My Pregnant Doe Rabbit's Head Shaking is now Better

Hi everyone,


I want to thank whoever made CDC for the health of my animal today. She is a pregnant Doe. For some reason, this morning her head would just not stop shaking. It was shaking up and down. I thought it was the heat, so I cooled down the room as soon as possible, to make it even cooler. But her symptoms did not stop. I was so worried. I didn't have money to get her to the vet. No vets would take her without money. Also, her regular vet was too "busy" with other animals. This is the same runaround that i got from most of the vets I called. I thought I was going to lose her. I read some things that I thought it might be, hypocalcemia? , or some sort of head tilt? Or maybe it was an extreme ear infection. I do not know.

 But what I did was two things, I gave her a 1/4 teaspoon of blackstrap molasses. It has magnisium, calcium, and iron. Thankfully she took it. Then , even though i was very worried about her pregnancy, and her kits, i gave her 1 drop of CDC in water. From what i know the 1 drop of CDC is much more mild, as it takes 3 drops to equal 1 drop of MMS. It wasnt too long after that her head stoped shaking! And  I don't know if it was the CDC or the Blackstrap mollasses, or a combitnation, but she seems a lot better now. I am very thankful for natural and alternative means of doing things. Thanks






United States 

Posted : 09-08-2015

staph infection in my poodle

Hi there.  My poodle/bichon cross was having this repeat infection on his stomach that would very quickly overwhelm his system and turn into big crusty matted lumps.  Twice the vet gave him antibiotics which worked okay but the infection was back almost immediately the dose was finished.  I used 6 drops mms 6 drops 50% citric acid and 1/4 cup water and bathed the sores three times in one day,  The sores had improved a little but on the second day I used 10 drops of dmso with the protocol and by day three they were considerably reduced.  It took another five days of wiping with the solution twice a day and they were completely gone.  THANK YOU JIM.... I WAS TIRED OF EATING BAKED BEANS TO AFFORD THE VET BILLS!  A BIG WAGGING TAIL AND LOVING EYES SAYS THANKS TOO.

New Zealand 

Posted : 22-06-2014

Immune Mediated Haemalitic Anaemia

We have a little dog who weighs 4 kg and is a toy poodle/maltese cross.  After we bought her we never gave her worming paste or immunisation but looked after all that ourselves.  When she was one year old she had a fit and we took her to the vet who after blood tests said she had Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia and probably would not live for another two weeks . He wormed her and suggested cortisone.  When we asked what the cortisone would do he said that it would suppresse the immune system.  We said we would not give her the cortisone and decided to go home and give her MMS.  The vet made an appointment for two weeks and also gave us his home number in case we needed to call him.  We gave her 1 drop of MMS and 5 drops of citric acid twice a day with an eye dropper.  We could see her getting better every day.  When we went back in two weeks she bounded in and the vet said that this was not a sick dog.  He took more blood tests and said that everything was renewing (not sure of this as we didn't understand what he meant).  When he asked what we did we told him about MMS, his reply - he had heard about it and didn't think it would work and that it must have been the worming.  Really!!  Really!!  Let's worm all the patients in hospital with aplastic anaemia?? She is now 7 years old and has never had any problems since.  Thank you, Jim. 

Ruth Barker

Posted : 30-05-2014

Baboon attack

One of our farm dogs was attacked by a rogue baboon and suffered some serious bites on his neck and half his scalp being ripped off.    we took him to our vets who cleaned the wounds under anaesthetic - they were dubious about his recovery and said I should bnring him back in a few days for some serious stitching up.  I took him home and began his treatment - CDS with DMSO hourly.   I applied colloidal silver and urine to his scalp wound as they were gentle and not caustic.   The healing began within the first day and continued sxteadily - within a week he was completely healed and infection free.   I would like to note that he absolutely rejected all the medication provided by the vet and was able to sniff it out no matter how I disguised it with all sorts of treats!   He happily lapped up his doses of CDS and DMSO and did not resist at all.   I'm sorry I did not take pictures but I am really squeamish and the wounds were quite horrific!   So all good and thanks to Jim's wonderful germ fighter!  Yvonne Cook, Johannesburg

Yvonne Cook
South Africa 

http://www.biosil.co.za Posted : 29-04-2014

LIL Scot's healing

It's time to tell of the wonders of MMS and my "LIL Scot" (18 mo. old male Scottish Terrier)

         Soon after we started taking MMS, "LIL Scot, became very ill.  All together he had seen 3 different vets, he had all the tests they could think of to do to him (including a $200.00 blood test to rule out tick fever), 3 sets of x-rays, even a sonogram for his stomach area and heart.  Then they sent everything anyone had ever learned about him to an Internal Medical Specialist Analyst to analyze it all.

