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MRS [Posted : 11-23-2014]

H-Pilori -
a stomach bacteria - was killed after only 2 capsules of  MMS - 78% calcium hypochlorite powder - which made the use
of traditional antibiotic -3 months protocol - totally unnecessary

Fibromyalgia was mostly gone - pain level difference -  after 5 days of  - same as above - calcium hypochlorite capsules -
- 3-4-4-5-5-. pr day for 5 days -
amazing results - thank you Jim Humble.
Renate R.

Whooping cough [Posted : 11-16-2014]

My brother had whooping cough.  He had been to a GP twice and taken several doses of antibiotics with no success.  He had lost weight, his skin was a sickly pale, he could hardly sleep, as sleep brought on the horrible fitting cough.  It was awful to watch, and he was like this for weeks, with no relief.  Not until our friend recommended MMS.  Within an hour of taking MMS, color was returning to his face.  I think within a few hours, he had stopped coughing and his appetite had returned.  And then that night he told my mum he wanted to cough and his phlegm clogged the sink when he tried!  All of the built up mucus was coming up and out!!!  It does work.  Its worth a try.  What have you got to lose?
Sei Leapai

Cured the common cold [Posted : 11-06-2014]

I have been a long-time (i.e. since 1998) user of MMS.  I have used it on myself to cure a small melanoma on my scrotum by using a q-tip to apply pure activated MMS to it and then using the other end of the q-tip to dab DMSO to make it penetrate the tissue.  In two weeks, it "burst" in a rush of wet and under it was clean pink skin.  I have learned to have a healthy respect for it too.  Taking too much will leave you bed-ridden for the better part of a day if you have not built up to the dose.  Over the many years I could never get to the point of taking 30 drops in a day because the heavy dose was just too gross to stomach.  I was very grateful to learn of protocol 1000 where you spread the dose out over the course of the day.

Recently I was driving across the country on a 3 day trip.  On the first day I sneezed a lot and had a bit of a runny nose.  By the afternoon of the second day, I was feeling the heavy sinus pressure that we all recognize as a cold setting in.  Because I was on the road, stopping every hour to make a batch was impractical so I made up a 30 drop dose in an empty plastic water bottle and filled it with 20 oz of water.  As I drove down the road, I took a couple of swallows that would have made up about 5 drops.  That night in the hotel, I noticed that I could breathe through my nose - though there was still pressure.  After a good night's sleep, I felt much better but it was still there a bit.  I made up another batch the same way and drank that over the course of my drive the third day.  When I arrived at my destination, my son who I had told the previous day that I was catching a cold, remarked that I did not seem to have a cold at all.  Indeed I didn't!

I have found that MMS won't cure everything.  For example, I had terrible itching from poison ivy and even drinking MMS mixed with DMSO didn't work.  What I did find works is simple drywall powder, mixed with water, caked on as a paste and bandaged with plastic Saran wrap to keep it in place.  That is the best remedy by far!  But for the most part, any time I encounter chronic degenerative disease, it is MMS to the rescue. 
Dean E Malone

Hipertenso/Consulta [Posted : 11-03-2014]

De Hola, Hace un Mes Que tomo MMS Protoclo 1000 y no hay mejorias Veo, soja Hipertenso Moderado Alto medicado y alguién me ha DICHO Que es debido Que Estoy Tomando Junto al MMS la medicación, Pero Como Necesito certezas pido Que me ayuden.
El Nombre de la Tomando medicación Que estoy hijo:
- Manidipino / hidrocloruro 20 mg - Una Por Día
- Valsartán / Hidroclorotiazida 160 mg / 25 mg - en Una POR dia
Fijarse Que Ambos Medicamente Tienen compueto de hidrocloruro y de Hidroclorotiazida.
Mi Edad 65 Años.

4 Degree F. Fever Temperature restored to normal in 12 Hours [Posted : 10-27-2014]

Testimony for MMS

4 Degree F. Fever Temperature restored to normal in 12 Hours

I, Joseph Harabin, am a recent graduate of the training seminar in Santa Marta Columbia given in early October 2014.

