staphylococcus infection

Female 65 year old patient with a mastectomy, there was a fistula and accompanied pain in the infected area for over 3 years. All antibiotics that were prescribed proved ineffective. 3 days after MMS therapy(2 activated drops x 3 times a day topically), showed zero population in the microbe culture. Doctors could not believe in their eyes. All the following testing were of the same results. I repeated the treatment in a man 60 years old suffering from reumatoid arthritis and was also successful. 
With respect,
Dr Vasilios Koumentakis (MD AM)
Crete -Greece

vasilios koumentakis

Posted : 11-12-2014

mr. Vaughn Raup

Dear Jim and Genesis II bishops, In October 2014, I had terrible skin eruptions in which huge areas on my shins turned purple and were extremely itchy. I also had symptoms of dizziness and extreme weakness. My sister-in-law, who is knowledgeable in the medical field said it was cellulitus and I should see a doctor immediately because it is very serious. I started the 1000 protocol (it took 3 days to get to the 3 drop per 4 oz. level). The itchiness was terrible so I tried the mms bath protocol at a little higher dosage of 3/4 tsp per bath and removed the itchiness completely for 6-8 hours at a time and I took one 20-30 minute very warm bath per day. In one week I was healed. The nasty huge purple patches disappeared and I feel completely well again. MMS saved me as I was in serious trouble and I knew it! Your remedy is a blessing Vaughn Raup Pennsylvania

vaughn raup
United States 

Posted : 08-12-2014

Bladder infection

I want to share my testimonial here for bladder infection. My doctor gave me antibiotics for 5 days. I took 5 drops of mms solution with 25 drops of lemon juice and the infection was gone overnight.  I also suffer from diabetes and hyper tension, so I wii now be taking 5 drops every day regularly to see if I can reduce my sugar level an hyper tension.

Roxanne cross
United Kingdom 

Www.roxitrader.com Posted : 03-12-2014


H-Pilori -
a stomach bacteria - was killed after only 2 capsules of  MMS - 78% calcium hypochlorite powder - which made the use
of traditional antibiotic -3 months protocol - totally unnecessary

Fibromyalgia was mostly gone - pain level difference -  after 5 days of  - same as above - calcium hypochlorite capsules -
- 3-4-4-5-5-. pr day for 5 days -
amazing results - thank you Jim Humble.

Renate R.
Posted : 23-11-2014

2mth virus gone

After working long hours in the winter time  (i was 67) I contracted a flu that metapmorphosed from a throat condition to various aches or low energies in the body and I couldn't get rid of this.  After  2 months I bought CDS solution and took it every hour for 10 hrs for 3 days and the condition was gone, except for the diarrhoea.  So i contnued at every 6-7 hrs for 4 more days and that went too.   I now take it whenever i feel I'm getting a bug and it goes.   Usually I take it for 1-2 hrs  twice a day in thi case, away from antioxidants.  I've bought the overnight kit and found it very good to use to make CDS.   I don't necessarily take a maintenance dose every day as yet.

New Zealand 

Posted : 17-11-2014

Mr James Alexander

To all Viewers...

MMS1 and 2 has cured me of prostate enlargement/pain....gum /tooth infection and candida......amazing !!!
I use mms to bathe in...great for the skin and tired muscles.
Thanx to Jim

James Alexander
New Zealand 

Posted : 17-11-2014

Whooping cough

My brother had whooping cough.  He had been to a GP twice and taken several doses of antibiotics with no success.  He had lost weight, his skin was a sickly pale, he could hardly sleep, as sleep brought on the horrible fitting cough.  It was awful to watch, and he was like this for weeks, with no relief.  Not until our friend recommended MMS.  Within an hour of taking MMS, color was returning to his face.  I think within a few hours, he had stopped coughing and his appetite had returned.  And then that night he told my mum he wanted to cough and his phlegm clogged the sink when he tried!  All of the built up mucus was coming up and out!!!  It does work.  Its worth a try.  What have you got to lose?

Sei Leapai
New Zealand 

Posted : 16-11-2014

got well

My brother and I met Jim in the beginning of his presenting and received great tremendous benefit. I began mixing an ounce of each part in a plastic jar of water for ten minutes, allowing it to ionize and then pouring it in a soaking bath and putting a pound of each mixed down my water well. Wonderful benefit. Thank you Jim. Your courage and determination saved me. The doctors had intentionally shut down my immune system to force me in the hospital for surgery and etc. Many friends followed the top medical care. They are nearly all expired. I am strong and healthy. Thanks Jim, you are my greatest.

Dave C
United States 

Posted : 16-11-2014

MMS cures me of viral and bacterial infections

My husband and I had to attend a relative's wedding, and the previous night, we had both come down with a miserable summer cold. Our throats were sore, our noses dripped, and we were weak with fever. I took a twelve-drop dose of MMS, diluted in enough water so it didn't burn when swallowed. It took a while for me to finish this dose, but I did it.  By the end of the day, the uncomfortable cold symptoms had not worsened. The infection did not seem to progress. I was better by the next day, and the infection simply vanished without the hideous congestion and cough I always experience with the common cold. 

Since then, I have used strong doses of MMS to combat other colds, and I've always enjoyed the same results.  I took a similar approach to food poisoning once, and didn't suffer beyond mild indigestion.  MMS knocked out these illnesses before they had time to do much damage. 

I have also successfully used strong concentrations of MMS to treat acne, and weaker ones to clean infected cuts and scrapes, or treat rashes caused by expired toiletries.  In each instance, healing was quick and painless, and no scarring occurred. 

I am deeply grateful to have access to this excellent medicine.  MMS would be among the first things I would try in the event of a serious illness in myself or a loved one.

United States 

Posted : 15-11-2014

Cured the common cold

I have been a long-time (i.e. since 1998) user of MMS.  I have used it on myself to cure a small melanoma on my scrotum by using a q-tip to apply pure activated MMS to it and then using the other end of the q-tip to dab DMSO to make it penetrate the tissue.  In two weeks, it "burst" in a rush of wet and under it was clean pink skin.  I have learned to have a healthy respect for it too.  Taking too much will leave you bed-ridden for the better part of a day if you have not built up to the dose.  Over the many years I could never get to the point of taking 30 drops in a day because the heavy dose was just too gross to stomach.  I was very grateful to learn of protocol 1000 where you spread the dose out over the course of the day.

Recently I was driving across the country on a 3 day trip.  On the first day I sneezed a lot and had a bit of a runny nose.  By the afternoon of the second day, I was feeling the heavy sinus pressure that we all recognize as a cold setting in.  Because I was on the road, stopping every hour to make a batch was impractical so I made up a 30 drop dose in an empty plastic water bottle and filled it with 20 oz of water.  As I drove down the road, I took a couple of swallows that would have made up about 5 drops.  That night in the hotel, I noticed that I could breathe through my nose - though there was still pressure.  After a good night's sleep, I felt much better but it was still there a bit.  I made up another batch the same way and drank that over the course of my drive the third day.  When I arrived at my destination, my son who I had told the previous day that I was catching a cold, remarked that I did not seem to have a cold at all.  Indeed I didn't!

I have found that MMS won't cure everything.  For example, I had terrible itching from poison ivy and even drinking MMS mixed with DMSO didn't work.  What I did find works is simple drywall powder, mixed with water, caked on as a paste and bandaged with plastic Saran wrap to keep it in place.  That is the best remedy by far!  But for the most part, any time I encounter chronic degenerative disease, it is MMS to the rescue.

Dean E Malone
United States 

http://www.vontassenfarm.com Posted : 06-11-2014
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