       After all that, all they could tell me was that he might have this or that or maybe this, but it would involve more testing.  No one could tell me how to rid him of his high temps - they had been up to 104 and it was easy to tell he was very ill. .  He wouldn't hardly eat anything.  To get him to eat anything, I had to hand feed him.  He would then eat eggs, oatmeal, and I had to hand feed him bread dipped in the oatmeal, just to get something in his stomach.  He was on 3 different antibiotics (one so strong, I was told it would tear up his stomach without food),  his high temps were still there.

      On Jan. 7, 2014, I started him on MMS & DMSO, at 1/2 drop (15 ML) hourly for 4 days: 6-8 daily doses.  He improved, but then started getting bad again.  So on Day 5, I decreased his dosage to 3 ML and took away the DMSO and gave it to him every hour for 8 hrs.  I also started putting 25 unactivated MMS drops in a 1/2 gal of water in a closed container, and I change it daily.  Both of my dogs get it that way.  I use distilled water for the internal dosing and reverse osmosis in his drinking water.

      After changing his dose, he slowly started getting better, each day some improvement.  On Day 7, his temps started going down, sparkle in his eyes returned, appetite returning and that wonderful tag wag and bounce in his walk is back.  On day 11, he was anxious to eat, running, playing, on and on.  Today Feb 19, 2014 (day 40) Scot is doing great!  His temps have been normal (under 102 for 21 days).  His appetite is great, runs, plays with my female. Praise God, my old LIL Scot is back!   The only thing he still has left is a slight nasal noise - used to be very loud.  I am still dosing him every day (sometimes I skip a day) and only 3 ML for  2 to 4 hourly doses.  Both of my dogs will always have MMS in their drinking water.   I also plan on giving him a 2 or 3ML dose till the slight nasal noise is gone.  "God and MMS have healed my "LIL Scot"!

        I am so grateful to all the ones on the forum that have supported me and helped me in the dosing of "LIL Scot".  It's so wonderful to know that there are so many people who I have never met, scattered all over the world that care.  Thank you Jim Humble and all my forum friends.  What would the world be without you and MMS!

        I am truly blessed!


Blessed1 - Glenda L.
United States 

Posted : 19-02-2014

"Lil Scot's healing"

It's time to tell of the wonders of MMS and my "Lil Scot" (male Scottish terrier). None of the vets could tell me what was wrong with my dog.  He was just sick.

Soon after we started taking MMS," Lil Scot", became very ill.  :sick: All together he had seen 3 different vets, had all the tests they could think of do to him (including a $200. blood test to rule out tick fever, x-rays, even a sonogram and sent then everything anyone had ever learned about him to a Medical Specialist Analyst to analyze it all).

No one could tell me how to rid him of his high temps – had been up to 104 and was easy to tell he was very ill. He would hardly eat anything (most times I had to feed him by hand to get him to eat). He would eat eggs, oatmeal, and I hand fed him bread, dipped in oatmeal, just to get something in his stomach. He was on 3 different antibiotics (one so strong that it would tear up his stomach without food), high temps still there.

On Jan 7, 2014 I started him on MMS & DMSO, at ½ drop (13 ml) hourly for 4 days (he improved, but then not so well). Day 5 I decreased his dosage to 3 ml and took away the DMSO and gave it to him every hr. for 8 hrs. I also started putting it in both my dogs water, 25 unactivated MMS drops in a 1/2 gal of water in a closed container, which I change daily. I use distilled water for the internal dosing and reverse osmosis in his drinking water.

He slowly started getting better, each day some improvement. Day 7, temps started going down, eyes got their sparkle back, appetite returning and that wonderful tag wag is back. Day 11, anxious to eat, running, playing, on and on. This is Day 36. Scot is doing GREAT. Temps have run normal (under 102 for last 17 days. His appetite is great, runs, plays, my old Scot is back. - Only thing he still has left is a slight nasal noise – used to be very loud. I am still dosing him, each day, but only 3 ml 3 or 4 times a day and both my dogs will ALWAYS have MMS in their drinking water. I plan on giving him a 2 or 3 ml dose till the slight nasal nose is gone. "God and MMS have healed my Lil Scot".

