Abscessed tooth

Went to a Dentist for an abscessed tooth, he sent me to a dental surgeon who wanted $1000.00 just to pull it, thanks but no thanks. Told the original dentist I would take care of it myself. How you going to do that, he asks, told him about MMS, I could see I was getting nowhere and got out of there as fast as possible.

Put myself on MMS, 20 drops of each in 16 oz water, drank 1 ounce an hour for about a week.

He called three or four days after my appointment to see how I was doing, told him almost perfect, pain was gone in a day, even then, he still did not want to hear about MMS, well Tim, it's been nice knowing you. 

I feel I just beat him out of a payment on his Porsche.

Jordan Sparks
United States 

Posted : 03-10-2014

Mr James Alexander

To World Citizens... I first started using MMS approx 6 years ago,had acute pain in my prostate area,pain dissolved within a few days,and within a week or so all symtoms completely gone,in other words "HEALED". Also use MMS to bathe in,an amazing tonic to rejuvenate a tired body....use MMS for overall health including teeth ,gums,basically your whole physical body. Stay with the recommended dose,easy n safe to use .

New Zealand 

Posted : 30-09-2014

success with mms and mms2

I am writing to declare the success i am having using mms to defeat my lyme disease.  I contracted lyme 2 years ago from an insect bite. At the time i was bitten, i knew nothing about lyme disease.  Since being bit, i started to get weird things happening to my body.  Little did i know that they were all symptoms of lyme.  I am a fairly healthy person, so it took a while before it got a strong hold on my immune system.  Last march i got what i thought was the flu.  It was the worst flu i had ever gotten in my life.  I hurt from every pore of my body.  I began to take echinacea but it didn't help.  Since i had mms in the house i decided to give it a try.  Well that did the trick!  I felt well again within a short time.  I stopped taking it since i seemed to be back to my old self.  After a couple of days, the symptoms came back and that's when i realized that i was dealing with some other illness and not the flu. It took a lot of investigative work to discover that i had lyme disease.  My medical doctor was absolutely no help at all.  In fact she was a hindrance.  I went online and used a symptom checker and it indicated i probably had ms or lyme.  Since the mms was helping, i began using it again, and researched as much as i could on how to treat my symptoms.  I began protocol 2000. I also contacted a naturopathic doctor in my city for support.  To my great surprise, she supported using mms.  She recommended using mms in an enema which helped a lot.  I am using mms2 as well.  Both protocols work well together.  If it were not for mms i believe i would be in the hospital fighting for my life right now.  My symptoms were severe and the pain was horrible.  Mms is a miracle in my opinion!

Brenda Barber

Posted : 20-09-2014

Lisa V

My husband and I have been very succesful in treating flu, cancer spots, and other ailments but the most amazing results were when we were able to  help others, specifically, two strangers who had both suffered from Crohn's disease their entire lives.
The first person is a lower middle income rural woman we met who was just shy of her 60th birthday and had been diagnosed with Crohn's as a young toddler.  Constant medical care her entire life had not helped her sleep more than three continous hours, she had intestinal lesions, she had difficulty with food.  She was willing to try so I had her start slow (1drop mixture three times a day) and we worked it up to 3 drop mixture 3 times a day. The very next day she was ecstatic to report that for the first time in her life she'd slept through the night.  By the time of her modern medicine six month check up she was lesion free. She kept her MMS use private, as I had asked her to; the doctor reported he was happy with the results of her medication. SHe is able to moderately enjoy fruits and foods that had been restricted, she very infrequently has any problems with stomach upset due to dietary upset attributable to Crohn's.  She hasn't been on the meds in over a year and a half as of this writing, just MMS. 
The other person is an 84 year old upper middle income educated man who had also suffered form Crohn's his entire life.  A tennis payer, he not only had all the usual Chron's problems but also sufferend a horrible stench when physically active requiring him to change his tennis clothes between matches and sometime during a match.  It was socailly difficult. Eating was a problem, IBS type symptoms were very problematic.  He planned his life and activities around knowing bathroom locations.  He was very willing to try MMS after I got him in touch with the above mentioned woman. Becuase of his age I started him really slow (1 drop mix once a day) but he misunderstood and took  too much giving him diarrhea.  I had him stop, clear up, eating and drinking as you would for flu. A few weeks later he started, this time a 1 drop mix in the morning.  After several days, we upped it to twice a day.  A week later a 1 drop mix three times a day.  ANother week and it was a 2 drop mix in the morning, 1 drop mix noon and night and so on until he was at 2 drop mix three times a day.  His first thrill was the stench was gone.  Completely.  Wore the same tennis clothes through more than one match.  At his doctor check up, no lesions.  He has been off his meds for a year and is thrilled with the results.  He no longer runs for the bathroom, sleeps better, eats better but still somewhat cautiosuly and believes he's been given a new lease on life.  
MMS is worth trying, just start cautiously and go forward with belief!  

