UTI in dog, cancer and infection control

I am a retired professor.
I used a modified MMS protocol 1000 to cure my faithful, 50-lb dog of a urinary tract infection. We noticed that his urine was very bloody one day in late November, 2014. It was amazing to see his urine as bright red as a stop sign, but he did not exhibit any signs of pain while urinating. The MMS solution was made by diluting the combined 16 drops with 16 ml of water as per protocol. Eight, 2-ml doses were administered daily by drawing 2 ml (containing 2 drops of MMS) of the solution into a plastic, 5-ml syringe without needle. The remaining volume of the syringe was filled with milk to make it more palatable. This dose was injected onto the back of his tongue. He always took it all.
By two full days of treatment, his urine became a lighter red, and it was completely clear after four more days of treatment.

After being introduced to MMS about 8 or 9 years ago, I have used it for a variety of purposes and recommend it to anyone willing to try it, including a friend’s father with prostate cancer. His PSA soon went from very high back to normal.

Having been a Type 1 diabetic for over 50 years, have always been careful about avoiding infections especially in deep wounds. This past year I had occasion to need MMS twice; once to avoid infection from a deep puncture on my foot and on another occasion a severe laceration to my hand, both occurring in semi-stagnant water. Both required trips to the urgent care clinic wherein after sewing things up they prescribed strong oral antibiotics. After feeling the uncomfortable stomach irritation after only one pill following my first trip, I chose to use MMS instead. I used four drops per hour per the Protocol 1000 for a week and never got any hint of infection in either wound. The 4-inch wound in the palm of my hand left no scar to generate any sympathy for me when I tell the story.

Tom Davenport

Tom Davenport
United States 

Posted : 08-03-2015

Grandson's wart totally healed

About a year ago I bought 5 bottles of MMS.  I love having a possible cure for any diesease that may strike my family or myself.  I have used it many times for various reasons...flu...infections...ets.  My 8 year old Grandson came to visit one weekend and had a horrible and huge wart on his knee.  I actually mixed up three drops of mms and citric acid and applied directly to the wart without diluting it at all.  It did burn him a little but the next time I saw my gandson......about a month...the wart had completely gone.  
It has been about a year ago now and he was here this weekend....he has a scar where the wart was but no sign of another wart. 
I gave my son and daughter in law a set of the citric acid and mms and I think they have never been opened.  
You just cannot get some people to see beyond conventional medicine.  Thank God I'm not one of them.  
I am amazed at how well it works on various issues....and love to read through the testimonies.  I hope mine can help someone who has children or grandchildren who think they have to live with problems ...that really they don't.

Tina M. Cuevas
United States 

Posted : 08-03-2015

MMS Helped My Body Fight Off Disease

I was diagnosed with Herpes about 4 months ago and that was probably the hardest news for me to hear. I felt dirty and untouchable. I went home and told my partner and my parents immediately. 

I knew my dad was taking MMS for other health reasons, but I had no clue about what all the amazing things that MMS could help your body fight off. My dad bought me the book and a couple of bottles of MMS to get me started. I am happy and proud to say that I got a blood tests two months later and I tested negative. I didn't take it for two months, I followed the protocol, but it took me about 2 months to get the courage to see if what I had done worked. 

I am amazed by MMS and the issues that it helps your body with. When I was dealing with herpes, I also had bacterial vaginosis and a yeast infection, all of which cleared up. I could not have gotten through all of this without my dad and without this MMS water purification. I refused to accept that this is something that I would have for life and I'm so happy that there was something that could help me. 

Thank you Jim for discovering this amazing treatment and thank you to everyone else who has taken the risk to help others all over the world.

United States 

Posted : 08-03-2015


I stumbled onto Jim Humble MMS by accident while browsing the internent and started to study every day for two months while observing protocol 1000 A for acne I thought I wonder what it would do against my bad eczema. I ordered the chemicals and with help from a wonderful minister I was ready for a trial six drops each mms/acid nice yellow effect 1oz water 3tsp DMSO, I wet my whole face head and neck, yeeow felt like being bitten by a thousand mosquitoes it lasted 1/2 or so and subsided gradually. Next morning I looked in the mirror and I couldn't believe it was me my skin was pink like a baby and CLEAR my wife noticed that morning befor I even got out of bed :) now I keep studying while trying to help people and introducing them to Gensis II church and hoping I'll be a minister someday soon. DGT

Daniel G Thomas
United States 

yahoo.com Posted : 07-02-2015

Gum infection

You have my total support for MMS and its amazing benefits. Am using it with no side effects. My severe gum infection disappearing within a day! This product will attract those who are willing to do their own research to find out the truth. To the other sheeple who believe the emotional sabotaging of information they see on TV – I pray that they awaken at some point in their lives

Posted : 06-02-2015

Uterine cancer

My cancer was contained in the uterus and did not spread and your product also got rid of all the pain I felt in that spot. 

Posted : 06-02-2015

Flu/Virus, Arthritic pain

Just a quick update since having MMS. I killed of a flu bug in the first 48 hrs I had it and then continued to dose for a week to deal to a virus that attacks me every time I get flu. It use to make a huge rash inside my thigh region and the only way to treat it was by anti fungal cream. That didn't happen this time. By the way that goes back to my early 20's when I was handling a lot of bugs in the meat industry as a meat inspector. Im 57 now.  

Also I feel its dealt to a few long time pains in some areas of my body showing arthritic type pangs due to old sports injuries and too many good women (LOL).

Posted : 06-02-2015


I have had very good results with MMS plus have recommended to others. Was in Africa recently and gave to my driver/ guide on two occasions for malaria. Instead of being sick for a week as he usually was, he was "cured" within hours. Needless to say he kept my bottle. Am ordering now for my children and their families.

Posted : 06-02-2015


Thank you Kindly, it is a wonderful product, the grandfather is now off his diabetes pills (so many of them) and is so much happier and so full of life again. It is a miracle product. 

Posted : 06-02-2015

Suffered from Ezcema

Just to add to your sheet of testimonies. I found that MMS has totally cleared up the facial eczema I have suffered with very badly since returning to NZ two years ago. I tried everything, nothing worked but within days MMS knocked it on the head. Amazing. 

Posted : 06-02-2015
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