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staphylococcus infection

Female 65 year old patient with a mastectomy, there was a fistula and accompanied pain in the infected area for over 3 years. All antibiotics that were prescribed proved ineffective. 3 days after MMS therapy(2 activated drops x 3 times a day topically), showed zero population in the microbe culture. Doctors could not believe in their eyes. All the following testing were of the same results. I repeated the treatment in a man 60 years old suffering from reumatoid arthritis and was also successful. 
With respect,
Dr Vasilios Koumentakis (MD AM)
Crete -Greece

vasilios koumentakis

Posted : 11-12-2014

Bladder infection

I want to share my testimonial here for bladder infection. My doctor gave me antibiotics for 5 days. I took 5 drops of mms solution with 25 drops of lemon juice and the infection was gone overnight.  I also suffer from diabetes and hyper tension, so I wii now be taking 5 drops every day regularly to see if I can reduce my sugar level an hyper tension.

Roxanne cross
United Kingdom Posted : 03-12-2014

Infection by human bite

This person was severely biten by a drugadict who bited his midle finger and no one could get this guy to stop the bite. They had to punch him in his face for him to let go the hand of the poor man. He went to the hospital with his hand suolen and his biten finger in a complete painful way. The hospital gave him iv antibiotics but they did not help. After a week the woind was worst and they told him that he was surely going to lose his finger because was getting gangrene. This person went to a veterinarian friend of mine and asked her for help . She called my girlfriend who had the mms drops once i gave her and told her if she could aply the drops to de wound. My friend went with her with the mms and the citric acid and applied it to the finger of the person who by the way was having a heavy stinking odour. The thing is that she forgot to desolve it and applied it directly to the poor persons finger and he started screeming like hell fir about 10 minutes . But after this ten minutes the pain was gone and incredibly the wound was totaly closed and looked like scared. Next day he came again with out pain with just a litle open in the wound and asked to put some more drops,wich my friend did. INCREDIBLY the finger was saved of amputation and you can not see but a small scar were the wound used to be. Thank you jim humble. In the name of this unknown person.


Posted : 14-09-2014

Systenic Recurring Impetigo

I got scratched by an infected child while administering therapy. The child broke my skin on my forearms, and thus began a two recurring battle with impetigo. I tried oral antibiotics, antibiotic creams (prescription), oregano oil, cell food drops, bleach, lavender oil, tea tree oil, an electronic gizmo that altered your ph on the wrist, and naturopathic remedies (undas and other homeopathic remedies by a naturopath. The latter helped to a great extent but did not render me clear permanently. Whenever my immune system dipped (ran too hard, didn't sleep well, travelled and got too tired) my impetigo would flare up. Finally I came across MMS on a website, bought some, and began the old protocol of 4 drops twice a day. I don't know exactly when my bloodstream began to be clear of the staph, but at some point 4-6 weeks, I permanently got rid of this pathogen in my system. It's been over a year now with no recurring infections. I am so very happy to have my life back. After spending over a thousand bucks on naturopathy, I later discovered my naturopath did indeed sell MMS but didn't think to use it with me!

Pat Lee

Posted : 01-07-2014



United States 

Posted : 27-06-2014

Spider Bite Staph Infection


I wanted to share our experience with MMS. While living in the Yucatan, my girlfriend was bitten by a spider in 3 locations on her body one night in her sleep. She had normal swelling and itching similar to an insect bite, but the bite locations formed a head similar to a pimple, and would not go away. My girlfriend started feeling worse and worse each day, and then complained of muscle pain, and weakness. She started to develop hives on her body globally and was experiencing much pain. I took her to a local clinic but they only treated teh symptoms and gave her pain killers, and an injection of anti-histimines to help with the hives. During this phase, we believe the Staph infection was able to gain hold and begin spreading in her body. After 3 days of worsening conditions, I took her to a general hospital in a town about 1.5 hours away from our home. They ran some blood tests and her white cell count was 50,000 or 5 times the normal levels indicating a massive infection. After about a week of testing, they finally put her on antiboitics via an IV.They seemed to have little effect. I was searching and talking to people when I discovered MMS. I was able to get some in the local town, and smuggled it into the hospital. I began administering protocal 1000 to her and she started to recover. She was in hospital for 3 weeks. and our doctors confided in us that they could not believe she had recovered as quickly as she did and how fast her white blood cells returned to normal levels. She experienced NO DIAHREA or stomach pain with the MMS. Thank you Jim, and the rest of the team that is making this information and remedy availble. I read about the Daniel Smith story, the FDA thug tactics, confiscations, seizures, and it makes my bllod boil. The allopahic medicine solution is NOT the only way, and we are blessed to have found MMS. We tell everyone who will listen and we encourage you to do the same. Peace and love, teo and Val in Mexico.