I am so grateful to all the ones on the forum that have supported me and helped me in the dosing of "Lil Scot". It's so wonderful to know that there are so many people who I have never met, scattered all over the world that care. Thank you to JIM HUMBLE and all my forum friends. What would the world be without you?  Be Blessed! I am!  God & MMS have healed my "Lil Scot"!  

Glenda (Blessed1
United States 

Posted : 16-02-2014


we took 2 of our dogs to be spayed and neutered in October 2013 and came back with a snotty nose.... we treated them with  Boi sil and other products and it cleared up... only to find out that a few of them started coughing.then it all cleared..DISTEMPER..and then the neorological effects kicked in. Watching my babies have seizures was beyond me and agonizing torture  for me let alone my dogs..(they have all had their vaccines)...We recalled helping a child with a sarcoma (cancer growth ) on his back with DMSO and MMS and it shrank. doing more research on Jim Humbles products, we started my dogs ,all 21 of them on an 8 hour course of MMS every hour every day...thankfully, i had just given up my job so i could be here for all my babies. we subsequently lost 3 dogs from the neurological side effects of this dreaded virus. we have been using MMS for a week now and the improvements in their health is AMAZING. Much less coughing and less nasal disharge.they all up and running again. we started the CDS  today Monday 11 November.thank you to Yvonne,and the team in JHB for helping me get onto the CDS and all the extra help!!!!! you are ALL AMAZING people!!!




South Africa 

Posted : 11-11-2013

Jazzy's strange disease

The story is about my dog Jazzy that I have rescued when she was 3 months old, from the dog shelter....

She looked pretty skinny and small for her age and also she was quite week on the back legs when walking; plus she was frieghtend of her own shadow, literally.....was so very dificult to walk her.

At that point she had already had  to many vaccinations and the diet was definitively not approriate for a canine.

In our care, we gradualy put her on a raw diet and no more vaccinations but within few months the problems started;

One night while she was sleeping on the floor next to our feet we have noticed blood on the tiles....we checked her over just to discover the blood was from her bleeding gums.

Next day at the vet we were told she was deficient in vit K and she got few shots for the next weeks...but this was just the begining of a very bumpy road.

Few months later she started to get itchy and that itchiness increased daily. The vet suggested antinflamatory tablets and stereoids. I refused.

At that point I have taken the problem in my hands and started to research maddly. Oh my God!!! so much confusing information on this net; I felt I was going to loose it.

Found an animal healer but she was very difficult to deal with because was affraid of me "stealing"her "healing secrets'. She wanted to take my dog to her, 2000km away but in the mean time found out she was using grains as well to feed the dogs.

My dog was getting worse by the day. She got to the point of chewing herself to pieces, anywhere where she could reach herself. She was under our supervision 24 hrs a day. Gave up my job and slept next to her ( not much of a sleep or life).

We were desperate!

Went on like this for almost 18 months when I came across of a lady called Pat Mckay who runs the Wholistic animal hospital in Nevada USA. She put Jazzy on some homeopathic treatment, supplements and adjusted her diet...but unfortunately this was still not doing the trick. Some weeks she was good and then suddenly she was erupting in red pimples again and itchiness.

We went on and off like this until she was 3 years old and then I discovered MMS. I wasn't sure about the procedure and had some reservation because of the citric acid..... I gave it to her on and off but not enough to really solve the problem. Like so many of us, I didn't have enough trust and silly me had delayed her recovery......until 2 months ago when the situation become so serious she was dying. She couldn't even go to the toilet because she was in pain.

It started with her limping few months ago;on and off; and then it got serious with her body and face( nose+ eyes) being covered in pimples and itchiness.

At that point I had CDS in the house and I put her on just 6 drops of CDS+3DMSO+1 drop fresh Aloe Vera, every hour for 12-14 hours a day. Also in her food ( raw meat+veggies) I added moringa leaves+ goji berry leaves+ green paw paw with skin and seeds. Within 2 days she was up and walking without limping ( in the evening for few days had a bit of a limp) and now after almost 3 weeks she goes for a bit of a run as well....and wiggles her tail :-)        Her skin is clear and no more itchiness.

I believe Jazzy developed LUPUS and now she is on her way to recovery. She will stay on CDS for 12 hrs a day for a while and then will be on maintenance for the rest of her life.

