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Dry scalp

Dry scalp (or Dandruff) (or both) cured in days! [Posted : 06-29-2012]

I had dry scalp or dandruff (really do not know which) since I was a child ever since I tried my dads anti-dandruff shampoo. Since then its been with me on and off, better or worse, but _always_ there. Usually it would get worse if I used hairgel etc.

Well, I made the 4oz spray bottle (40 drops mms + 40 drops 50% solution Citric acid and fill up with wateR)

Started spraying my hair for a good 10 minutes, massaging it down in the scalp and that same day it became a lot better. Now 4 days later there is no dry scalp at all.

I mean usually I would just touch my hair and it would snow down on my clothes, right? Well, that problem is gone. It doesnt even snow if I start scratching hard! The dry scalp is just gone!

Its GONE. Outstanding!!!

Thank you to the youtube debaters who would bring up valid points in favor of MMS because I was a skeptic at first but I am glad I gave it a try and I feel bad for everybody I debated about MMS as if I had a clue, I never had a clue I just trusted what "mainstream" science and media fed me and went with that because I blindly trusted what they had to say, and for that I feel ashamed now. I will never do so again. I am sorry to everybody who was influenced by what I said and I hope they will come back to realize that MMS works.


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