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moose [Posted : 07-26-2014]

i have used MMS for several yrs now for myself and dog - for everything - w great sucess.
my latest is bleeding hemorroids for yrs to the point that i was very anemic.  so it dawned on me to spray them too w MMS.  immediately - no more bleeding hemorroids!!  this is huge in my life!  i continue to spray hemorroids aft shower, etc - they have shrunk to pea size and i no longer have bleeding  problem!!  thank you, thank you jim humble!!  i have told everybody i know about MMS and everybody in family - but NOBODY wants to hear it.  i have family members die of cancer, one sick w renal kidney failure, etc, etc - but not interested in MMS.  only killing themselves slowly w drugs.  you can't help those that do not want your help..  sad.  i love my MMS!!
sylvia smith

helping my uncle [Posted : 08-23-2013]

I started my uncle on protocol 1000 just one week ago, here in Kelowna BC Canada. He was in bad shape when I arrived here, having chronic diarrhea, blood-sugar abnormalities, high blood pressure and liver problems, he just had a blood transfuse when I arrived, the doctors where puzzled by the fact that he was losing blood somewhere in the body and they didn't know where and why. After just 2 days being on the protocol 1000, his chronic diarrhea stopped, now after one week, he feels much better, he looks better too. He gained strength and is thinking of taking walks outside again. He had a colonoscopy done yesterday, and everything looked just fine. I suspect he was losing blood due to infections in his colon. I hope the MMS will take care of his liver problems too, as part of the liver is necrotic. wonderful stuff this MMS, me and my aunt are doing a body cleansing, we are both on protocol 1000 for three weeks. Paul
paul aalmans

Ros Stiles [Posted : 07-16-2013]

I have been using MMS with DMSO for four weeks know.  I am taking it for a brain tumour.  I have loves lump on my arm that was going to be cut out s disappear completely.  Age spots on my legs  and hands have disappeared as well as some very Suss and itchy blotches that I had not taken to the doctor

Ros Stiles

Mr [Posted : 07-09-2013]

We have used MMS here in Australia for few years now on many health problems " flu, spider bits, teeth infection, cuts, food poisoning, water cleansing on trips to the bush" also given to friends for other ills. Over the years none of us has any side effect at all and is very safe if you follow Genesis 2 protocol.

May I thanks all the people involved, for their courage and dovotion to bring this knowlege to us.



MMS for stomach-inflammation and stye [Posted : 06-23-2013]

I had an inflammation in my stomach for over a year. It got gradually worse, although my doctor kept feeding me omeprazol, pantoprazol and other pills. In the end I couldn´t eat much, mostly rice. Then a friend of mine came across MMS and suggested it to me. I started the 1-12 drops increasing dosis, and after the third day, when I was on 3 drops twice a day, I noticed the inflammation was gone. It hasn´t been back ever since. That was two years ago. I´ve used it also for styes. I used to get ugly styes in my eyelids that lasted for months. I decided to try MMS for them, and mixed 10 drops of MMS and citric acid in to a desilitre of water. I soaked a cotton pad in it and applied it to the stye. It took about three days to have it gone. First time I was too anxious and kept the strong solution on the stye too long, so the skin around the stye burned a bit in the end. Next time I had a stye about a year later, I did the same treatment, but every time I applied the pad to the stye, I only kept it there for 30 seconds at a time. I did this 4-5 times a day, for 3 days. Gone. Thank you MMS!
Risto Komulainen

MMS and CDS [Posted : 03-08-2013]

