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Gum problem

Mr Eion Tought [Posted : 07-07-2013]


I was a sufferer of periodic swollen and bleeding gums. It was quite irritable and had me concerned because I had previously lost most of my upper teeth of such a disease.

When I read about MMS1 and MMS2 on the internet I was convinced that anything so cheap and easy to administer was well worth a shot so I decided to try it out for myself. Often I am very sceptical about all sorts of cures and remedies but, here I had nothing to lose but a few cents and if it was anything close to what I was to understand it would be somewhat of a success.

I found it quite difficult to acquire (Sodium Chloride) so, I decided to get Calcium Hyperchlorite (MM2). This I attained in a granular form which I put into capsules for ongoing dosage. I then made up a small amount of solution going by the instructions on the container, which was a shock mixture for a swimming pool. To this I added about 30% water and I brushed my gums and teeth with.  I did this night and morning for three days and my gums cleared up.

I brushed my teeth once a week this way and had no more trouble. These days I don't even do that, all I do is rinse my mouth out with a more diluted solution once or twice a week.  Periodically, if I feel my health fall I will take one or two capsules with a half glass of water. I recover pretty quickly; it is just amazing I can now believe it will kill Cancer.

However, I would really like to say that I have cured Diabetes so, I am seeking somebody willing to go the course. My neigbour had diabetes but he was taking a huge amount of pills and wasn't willing to try it.



Ross Eion Tought

(Building Estimator)


Eion Tought

No more popcorn! [Posted : 01-29-2013]

That night when I felt the pain and discomfort when I bit down I nearly cried. Not from the pain, but what it would cost me to see the dentist. The last time that this had happened(popcorn husk lodged in the gums) my dentist had recommended that I quit eating popcorn(heavy sigh). I was so upset at myself for letting this happen again I'm amazed that I was calm enough to come up with a solution not involving a dental appointment. Of course! MMS! I mixed up a half a glass and rinsed my mouth, concentrating on the sore tooth and went to bed. The next morning when I awoke there was NO pain or discomfort whatsoever!


Dentist Shmentist [Posted : 01-19-2013]

After abusing meth for years my teeth and gums were , needless to say, destroyed. OR SO I THOUGHT. I couldn't afford dental insurance so I thought i would give MMS a try, and all I can say is that this stuff could put the dental industry out of business. I went from being able to just squeeze my mouth tight and spit out a mouthfull of blood.....To not even having my gums bleed when brushed.And no more pain....My gums are strengthening up, and besides a few molars in the back of my mouth that had rotted prior to using MMS, i still have all of my teeth and i couldn't be happier. Im 45 years old and was dreading the thought of having no teeth. Thank you Jim Humble and thank you MMS saved my teeth from a certain death.  P.S. Dont do drugs kids....its not even remotely worth it.


Bleeding gums for years fixed in 1 or 2 weeks [Posted : 06-29-2012]

I'd just like to state that I have suffered from bleeding gums for several years.

I commenced with brushing and flossing my teeth using mms - (at a 6:30 ratio).

I still occasionally brush my teeth with activated mms.

I have not had bleeding gums for over two years now.


Danny Stewart

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