Thank you Kindly, it is a wonderful product, the grandfather is now off his diabetes pills (so many of them) and is so much happier and so full of life again. It is a miracle product. 

Posted : 06-02-2015

Suffered from Ezcema

Just to add to your sheet of testimonies. I found that MMS has totally cleared up the facial eczema I have suffered with very badly since returning to NZ two years ago. I tried everything, nothing worked but within days MMS knocked it on the head. Amazing. 

Posted : 06-02-2015

Upper Respiratory Infection

This testimony is rather simple. I live in a small village in Mexico where simple viral infections spread like wild fire. I started coming down with an upper respiratory infection and decided to try the protocol of one drop of activated MMS every hour. I did this religiously for 5 days and it worked! I had very mild head cold symptoms and then they were gone. My biggest frustration is finding a supplier in Puerto Vallarta so that other people can experience using MMS in their daily lives. It is truly amazing

Robin OBrien

Posted : 06-02-2015

Chronic Fatigue

I took the MMS for about 2 and a half weeks and I have to say I'm very intrigued.  I have dealt with Chronic Fatigue for many years and have tried a lot of different things but I felt like this started having some positive effects very quickly.  I had had a blocked nose for months and within a couple of days of taking the drops my nose was clear and I felt like I had more energy.  My concentration is also significantly improved.

On the whole I'm feeling a lot better than what I did before...  Thanks very much for taking the time to provide this 'stuff' for those that are in need of something effective to help them with their health issues.

Posted : 03-02-2015

Memory came back

An elderly guy (in his 80-90's), who claimed he was the last survivor of the chemical company (since closed), that use to operate in New Plymouth, and made Agent Orange, and many other toxic sprays. After 50 odd years working there, he said that he was so full of toxins that he couldn't remember things that he had done the day before, along with other health effects relating to a build up of toxins in the body. Someone told him about MMS, which he tried. He phoned me on the second day all excited, saying that he remembered all he had done the day before. He claimed to be 100% better within about a week on MMS. He is now an advocate for MMS, telling everyone who is willing to listen.

Posted : 03-02-2015

Ovarian Cancer

I'm very pleased to say that having started my regime of using MMS/MMS2/CDS on October 20th to treat my stage 3 ovarian cancer, I am now practically in the clear. My visit to doctor tomorrow will hopefully determine that I can start on the maintenance program. 

Update: Have been taking MMS1 & 2 to treat my stage 3 ovarian cancer. It's been wonderful. Recently my blood tests revealed that my tumour markers were now in the normal range so I went onto a maintenance dose.

On Wednesday I went to my GP for results of a CT scan that was taken on Monday. This showed that although the cancer is gone, I do still have a sizable cyst on my right ovary. I would like to deal with this.

I looked on Jim Humble's website & have found the updated Protocol 1000. This also requires using DMSO; as per the following YouTube video:


Posted : 03-02-2015

MMS for Lyme Disease

MMS has been the most effective treatment for Lyme disease. Almost 6yrs of agonizing syptoms after numerous tick bites, thousands of dollars on doctors and natural remedies and now this little bottle of MMS which cost me @12 and lasted 3 months, has given huge relief of Lyme disease symptoms.


Dianne Ellis

www.dianneellis.com.au Posted : 28-01-2015

Genital (anus) warts

For more than two years I had problem with genital warts on anus, most probably caused by human papillomavirus type of HPV virus. I didnt diagnose it for long, being affraid to see a doctor, hoping it will go away by itself. Moreover it wasn't that problematic in everyday's life, as it was only time to time itching. I got it probably from sexual contact - it is said that's the way you can get them.

But one day I heared about MMS. I took it very sceptical, although I ve never trusted alopatic medicine either. I drunk 2-3 drops 2-3 times a day for over a month. For the first week I have not noticed any change but later the warts changed colour into black and then they disappeared. In this 5 week period of curing I had a break for couple of days. I dont recommend to cut the healing process - in these few days warts aggressively came back.

Anyway it is said that removing genital warts is almost impossible. Medicines that are curing it are quite expensive and the warts will be reappearing till the end of your life. Only in 10% of male genital warts the medicine cures it completely. The problem lies in the virus that one cant get rid out of the body. But I tried MMS and it worked on me. I cured in September 2013 and I have never had warts again. :-) Even more while curing the anus warts I also healed the little warts from my hands and pimples that I had on my shoulder. 


Posted : 22-01-2015

Cold Sores Gone!

Having seen numerous ways MMS helped others, I tried spraying MMS spray on my cold sore and it worked unreal! Here's what happened. I felt the tingle for a cold sore, but, I'd just awoke and it was to late! I had a 4 header coming out! Shit! So I tried MMS spray on the growing monster through out the day. It did not really manifest like it usually would. Then it started backing off within a couple days. It never really came UP, so I don't think anyone even noticed. The cold sore and it was gone incredibly quickly. Try it!

Bishop David Gileo

Posted : 22-01-2015


Had nephritus and both my feet swelled up for over 2 years.   Did proticol # 1 and within 10 days the swelling receded and now my both my feet feet are back to normal. Thank U Jim.....

andy zuopko
United States 

Posted : 05-01-2015
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