I have been practicing homeopathy and naturopathy since 1982 and lately I had been using MMS and CDS as well. Before I used it on my friends and family members with their consent, of course, I first used it myself. My father who is 89 this year had tinnitus for some time and allopathic doctor gave him pills of course. That was not helping.The problem persisted for several months first affected one ear later the other one. Just after using MMS for 4 days the tinnitus was gone. He keeps using MMS to help his slightly enlarged prostate, too. He called me after 4 days and told me. "I cannot believe it how great I feel now." I went to see him and he rushed to the door to open it for me after I rang the bell and when he opened the door he was smiling, his facial expression was cheerful and he looked like he was 15 years younger, full of strength as well. My close she-friend, Dr. Blanka, MD usually takes what I prescribe her, whether it is a herb or something else. She read Jim Humble's website and seen video as well and she has seen me taking it so she trusted it from the very beginning. She had problem with her pancreas, always feeling hungry, which is a beginning of diabetes. After using MMS for 2 weeks she stopped eating frequently, which is a result of curing the pancreas and now she eats as she should be, her constant hunger is gone. As for myself. I am info health, and enemas, and vegetarian, divided way of eating, etc., for many years, so I can use MMS without any nausea in large doses and I can even use large capsule of MMS2 without slight problem, I do not even notice it when I take it. But my sight had improved so dramatically that after 2-3 weeks of taking MMS1, and not quite as I should every hour but at the different times, I could read small print in the magazine just about 2 days ago and did not have to use my glasses at all, not even once. I was amazed. I tested drops and used them in my eye. I even tested MMS2, dissolved it in the water because I wanted to see what will happen if taken instead of in the capsule just straight with water. I dissolved Ca(ClO)2 in water and when completely dissolved I took a syringe and opened one capsule and filled it with liquid, then closed it and swallowed it with water. Nothing happened. There was still plenty of the solution left in the glass so I added about 2 dcl of water and drank it. That was a big mistake!!!! Do not ever do it!!! You won't be able to breathe for awhile and you will feel like you are suffocating. I grabbed more water and drank it and finally after about five minutes it all came back to normal. So, if doing MMS2 do it as it says in the protocol. I did it because Mr. Humble wrote that they never tried it any other way so stick to the way that was approved. Yes, do exactly that. Now I am using CDS as well. It has absolutely no side affects, you won't have any diarrhoea or stomach upset. It works I really recommend it without any fear. We are having all these wonderful results within just days. I can't wait to see them after few week or even months. I'll keep you all posted.




CDS resolves chronic lung congestion and respiratory infection problem [Posted : 09-06-2012]

My name is Michael Harrah.  I started making and using CDS in November, 2011, when details about how to make it were first presented by Andreas Kalcker.  I am a Bishop in Jim Humble's Genesis 2 Church of Health & Healing, and became one of the first administrators on the Genesis 2 Forum website, which now has 1800 members.  In June of 2010 even before the Forum existed I started the Humble_MMS yahoo group (400 members) and continue to moderate the discussion there.  I was a leading contributor in another large MMS yahoo group for over 2 years and have now started and manage a private group for discussing MMS and the Parasite Protocol.  My activities in the online groups enabled me to see many reports about CDS.


CDS has also been particularly important for my life long lung congestion problem.  To give a little background, I have had chronic gut pain and chronic fatigue for the last 16 years and lung congestion problems from the time I was born.  For the first 33 years of my life I treated my bronchitis, respiratory infections, allergies and asthma with pharmaceuticals.  I took numerous antibiotics, steroids, decongestants, antihistamines, expectorants and other medications many times every year while growing up, especially in the Fall, Winter, and Spring months when lung congestion would occur and then result in respiratory infections.


About 16 years ago I quit all conventional medicine approaches and switched to alternative therapies.  I relied on Gerson juicing therapy to control the lung congestion problems.  The problem I have is that my lungs fill up with mucous during the night and then they do not liquefy and break up the congestion the way it happens with normal people.  My body needs a great deal of support to get the congestion out or it thickens, hardens and interferes more and more with breathing.


I've known about MMS for about 5 years.  The MMS1 does not seem to have any impact once my lungs get congested and up until a year ago I could not even take 1 drop an hour because of severe nausea.  MMS2 does help some with the congestion in breaking it up so I can get it out, but it often caused gut pain and potential vomiting problems.


Then when CDS came out last November, it gave me a whole new tool that did not result in any nausea, vomiting or diarrhea problems.  When I had my usual episodes with lung congestion, I could start taking 1 teaspoon (5ml) an hour of 3,000ppm CDS and take it 8-10 times a day.  I would do this for 10-14 days and that would clear everything up and prevent any respiratory infections.  What is most amazing to me is that I would swallow a 1 tsp. dose in 6 oz. of water and often within 1-2 seconds I would get an immediate loosening of the congestion and could cough some of it up and get it out.  The effect was so quick and so immediate there was no mistaking what the CDS was doing for me.  I've never had such an effective, low cost, unproblematic tool to use for this life long problem with lung congestion.  I cannot express my gratitude for the CDS strongly enough!