Lisa O Voelker
United States 

Posted : 18-09-2014

Infection by human bite

This person was severely biten by a drugadict who bited his midle finger and no one could get this guy to stop the bite. They had to punch him in his face for him to let go the hand of the poor man. He went to the hospital with his hand suolen and his biten finger in a complete painful way. The hospital gave him iv antibiotics but they did not help. After a week the woind was worst and they told him that he was surely going to lose his finger because was getting gangrene. This person went to a veterinarian friend of mine and asked her for help . She called my girlfriend who had the mms drops once i gave her and told her if she could aply the drops to de wound. My friend went with her with the mms and the citric acid and applied it to the finger of the person who by the way was having a heavy stinking odour. The thing is that she forgot to desolve it and applied it directly to the poor persons finger and he started screeming like hell fir about 10 minutes . But after this ten minutes the pain was gone and incredibly the wound was totaly closed and looked like scared. Next day he came again with out pain with just a litle open in the wound and asked to put some more drops,wich my friend did. INCREDIBLY the finger was saved of amputation and you can not see but a small scar were the wound used to be. Thank you jim humble. In the name of this unknown person.


Posted : 14-09-2014

Genital Chlamydia

I had contracted genital chlamydia and got the typical watery discharge from the urethra, prostatitis and fever. The causative organism was identified by PCR test. Doctor gave me antibiotics (doxycycline) which has alleviated the problem but has not cured it after the end of the treatment. This happens to most of chlamydia patients, the germs go into a latent state where the antibiotic cannot reach and the disease continues in its chronic form. Also, they develop resistance to the antibiotic very quickly. From what I read, your only hope to get rid of it is to get two antibiotics together (doxycycline, ofloxacin) so that resistance does not develop.

However, I decided to take MMS2. After two weeks from the last dose of antibiotics, I still had watery discharge, pain at the beginning of urination, generalized groin pain and everyday low fever.
The first dose of MMS2 capsule made the discharge to disappear for some hours but it came back later in the day. I took many doses during the next days, but only the first one in the morning had some effects. Obviously, the acid in my stomach was not enough to activate MMS2 many times during the day.

I mixed the MMS2 with weak hydrochloric acid and bubbled the gas in water. This gas should be chlorine dioxide and I made a greenish CDS. I don't know if someone else has made it this way, please check it because MMS2 is much easier to find than MMS1 and it could ease the CDS production a lot.
I was taking 1 tsp of it (diluted in glass of water) every two hours. Within one day my symptoms (discharge, groin pain and fever) have gone. I could urinate without pain this morning and I didn't need to wake up in the night to go to the bathroom as I was doing the previous days. There is still a minor discomfort, but this is normal. It is my second day on this "regimen" (CDS every two hours) and everything goes better. I will continue to take it for at least 2-3 days.

So, from my experience CDS is the best choice. You have to take it often in order to make it work. Once or twice per day will not cure chlamydia. Large dosages are not needed, just small dosages very often (my CDS was very faint green, the color was almost invisible). CDS does not cause any stomach disorder on me. On the contrary, MMS2 gives great intestinal discomfort to me (and MMS1 even higher, but I haven't tested its efficiency on chlamydia).

Sorry that I am not so patient to wait to write the report after all of my symptoms disappear (and after doing one more test which shows up negative, hopefully). I just wanted to share this as quickest as possible and thank you for the great service you offer to many hopeless patients!

Posted : 06-09-2014


I can't recommend MMS enough.

After a terrible infection, I basically spent 5 years of my life eating nothing but rice, a few fruits and meat. I could not eat most vegetables, gluten and lactose. I was constipated almost all the time, had terrible pains and cramps, and suffered all sorts of digestive disfunctions.

But then, an excelent homeopathic doctor recommended MMS. After protocol 1000 and some probiotics, I started eating more and more things, and as of today, I can eat almost anything, I feel as if I am born again.

Don't believe the bad reputation MMS gets by corrupt people, it truly is a miracle cure in many cases; I've recommended MMS to family and friends, and they are all getting great results, from curing skin problems to healing joint and muscle pains.

A big thank you to the people promoting and supporting MMS.

Abraham Zetina

Posted : 18-08-2014

cds 1000?

I purchased the CDS 3000 - the only available online. I need it not only for topical application (which I do and it works wonderfully!!!) , but also to take small doses every day, so it clears from my system. Do I dilute the CDS 3000 1/3 to get the CDS 1000 for oral intake?