Posted : 27-05-2014

Eye Infection

Dear Jim,
My grandson became ill with a fever and I noticed the inside of his eye was infected; also at the inside base of his nose. He had a large red and white pimple in both areas; I guess it could have been stys too. Anyway, I made a twenty drop solution and took a cotton ball and placed in on both areas for 20 minutes. I did this three times before he went to bed. The next day it was gone. MMS works!

In another instance my grandson had a planters wart on the bottom of his foot. The doctor tried to freeze it but it didn't work. I was told he would have it for a very long time and the treatment was not gauranteed. They told me that it had rooted deep and that was that. So, I decided to make a 20 drop solution and spray the bottom of his foot every night before his went to bed. I don't remember how long it took maybe a couple of weeks but the planters wart is gone, there is no sign that it ever existed, not even a scar!

United States 

Posted : 21-05-2014

Infection of Ear Piercing

Ear-Piercing Infection on outside Ear Helix
Infecciòn de un Piercing en la Oreja en la Helix

Before / Antes

556530 10153251769595613 1408962776 n

-After two days using topical activated MMS (20 drops)

-Despues de dos dias de aplicar MMS activado topical (20 gotas)

599311 10153255363990613 660214705 n

Tobias on Steve Lodge Gonzalez
Jan. 2014

Tobias Laube
Spain Posted : 15-05-2014

TETANUS Infection

A TETANUS Infection through a Dog Bite - Not Vaccinated-

This is a Report of a MMS Treatment guided by Tobias Laube about Gregory Paul Whaling who had been infected by Tetanus.

"Last Week Wednesday afternoon, my Mate Gregory, told me that he got bitten into his leg by a Dog.

Sunday morning I get a call form his girlfriend telling me that Gregory is very ill and cant move.
I instantly drove to her place and saw Gregory in bed, sweating like coming out of a sauna.
The bite wound grew big. He was shivering and sweating like hell.
I instantly saw a TETANUS infection.

Gregory refuses to go to hospital, always has done, doent take antibiotics like other people as soon as their toe starts itching and has not been vaccinated since decades.

He has a very strong, good Opinion against Vaccines. He does not take any kind of Modern Medicine.

(TETANUS is highly dangerous though, has a incubation period of 3-7 days and can quickly lead to Death !
Surviving Tetanus completely untreated, can cause severe cardiovascular damage.)

Tetanus started to get severe and Gregory began to have cramps over the whole body, contractions in is face, lock-jaw and started screaming of pain. Violant vomiting and drooling. His spit was green and his eyes were rolled back. Periods came where everything stopped for a while and he calmed down and fell asleep. In the meantime i instantly started with a intense MMS treatment for drinking, prepared a very high dose for topical application.

I increased the dose, did further whole body MMS+DMSO spraying especialy on the Immune System “headquarters”- Spine/Toncils/Kidneys/Stomach. Where the Arteries where, to get the Mineral into his bloddstream quicker.
After every whole-body spraying, his entire body started to go into spasms.

It looked like an Exorcism!

He than began whispering that the exterior application was doing him well. So we continued. He was visibly improving step by step. After 10 Hours Treatment we changed to start giving him high doses of Vitamin C – 4 gram Steps.
11 pm came, I said I'll stay over night . During the night he head heavy coughing,

At 8 am he was amazingly better.

All symptoms gone down to approx. 3%. Now he was just massively tired and exhausted.

I told him we continue with high Vitamin C untill the point of diarreha.
This indicates that the 100% of Vitamin C demand per day of the human body has been achieved.

In the afternoon he was up on his feet again and well.

Thuesday, when I passed by his place, he was fit like usual, just slight energy deficient.
Gregory recovered from Tetanus to 98% again in only 32 Hours.

Modern Medicine can NOT do that. Besides, the heavy Antibiotics and the Vaccine would have caused heavy Side-Effects.

MMS & DMSO + high doses of pure Vitamin C have completely killed Tetanus!

The next day we arranged some training again 7 o’cklock in the morning, like usual.

Tetanus is lethal to the human Body. But when you respond fast enough, MMS can be more lethal to the Tetanus Bacteria."

(August 2012)

Tobias Laube about Gregory Paul Whaling

Tobias Laube
Spain Posted : 15-05-2014


Absolutely, I am a huge, massive advocate of MMS. I have suffered intensely under doctor's care for 3 decades and they nearly killed me 2X because they honestly didn't have a clue of what to do so they pushed about 15 different prescriptions from anti-depressants to beta blockers to methadone,  for 2 decades and I lost organs due to their recklessness and carelessness. I would have taken away all of their licences all 80 doctors that supposedly provided health care to me.  So, MMS, is pretty well the only thing I take now if I get even the slightest cold, and type of recognized infection in the body from cough to chills and shivers to urine infection (with uva uva combined) just for extra percaution for the urine.... anyway the chit is the BOMB, which means it is the best and most cheapest effecient and effective way to treat your body. I haven't been to the doctor's now for 2 years!!! But here this the last time I was there, the pinhead told me my beauty marks are signs of cancerous cells awakening? What a moron..... lol


Posted : 13-11-2013
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