Bishop Michael Harrah
Genesis 2 Church of Health & Healing
Founder of Chapter 129 Arizona

Bishop Michael Harrah

Stomach ulcers [Posted : 09-06-2012]

A few months ago I had to go into hospital because I was very fatigued and could hardly walk anywhere without being out of breath. I knew something was wrong but not sure what the problem was.Also my pulse was getting rapid.I was experiencing palpitations and the pulse was around 98 after sleeping.I started to take your medicine a few weeks before but I did not feel that much better .


I had diarrhea felt sick so I knew it was doing some good but i I did not feel the benefit Anyway I became very faint at work and they sent me to the A/E .They found out I was severely anaemic with a blood count of 5.4.I received 3 bags of blood over 2 days and I felt great.Later they gave me a gastroscopy .(This is when you have a small camera down your throat and it looks into your stomach.


Very unpleasant !)They told me I had a large Hiatus Hernia and ulcers that had healed up.I am convinced that the medicine had done this but I still needed to replenish my bood as I was probably bleeding inside without knowing it for some time.May I add I must have got the Hiatus hernia through a head on collision from a car that came over my side of the road.At the time I felt something tear but the doctors did not appear to be particularly interested.Even when I had this recent problem they would not commit themselves it could have been caused by this accident I had a few years ago.The last time I had a check up my bood count was 12 which is very good.I hope you will find this experience a help and I have actual proof that I had ulcers and they healed.


Wound [Posted : 09-06-2012]

On August 13th., 2012 I injured my left index with the blades of a mixer.  It was so badly wounded that the doctor at the minor emergency felt he could not do anything and called a plastic surgeon.  Two days later I was operated (it took the doctor one and  half hours to reconstruct the upper part of the finger (even the bone was broken.)  A week after the surgery I was advised to soak it for 15 minutes in soapy water; by then I also had a wound done in the side of the same hand to take flesh for the graft the plastic surgeon did on the finger. 


He also told me to put neosporin after the finger was air dried.  I used instead water with clay and sprayed MMS, let it dry and put a natural ointment.  Today, September 5th. I visited the doctor for one last time and he said the graft is perfect.  I will keep using MMS several times a day until the finger is 100% healed. Thanks to MMS the severe wound healed properly and quickly! 


I have taken this for a number of things [Released : 09-16-2011 | Posted : 07-08-2012]

I agree. His new protocol calls for taking 1 to 2 drops periodically throughout the day.


I have taken this for a number of things and have had great results. I used to catch pneumonia a few years back and I had to be careful it did not return. Taking the MMS gets rid of my chest infection very quickly and stops colds if taken in the early stages.


It also gets rid of bladder infection almost overnight and it doesn’t return.
When I take it, I notice my eyesight is improved and I have more clarity in my vision.
It also cleared up a very bad case of bronchitis without taking any other medication.


If you overdose on meds, you will get sick and possibly die too. I don’t believe this is as dangerous as mentioned. Go to his website and read some of the testimonials regarding stage 4 cancer where there was nothing more the medical doctors could do and people are recovering from the cancer. I know of one person myself, who has had amazing results with this versus chemotherapy and everytime she is tested, they have a hard time finding any trace of cancer. The truth of it all is this…PERSONAL EXPERIENCE DOESN’T LIE.

throat infection and sinus buildup [Released : 03-07-2011 | Posted : 07-08-2012]

Interesting article. However, I used the protocol suggested for sodium chlorite (6 drops a day) to treat throat infection and sinus buildup. It has worked exceptionally well. And a friend of mine tried the same thing, with the same result. So it has been positive for me.


There is a yahoo group that discusses MMS and some people on the list have had success with disease elimination and others not. Like any health issue some results may depend on the user and their nutrition, in my case, my nutrition is almost always vegetarian and low in refined sugar and no milk products. However, until MMS, every winter I got strep in my throat as well as sinus infections. Since taking MMS, these issues have completely disappeared. Regards.