After a week at the beach town of Santa Marta I took a 4-hour car ride to the walled city of Cartagena. After arriving in the evening I felt very tired and went to bed where I felt even worse. I took my temperature with a handheld laser thermometer ($20 at Cost Co) to discover I had a 4-degree F. fever. I knew MMS activated could bring down fevers. I was familiar with this material both before and during the seminar where we actually began the initial protocol of taking small doses to gauge my reactions. I knew I could accept the MMS without strong adverse response.

I prepared two drops of MMS and then added 2 drops of the 5% hydrochloric acid activator in a glass drinking cup. I mixed these and the reaction proceeded to form an orange yellowish solution with the characteristic odor of chlorine dioxide.  After a reaction period of 30 seconds I added 3 ounces of purified water to dilute the solution and drank this solution consisting of chlorine dioxide along with some unreacted sodium chlorite the main ingredient of the MMS.

This combination solution provides the immediate chlorine dioxide along with residual to-be-reacted sodium chlorite in the MMS that can form chlorine dioxide deeper into the body by activation with body’s deep tissue free hydrogen ions.

After 10 minutes I imagined an improvement in my condition,  At least I was not feeling worse. 

After this 10-minute time I prepared 3 drops more of MMS and 3 drops of hydrochloric acid activator, allowing 30 seconds to react and then added several ounces of pure water to dilute, just like the first time. I drank this in one portion and went back to bed to sleep.
At midnight I awoke and noticed I felt much improved.  I prepared and drank a 3-drop mixture as before and I returned to sleep until 6 a.m. when I awoke.

I now felt very normal.

I tested my temperature and it was lower by 4 degrees F. to the normal zone. I prepared some fresh squeezed orange juice from the natural fruits and felt totally healthy. I did some writing and then got up to walk about as a tourist in a new city.
I mention the fresh orange juice since it is important not to take vitamin C or high ascorbic acid (vitamin C) juices with the MMS since these are anti-oxidants that will cancel the effects of the high oxygen MMS. After you have recovered then vitamin C is fine.

The MMS totally reversed my fever and restored me to my normal well-being.

My theory was that I suffered some sort of inflammation in my body due to the stress of traveling the humid climate. Perhaps an alien organism or even one normally present but in controlled status began to over whelm my body’ s immune system which reacted by a higher feverish body temperature to weaken the newly growing microscope menace growing too fast inside my body.
The deep penetrating oral oxidizer of the chlorine dioxide generated by the MMS along with the residue sodium chlorite that could release chlorine dioxide deeper inside my body including my blood and lymph provided enough anti oxidant power to destroy the anaerobic bacterial or virus inside myself.

The oxidation potential of chlorine dioxide at 0.95 electron volts while lower than oxygen at 1.22 volts had as a concentrated liquid the stronger ability to penetrate faster and deep than the atmospheric gas oxygen we breathe. This chlorine dioxide liberated from the MMS was not strong enough to kill off my normal healthy bacterial and intestinal flora so I did not get a major reaction such as diarrhea that would have happened with a normal indiscriminate anti-biotic that would also require a periods of days or weeks to repopulate my body with good healthy bacteria.

Using the MMS in this way to quickly break a fever and apparently stop the unwanted alien growth that may have caused the initial inflammation and fever is so superior to suppressing the fever symptoms with aspirin and even taking powerful antibiotics that disrupt the balance with the normal body intestinal bacterial so important to proper digestion and health.

This MMS is a remarkable material and the rediscovery and popular sharing of it by the Genesis II Church under Jim Humble and Mark Gernon is truly a grace of knowledge to the people of this world.

This fever control will be of valuable use to anyone travelling who becomes feverish and who may therefore avoid a false (or real?) diagnosis of a quarantine condition such as the current Ebola hysteria being popularized in the media this Fall 2014


Reverend Joseph Harabin
October 19, 2014

Joseph Harabin

MMS Health  [Posted : 10-24-2014]

I have been using MMS about 7 years now. I am near 77 years old and in pretty good Health.

Thanks to MMS I have not be sick for more than 1 day in the last 7 years as at this First sign of sickness of any kind I take MMS. While I do not have any other problems, I know of two people with Cancer that are now Cancer free thanks to MMS. One is a long time friend 78 years old that had confirmed Prostrate Cancer 6 years ago and now thanks to MMS he has no sign of Cancer. The other was a young lady friend of my Grandson that had Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma and was treated with chemo on three different times and the Cancer came back each time. She decided to try MMS Protocol and has been Cancer Free for three years.

