sort, but to condem the pioneers of MMS, or electric cars, or free energy etc., is to perpetuate what is wrong in the world.  If it is true that a life finds meanning in making a difference then we must venerate our pioneers rather than bring them down.  Jim Humble is a pioneer.  Daniel is a pioneer.  Thank you for your work and thank you for having the courage of your convictions.  I pray that you will be protected from the pharmaceutical Goliaths of the medical industry by the judicial and political powers who can do so.

Pierre Lefrancois
Mont Tremblant

Posted : 17-10-2015

HOPE at last

Where do you go when you have no hope?  Of course you turn to God, and God gave us Jim Humble. 

My Daughter has been battling stage IV (GBM) Brain Cancer for 9 years, They only gave her 3 to live but yet she is still here.  The doctors look at her and wonder why.

I have been researching all natural remedies immune boosters, from Herbs to Vitamins.  I stumbled across MMS "Thank you Jesus".  My daughter was on several Trials but this last one had her blood counts real low.  The nurse called me to be aware and if she had a fever or a cough to take her to the ER immediately.  After one week of taking CDS this is the result

Sept 29th                    October 6th

WBC were 1.8             it went up to 9.1

RBC were 3.7              it went up to 3.32 (still low but going in the right direction)

HGB was 8.9               it went up to 9.9 (still low but going in the right direction)

MPV was 7.6               7.9 (once again in the right direction)

NEUTA was .22           went up to 6.13  (WOW)

All I know is that within one week my daughter was getting sicker with the treatment she was getting.  MMS is giving her energy back, and hope. 

Prayers for all that are sick and ailing.  I hope MMS/CDS/ MMS2 works for you

We will be beginning the MMS2 shortly. 

Thank you Jim Humble




Janet Dalton
Tellico Plains
United States 

Posted : 09-10-2015

Morgellans and MMS

i tell you it was a miracle how I  got MMS in my hands, I was suffering with what I believe now to be morgellans. My doctor told me, I know what is it, I cant't diagnose it and I can't treat it and walked out of the room.  I also had been fighting candida for years with nothing working it would get better and come back. My daughter had asked me to find a product that had helped her with a heath issue, I found a product  I thought was what she wanted. Soon I received an email said my MMS was being shipped.  I said "what is MMM"? I researched MMS I could not believe what I was seeing it was exactly what I needed for the symptoms I was having. I started the protocol almost immediately the sores and itching was getting better. 

Today the morgrellans and candida are gone. I have gone to iridologist and when she saw me she said my goodness "I have never seen anyone heal like that, what did you do" I tod her how I got the MMS  she said you need to write that down and share it with others who may be suffering with morgrellans.  I am alive and healthy today because of MMS. I was  contemplating subside because of the pain and itching  and th inability to sleep for  a year prior to finding this wonderful product.


i thank God for his provisions for his people, I believe God let me stumble onto an inexpensive product that would heal my body. Thank you Jim Humble for being willing to stand up against the powerful drug companies to  inform people that we don't have to depend on pharmaceuticals to be healthy, Joy Steward


Joy Steward
United States 

Posted : 12-09-2015

UTI gone in 3 days!

I've been introduced to MMS about 2 years a go by my husband but I never took it seriously. Actually it was too good to be true for me! Since I remember from my early 20's I frequently experienced UTI and the only solution were always very strong Antibiotics. Because of this problem I had very seroius issues with my right kidney and bladder. Plus every time I took antibiotics I was ready to get lots of more diseases (including various fungus) . The last UTI I got was only 2 months ago. which I spent lots of money on doctors, labs and infinite medicins. I was really sick of all this draining procedure. So eventually my husband suggested to try the MMS. I did it and the first day was a disaster! I had nausea, diarrhea, stomach ache, headache and very low energy (which because MMS was throwing out the bad stuff from my system), but I could not believe that only after couple of hours all the UTI symptoms were gone! Without no antibiotic involved! So the next days I continued with CDS which was much better in taste and the only side effect the fisrt and second day were little bit of headache and lack of energy and it lasted a day and half. In the 3th day I did not have anything left from UTI and now I'm in the end of the 4th day healthy and all clean :) ... This thing really got me! It's the first time in my life that I'm not using any drugs for UTI and believe me I'm very in to healthy eating and natural curing, but I never came across something like this! These past 4 days I've been researching about MMS on internet and am reading the Jim Humble's book and watching the documentaries about it. It's just amazing. plus, I've cured my toe fungus in 1 day and half! I tried lots of other things including creams and garlic and baking soda and some other stuff for it but nothing helped and I've had this fungus for more than 3,4 years! 

I just wanna thank Jim Humble, Andreas Kalcker and Kerri Rivera for what they are doing for humanity. 


Posted : 03-09-2015











Al mes y 10 dias me llamaron diciendome que creian que Julio Cesar se habia curado. comprobe en el Albergue y me dijeron lo mismo.

Llame a su Madre y me CONFIRMO  que Julio Cesar estaba totalmente curado.

Le dijeron en el Hospital Civil de Guadalajara que no sabian que habia pasado, pero que su Medula Espinal estaba totalmente limpia.

Esto es realmente increible.

Yo mismo preparo el MMS asi como el CDS. al que me asegura que va a tomerlo lo regalo.

Saludos Cordiales

Humberto Rojas Bernal

Guadalajara Mexico

3316999937 cel.

Humberto Rojas Bernal

https://espanol.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/mmscdsgdl/info?yguid=509910769 Posted : 19-08-2015
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Archbishop Jim Humble

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The Genesis II Church

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