So much trail and error and pain and misery because I didn't trust enough a product that actualy works.

Nothing worked for her, including a good diet. CDS did it!!!!!

The funny thing was that for years I have been promoting Jim's MMS/CDS to all my friends and people I met with health problems but didn't do it proprely with Jazzy. Go and figure?!

Do not make the same mistake. MMS/CDS it does work and I will be for ever grateful to Jim and his team.

A big hug and so much love to you all,







Zoe Nielsen

Posted : 06-10-2013

MMS saved 1 of my dogs TWICE!

My 11yo Lab/Redbone Hound, Mack, was diagnosed with Granulamatosis Menengial Encephilatous (sp?) aka: GME in mid-May. I VERY seriously doubt he would've survived that night, for us to get him to the vet in the morning, were it not for my squirting diluted MMS1 into his mouth several times over the course of the night. (He was in too bad of shape to even raise his head to drink.) My vet's a good guy; and, open-minded; but, has only conventional training. His "solution" was antibiotics and prednizone... (With conventional treatment, the average diagnosis to death time is 8 days for focal GME, which is what Mack has/had/???.) He's too large for me to carry; so, I did intersperse his meds with MMS for the first day. His left hind leg was swollen 3 times its normal size; and, his right leg wouldn't hold him up. I was able to get the swelling down by mixing NFZ, MMS1, and DMSO; and, after washing the leg really well with MMS2 spray, slathering his leg from toes to hip with this mixture, and wrapping it with saranwrap for 12 hours. Once the swelling was gone and he could help me move him, I tossed the pills and started dosing him every hour with MMS1. Progress was slow that 1st day; but, rapid after that. Within about 3 days, Mack was doing better than he had in months. I started scaling back to a maintainance dose of 2 drops twice a day. He was on that until about 4 days ago. I needed to worm him and do heartworm preventative; and, I didn't want to risk Herx'ing him. Also, I had started questioning whether or not he still needed to be on a maintainance dose; and, even if the diagnosis had been correct. I took him off for about 2 days.... BIG MISTAKE; and, one that came all too close to being fatal for him...  By Wed. night, he was pretty well comatose. I was having to drizzle diluted MMS1, mixed with a drop of DMSO, across his tongue and gums. He was unconscious and I wasn't even getting reflexive swallowing (I was being careful not to aspirate him.) The only way I even knew that he was still alive was that I could see shallow breathing, by watching his side. I continued doing this for about an hour and a half before he finally opened his eyes and raised his head. Shortly after that, he got up on his own and went outside. He wasn't too steady on his feet; but, he was able to go out and pee with my just "spotting him." We got back inside and I mixed him a dose in broth, which he lapped up. An hour later, I went to get a can of dog food, to mix it into, to see if he'd eat. I turned around and discovered that he'd followed me the 50 yards or so I'd had to go to get the can. (I have a really weird living arrangement out here, due to my home burning to the ground back in Jan.) It's now Fri. night/Sat. morning; and, he's back to moving around normally. I've backed off to dosing him at about 4 hour intervals, with about a 6 hour gap for me to get some sleep; and, I'll be working towards getting him back to 2 drops twice a day; but, barring my finding a way to safely get to the root cause (which is microsporidia in the spinal fluid), he's going to be kept on a maintainance dose the rest of his life. Also, I'm not going to be getting complacent again. This last time, there wasn't any focal swelling that I could see; but,  if I'd been asleep (etc.), I'd have been burying Mack on Thurs........ (And, "kicking myself in the butt" even worse than I am now.) Instead, he's laying right outside (where it's cool) and waiting to follow me back to "the micro" (I'm still trying to finish; but, has air conditioning.)


Kathy Renbarger
United States 

http://mskathyswebsite.weebly.com Posted : 13-07-2013

Infected Eyes

My little dog had infected tearduct and her eyes would be blood shot and almost glued together.  I had taken her to a Vet and got some salve to put into her eyes. ($ 60 later) After a week there was a little improvment but not a lot.  I reseached the web site for eye drops and used 4 activated drops in a half of glass of water.  I first tried  a couple of drops in my eye to make sure it wouldn't hurt her.  Then applied 2 drops of the diluted mixture in each eye 4 or 5 times a day It took a couple of weeks but her eyes have all cleared up and have stayed clear after discontinuing the drops.

Gary Courtney
United States 

http://www.yachtraven.info Posted : 09-02-2013
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