I think Jim Humble deserves a HUMANITARIAN AWARD for his Selfless work with MMS.
Len Bridger

Treatment of Burn with MMS [Posted : 10-20-2014]

Mr. Tod Mehra called up to say that he burnt his right dorsal part of his palm in the pressur cooker. They did the first aid and applied bitdine ointment. Next day called me up for MMS therapy. I used 10:10 formula with 30 ml water. Covered his hand with tissue and poured the Solution over it. Repeated it three times a day. Next day healthy redness was seen. Third day skin started pealing all the blistered disappeared. 11th october accident happened, and on 15th October burn wound cleared up. 19th Oct SUnday the entire skin is new. MMS can spead up healing by giving good fight to the infections. Please see the photos. 
Susan Raj

Brown Recluse Spider bite [Posted : 10-14-2014]

I got bit by a Brown Recluse spider, my leg was getting so bad I couldnt walk. The doctors would not help other than anti-biotics and a friend suggested MMS, so I put some on the bite which was rotting from the spiders toxins. The next day all the dead flesh from the spider bite just fell right out of my leg when I rinsed it with water and the wound healed immediately after. Thanks Jim! 


side effects [Posted : 10-14-2014]

I used MMS1  for more than 2 years to heal seasonal flue , liver cysts , and many other diseases.

Now , the seasonal flue become from the past and liver condition become better, but skin allergy is still.

I used protocol 6X6 .  I am experiencing 2 problems as side effects of using MMS, which is worthy to mention:

Pharynx condition ; that’s I am feeling like gastro esophageal. its usually when drinking MMS , but its becoming chronic.  

I am planning to see a doctor for better check up. I feel like mms is highly oxidizing and its strong over the fine tissues and muscles which usually in Pharynx

Enuresis, its too hard , but its true that I am impatience !!!! And it has to be so quick!!!

Before mms, I had a bad condition of kidneys; if I drank a cup of coffee (occasionally) I would experience a bad kidney pain. Would relief only if I drink large amount of water for 1 or 2 days after the coffee!! mms helped me that nowadays coffee is not a problem  !!!

There are things which are common between both side effects . Pharynx is a gate for high oxidizing free radicals and bladder is the gate to pass ( high oxidizing free radicals , heavy metals , dead bacteria and others…….etc )  
and both side effects, i can feel and notice . god knows what is hidden!!!!!! 

we have to think more when using the word " using MMS for body maintenance" !!!!!!!

MMS is basically in emergencies only !!!!! to treat serious diseases only !!!!!!!









Stomach Issue Gone [Posted : 10-04-2014]

I had digestive problems for approximately 5 years. I had diarrhoea within  one hour after eating. Sometimes it hit within 3 minutes of ingesting food. It didn't matter if it was toast with coffee, or a full turkey dinner. It caused some very embarrassing moments for me, to say the least. I started taking 6 MMS drops three or four times per day. Within three days, I had no more diarrhoea! I felt the positive effects the very first day! I believe I probably had parasites. I did see what I believe was a parasite in my stool.  I still take MMS and MMS2 regularly, just as a precaution. As long as I'm feeling well, I'm going to keep on doing what I'm doing. I only take 3 drops now and I do mix with DMSO. I'm happy to say, I have no side effects! Only positive effects!
Paul Linnell

Mr James Alexander [Posted : 09-29-2014]

To World Citizens... I first started using MMS approx 6 years ago,had acute pain in my postate area,pain dissolved within a few days,and within a week or so all symtoms completely gone,in other words "HEALED". Also use MMS to bathe in,an amazing tonic to rejuvenate a tired body....use MMS for overall health including teeth ,gums,basically your whole physical body. Stay with the recommended dose,easy n safe to use .

IBS [Posted : 08-18-2014]

I can't recommend MMS enough.

After a terrible infection, I basically spent 5 years of my life eating nothing but rice, a few fruits and meat. I could not eat most vegetables, gluten and lactose. I was constipated almost all the time, had terrible pains and cramps, and suffered all sorts of digestive disfunctions.