United States 

Posted : 14-08-2014

Auto Immune Help

At sixty-six, I feel my whole life has been a big fight to stay alive.  At age two I started wearing coke-bottle thick lenses over my crossed eyes and discovered things like numbers on the clock for the first time.  My parents decided that since I was so miserable to live with, maybe ripping my tonsils out would help so I lost those that year too!  By my early teens the psoriasis lesions (fungal infection) I've been plagued with ever since started up.  Eventually I learned that I could not eat sugar, refined grains, or animal products,  I've gone for long periods with NO grains.  I've done raw and totally organic programs for years at a time. I was basically a fruititarian for a year hoping that would help.  Finally I got diagnosed with Crohn's and have been much more strict about living gluten-free since then.  Two doctors have told me my absorbtion of nutrients was worse than they've seen in people who were extremely mentally ill.  I am grateful for the quality of life I've experienced despite these weaknesses.   My parents are in their mid-eighties and their good health for their age inspires me.  I am grateful to them for the Seventh-day Adventist legacy that I am certain has spared me worse trials. 

In recent years, keeping teeth in my head has become very challenging as well.  About five years ago I was given a gift of $3,000 of dental work including removing my numerous lead amalgams.  A year later I could have spent the same amount again and by now, things had gotten really bad.  To the point that even my FRONT teeth are in very active degeneration.  Finally the enamel on the top of my upper left front tooth totally collapsed exposing "the dread black hole from hell"!.  This is NOT OKAY!  Even if I HAD the money to have dentists repair this I wouldn't want to do it because every time they drill, it weakens the tooth even more until it finally dies.  I've lost too many teeth already to gum disease and cavities!  I CANNOT lose more! 

Recently a grandson  complained about a painful cavity he planned to have extracted soon.  Horrified, I told him, "Why don't you use MMS?"  I had some I had used for short periods but hadn't continued with it.  I prepared it for him and he used it on his tooth and said it helped but he still had the tooth removed later.  I don't think he realized he might have been able to save his tooth if he had seriously used it.  He just believed that if your tooth aches, you have to pull it out!  His need renewed my interest in MMS and I checked out other people's experience.  I decided enough was enough and I'd better do what I was telling my grandson to do! 

First I mixed up a about 15 drops of sodium chlorite into a two ounce bottle with a little DMSO and swished some of it around in my mouth about five times a day and swallowed it, consuming all by the end of the day  I did that for about a week but felt it was pretty hard on the mucous membranes even though it seemed to help my teeth.  Next I used MMS2 and DMSO in my oral irrigator several times a day.  That also seemed to help.  The next week I got more courageous andI decided to take MMS2 with DMSO as in Protocol 4 which is what people do for Aids or Cancer.. 

While I'm doing this, my husband has started taking pictures of me weekly.  In them you can see the stress coming off FAST, plus by now I can tell by the DAY that my pure white hair is getting color back which is a huge surprise!  I'm taking about 3/4 tsp. each of MMS2 (yes, real genuine POOL SHOCK!) and DMSO, aiming for six times a day (I weigh 122 pounds).  One day I took 1 1/4 tsp. six times a day but that was pretty intense.  I never got nauseated but it was very gaggy to say the least!  Backing up to just 3/4 tsp. at a time makes it to where I don't dread the next shot so badly!   I tell my family I'm drinking "battery acid".  This stuff is nasty for sure but if there's a ghost of a chance it could POSSIBLY heal even ONE of these situations with my teeth, skin, hair, and digestion, I don't care how nasty it is--I WANT IT!  This is my fourth week of playing with this and I'm noticing the brown spots on my hands going away. I've had a few days when I felt a little zapped which I attripbute to detox reactions but mostly I feel I have more energy and more mental focus.  I've also had a few "crabby" moments as well, I'll have to admit.  But again, I think there's a lot going on....My skin is better but still has a long way to go to be clear of psoriasis. 

I would encourage anyone with autoimmune challenges to TRY this very economical protocol.  There is a lot of suffering that goes on in this world that is unnecessary.  I am sorry for how long I've known about this but was too ignorant or stubborn or who knows what to give it a fair shot.  Thank you, Jim Humble for your faithful work.  Also for all the people who have gone before me to help me feel safe to use these products. 

Marie Child
United States 

Posted : 12-08-2014

Shingles cure?

After dealing with this issue for quite a while and tried a topically applied 28% sodium chlorite solution...(as used to make MMS).  Using this cleared up several areas of active "lesions" in 2-3 days or so.  Application seems to react strongly to these areas...causing itching...causing some areas to turn a lighter color...then causing redness.  Probably best to keep application down to 2xs per day or so.  Do not apply right before bed...since you might not sleep due to the itching.  After the redness subsides...the "lesions" dry up and skin gradually returns to normal.

This also seems to work with "lesions" that are more deep seated and aren't active...but also won't go away....though this takes more time.

Strangely enough...application to areas of the skin not involved causes almost no reaction.

The only other remedies that seemed to work have been tea tree oil and Dermatox...both of which seem to repress the issue...but not clear it.  Have also been using both of these along with the sodium chlorite.

Cautions:  Doesn't seem to help ones hair....so use it in your hair with caution.  Obviously...keep it away from eyes.  Test in a small area first?

That this issue was shingles has not been verified...but I had chicken pox as a child and I'm in the age bracket when it most occurs.

United States 

Posted : 07-08-2014
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