But then, an excelent homeopathic doctor recommended MMS. After protocol 1000 and some probiotics, I started eating more and more things, and as of today, I can eat almost anything, I feel as if I am born again.

Don't believe the bad reputation MMS gets by corrupt people, it truly is a miracle cure in many cases; I've recommended MMS to family and friends, and they are all getting great results, from curing skin problems to healing joint and muscle pains.

A big thank you to the people promoting and supporting MMS.
Abraham Zetina

jumi [Posted : 07-28-2014]

I have been using MMS for over five years off and on. I don't have any particular diseases to treat, but using it makes my mind and body feel so cleansed and free of bugaboos. My favorite use is to soak in a tub a water. Fill the tub to a comfortable temperature, add the activated solution, then soak for 15 to 20 minutes. Three nights in a row seems to work well. I use between 10 and 15 drops.

Thank you Jim for introducing this magical solution,



establishment cracking? [Posted : 07-26-2014]

bove article published on my browser 072614.  I suspect this is related to our MMS solution.  

really miracle [Posted : 07-22-2014]

Dear Jim and all,

It has been more than 1 1?2 years since Ive heard from my friend in Silesia about MMS.

I have been testing and using it on myself heavily to either proof or disproof FDA as well as Jim's stand.


- I am still alive and not dead as claimed by FDA
- Have healed serious blood viral infection
- have also healed these conditions - blood poisoning
                                                                  - rabbit umonia
                                                                  - all kind of fungnus on my feet and tounails
                                                                  - Flus & coulds
                                                                  - skin rashes
                                                                  - ear infection

- used it to recover after dog bite operation

Also since I ve been using mms regularly as procortion, I have not used single FDA drug. 

The only thing I would say is ALWAYS use DMSO when dealing with MMS it does make a difference and every evenning take one tablet of moringa. 

I am very  happy and grateful to Jim and all man and women involved. Do my best to be with you and support you any way I can.

speaking of that next time I do tread something will start making pic before and after and send it to you via email I would like to ask follow " patiients " to do the same. just to help you.

One thing about FDA doctor is very shocking. when I told them I am using mms and ask them after while to check results, parently no change. BUT when I did not tell them, and used MMS again. sudantly ALL WAS CURED..... 

that speaks for itself. 

with great respect and love 


Lifesaver [Posted : 07-11-2014]

I’m a senior network quality assurance engineer from Scandinavia. In february 2014 I desperately needed to find solutions for a series of symptoms. At the time I felt the life was running out of me despite dozens of alternative treatments for many years. In my search I accidently stumbled over MMS. That probably saved my life. Today I have been on MMS since mid march 2014, thus in treatment with Protocol 1000 for 4 months. I’d like to express my gratitude for letting me learn about this divine treatment and to let you know what it did for me: After a short time everything inside you feels natural, like something you have been waiting for - for a long time. All human needs change. Sleep gets better. The need for eating and drinking is changing to natural. You might even change personality - I did. I don’t know if it was for the better, but I certainly changed beliefs of many things. The healing process is like a movie playing backwards, for good and bad. That means you will feel the pain and discomfort of a disease experienced earlier in life but fortunately it won’t last that long. The process of taking MMS is, sad to say, dreadful when having a job and social life to attend to. I’d wish an easier but still as cheap method could be found. But I held my spirits up high when I by accident misinterpreted Claras Protocol (6x2) and took 6x6 (6 drops per hour in 6 hours). When taking that lot in the early stage, it later turned out that this can be used as indication for what the solution can do for you. In this case some very annoying conditions would disappear: Pain in feet, neck, back and shoulders, the fog in my brain. And it did! And while it did, I was so relieved and so happy one might think I was on drugs. What a feeling! Though returning to “normal” after a couple of days, I had a taste for more after that experience as I knew everything was going to be better. The easiest way to describe the healing powers of MMS is to show my own list of symptoms with comments: Small Fiber Neuropathy - Unnatural pain in hands, arms, legs and feet. Trouble walking. Restless legs and feet make it almost impossible to fall asleep at times. Dozens of doctors were involved in the diagnose. It turned out to be inflammation in the nerve fibers that transmit thermal information to the brain. It is connected to diabetes - which I didn’t have. Not cured, but relieved to be endured. MMS was able to remove the pain and most of the restlessness in less than a month. Currently the condition is like when it started years ago with only disturbance in feet. I am confident that it will go away but it will take time. Hypothyroidism - Low energy, bad digestion, ennui. Treated with T4 medicine which turned out to be insufficient but not recognized by the endocrinologists. Only with T3 supplement the jar over my head went away, but life was still a struggle. Last check and bloodwork showed no change in readings and I’m concerned that this disease never will go away. Or maybe not. MMS cleans up a lot and life is easier already. Next check and bloodwork will tell the status. Paradentosis - Sore and bleeding gums. Loose teeth. For years. Brushing, flossing, rinsing with clorine, strong antibiotics, vitamins and minerals, even ultrasound treatments at dentist doesn’t help. I would inevitably lose my teeth. Almost cured after less than a month without mouth rinses with MMS. That proves something inside you is to blame, not your teeth. The dentist had never seen anything like it, she was stunned. Hypertension - No symptoms. The pressure is lowered around 15% at this point which makes me believe that I can start removing some of the medicine. Deaf on left ear - Due to inflammation of the eustachian tube that connects the inner ear with sinuses. Had it for years. Sometimes tinnitus with both high and low sounds. Cleared up the day after first doze of MMS! Occasionally some noises are there, but nothing serious. Nasal congestion - In the left nostril only. Cleared up the day after first doze of MMS! But is has returned occasionally during the treatment. Swollen eyelids after Graves Disease - Before Hypothyroidism I had Graves Disease (Hyperthyroidism) for a couple of years. The disease made my eyes almost pop out of the skull and left some damage in the eye sockets. Also some inflammation wouldn’t go away. The MMS removed it in about 5 weeks, maybe a bit sooner. I’m much prettier now ;-). Strange sensation of pressure in the left side under the ribs - This is rather upsetting as it has gone worse lately. My GP examined it a couple of years ago but didn’t find anything. Still I never pursued it. I am afraid to because I know what it is. It’s cancer. No improvement the first month. Second month I coughed a lot and a weird tightness in the diaphragm ceased. Third month it got worse! I felt the pressure behind the ribs grow, I had more diarrhea than ever before and I coughed even more. Fourth month it’s better than ever. I now believe the MMS will fight this fight for me. Muscle- and jointpain - Aching muscles for years. Not being fibromyalgia, I know for sure, but probably originated from the Hypothyroidism. It’s still there but reduced substantially in 3 months. Aching joints for years. Also probably originated from the Hypothyroidism due to malfunctioning parathyroid gland which controls the calcium metabolism. Endocrinologists doesn’t tell you about that. An injury from my youth in the upper part of my back was attacked by MMS in a way that indeed got my attention: It hurt like h… for 4 days. Now only reminiscences are left. All three reduced 80% in 3 months. Am confident that it will go away eventually. Confusion and lack of concentration - Don’t know how Alzheimer feels like but due to the fact that I occasionally felt “numb” I was really worried. It happened in my brain and I wasn’t able to control it. Moreover it was frequently more difficult to keep up concentration for complex tasks. Not conducive to the job situation. Disappeared in 2 weeks. Still feeling a setback now and then but then again - I never have been a world champion in concentrating… ;-) Exhaustion - Only willpower could make me do the things I had to do. Anything else just made me sit in my chair and watch TV. I didn’t have the strength to do anything that involved excercise, social calls, manual jobs and so on. In one month the energy came back in a certain amount, not full though. The treatment itself sometimes made it worse. In 4 months it is still improving, but slowly. Trouble falling asleep - When things were bad it was only possible to fall asleep after several hours. This is overall getting much better. Sleep arrives earlier than ever and best of all: It happens often these days. Nightmares - Vicious dreams occurred at least twice a month. Fire in the room, smoke, mud, lying on broken glass, lying at the edge of a cliff. Dangerous situations I really believed I was participating in. It took 2-5 minutes to come to my senses after waking up. Experienced only once in the beginning of the treatment. That was on the other hand really bad... No libido - There’s not much to say about this: It wasn’t even there, the desire was gone. 3 months went by without improvement. From that point a gentle breeze one day passed through my mind. A small evidence that it was going to be better. Depressive - Not in the classic sense. I’m not sure if there is a diagnosis for this condition as a I never found a description for it. Nevertheless I felt hollow, like a zombie, living in a filthy and creepy world. Today I never understood how I survived in this state of mind. I realized that this condition wouldn’t be permanent when I took a misinterpreted Claras Protocol by mistake (as described above). After 4 months it is evidently reduced to almost nothing. Fungal attack - Frequent fungal attack on left side of palate starting with sore scalp(!). Usually disappearing in a week or so. Experienced only once through treatment, but in a much smaller scale. Abscesses - Boils in strangest places, in cheek, in the waistband, in anus. Happened fortunately not that often. Never experienced during treatment. Bonking - Need of sugar after 3-4 hours without food. Dangerous condition as a kind of paralysis sets in. At times I felt like fainting. Haven’t felt it for months even though my need for food is reduced(!). EM
Erik Mortensen

Gall Bladder [Posted : 05-30-2014]

My son (24) was admitted to hospital with a blocked bile duct and Gall Stones.  He was in a lot of pain and could not eat as he brought it all back up.  The doctors wanted to take his Gall Bladder out but he refused because it is there for a purpose.  He was in hospital for 10 days because the doctors did not appear to want to take the blockage out without the Gall Bladder.  He was also very jaundiced.  I stayed with him the whole time because I was giving him MMS every hour (1 drop MMS and 5 drops citric acid).  I was careful not to let them see what I was doing.  They took blood tests every day and on the ninth day they said he had pancreatitis (life threatening) and they would be operating in the morning.  That afternoon he passed the blockage and started to feel a lot better.  In the morning when they took a blood test everything was dropping to normal.  They still went in to remove blockage but it had gone.  Instead they put a stent in to help drain all the rubbish that was still left behind.  When he went back in three months the Gall Stones had disappeared too.  He has not had any more problems with his Gall Bladder. 
Ruth Barker

Conjunctivitis [Posted : 05-15-2014]

My son, 2.5 years old got infected with conjunctivitis in his nursery. The infection was gone after two days treatment with MMS. I mixed 2 drops of active MMS with about 30ml of water. First, I tried on me to see if there is any burning. It was ok for me, just a bit of light burning but I added an additional 15-20ml of water and the feel after that was like from eye drops. With this solution we did 4 days treatment, one drop, per eye, morning, afternoon, and evening. On the second day the conjunctivitis was gone. We continue 2 more days just to make sure is fully gone. In a month my other son, 10 years old,  got also an eye infection, we even didn't go to check what it was. We treated it with the same MMS solution and in 24 hours his eyes were back to normal.

Also, we have treated a few times flu, and one time herpes with success.
Hope it helps.
Thanks Jim.



Weed Poisoning [Posted : 05-15-2014]


"I was quite run down and after an afternoon of weeding I noticed my tongue had started to swell and blister. By that night it had doubled in size and I was unable to speak. I guessed that it may have been caused by a poisonous weed, so I reached for my supply of AMS which I always keep close to hand and swished my mouth out with 10 drops for 5 minutes. I noticed some relief before going to sleep and by morning it was mostly gone. I carried on swishing my mouth with AMS for the next few days until all the blistering had completely gone. i am not sure if anything else short of a pharmaceutical drug would have had such a dramatic effect in reducing my symptoms, but of course with AMS there is no detrimental side effects."

Tobias Laube on Matthew Armstrong
April 2014

DMSO against Shoulder Pains [Posted : 05-15-2014]

“Having recently decided to get back into fitness training, specifically martial arts. Having not trained for a while and gotten out of condition, it was no surprise I ended up getting some injuries. One shoulder injury was so painful it was waking me up in the night. I was going for massages and rubbing Ibuprofen gel into it to ease the pain, but those things only helped a little. Several people had been suggesting DMSO to me. After taking a look at what it was, I decided to try it out. Within minutes of applying it to my shoulder I forgot I even had any pain there. I have used DMSO on some bumps, bruises and general hurties, and found it to be very effective, and even seeming to help in the process of healing. I am a big fan of natural products and will continue to use and recommend DMSO to anyone. I also used a little on my parents’ dog who was limping with arthritis, and a while later she was walking normally again. Miraculous stuff.“

Tobias Laube about John Alexander Ball
09.April 2014

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