Noticed that we don’t get sick any more. [Released : 05-07-2011 | Posted : 07-08-2012]

I live in the jungle in Mexico in a small village that has no clean water (the pueblo above dumps their raw sewage into the river). Although we use well and the water filters through sand there are many cases of Hep A and other health issues each year. Also Dengue fever, gripa, reactions to insect bites etc. We have been taking MMS profilactically for a few years–6-10 drops per day and have noticed that we don’t get sick any more.


I would like to see this properly studied but I know that the big money only goes into research on a profit motive, therefore all natural or cheap therapies that actually work will never be studied. So, for me, I will continue doing what works–with caution but also gratitude for those like Jim Humble who are willing to do the investigating and research they can and then disseminate info that helps millions–as it has us in our little corner of the world.



don’t throw the baby out with the bath water! [Released : 03-10-2011 | Posted : 07-08-2012]

I have tried MMS1, MMS2 & MMS1 mixed with DMSO and have to say that it saved my two front teeth from being extracted (gum infection) my dentist was amazed and i kept my lovely smile!


It also got me through swine flu within 2 days where other people around me were suffering for a few weeks.


The MMS & DMSO also helped a stiff neck i had for 5 years from a motoring accident, now all gone!


My dad also tried MMS1 and suffered from flu every year quite badly and the last two years was the first time in 25 years he never got it at all (no more doctors jabs for him).


I also tried it on my cat who had a large infection on her neck, terrible diarrhea and bleeding intestines from eating cat litter..all gone in two weeks and it didn’t return (she stopped eating her litter too)

This is a case of don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!

Candida, Fibromyalgia, chronic Prostatitis and Epididymitis [Released : 03-06-2011 | Posted : 07-08-2012]

I have no financial stake in MMS, nor do I know Jim Humble. Hell, I'm not even sure how MMS works. But this is what I do know:


I am a 35yr old male who has been battling candida overgrowth and fibromyalgia (along with a litany of other health problems) with alternative remedies for about six months. This is after several years of relying on doctors to try to help me and finally giving up and turning to natural medicine.


After spending probably upwards of a thousand dollars on various supplements and natural remedies in those six months to try to address a debilitating case of chronic prostatitis and epididymitis, I finally stumbled upon MMS. I let it sit in my refrigerator for almost a month after buying it out of hesitation due to reading ignorant websites like this one. Finally, not being able to stand the constant stabbing pain in my groin any longer, which made my daily walk to and from the train station like torture, I decided to throw caution to the wind and try the MMS.


I started with 5 drops, twice a day. By the second day, my urine was cloudy with white blood cells. By that night, the pain in my groin was gone--got that? GONE. That's right, that "snake oil" you speak of somehow managed to do what antibiotics, acupuncture, and two-dozen other supplements couldn't--three years' worth of chronic pain gone--IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS. As I sit here typing this, my groin feels like nothing ever even happened. Let me guess, placebo, right guys?


But wait, the "snake oil" didn't stop there! Being though the "snake oil" placebo had worked so well with my epididymitis and prostatitis, I decided to keep up with the drops and see if I couldn't take care of some of my other candida-induced maladies. As I crept up a drop a day, when I reached 9 drops I checked my bowel movements for anything strange as usual (i.e., candida), and to my great disgust there were freaking WORMS hanging out of my movements!


That's right, dead white WORMS, like you would expect a sickly stray cat to have. I've never been to a third world country, lived in New York City most of my life, yet somehow I had WORMS living in me?? Needless to say, I still feel sick just thinking about it. But I digress.. Let me guess, guys, did MMS "the industrial bleach" make me hallucinate into thinking I was seeing worms in my bowel movements? Gee, thank God we have the FDA and people like you to protect us!


I really have racked my brain trying to understand people who write articles like this one; trying to understand why there are so many people on the internet who put such energy into attacking a substance like MMS that aren't bad or toxic, that aren't even just benign, but rather have the potential to be a great benefit to people's health and therefore their entire lives (like it was to me).


The only explanation that I can think of is that the pharmaceutical companies or some other malevolent force is behind it. But this site claims to be "For People Who Think." Whatever. No wonder the human race can never get its act together.

incredible energy, like never before since taking MMS. [Released : 06-01-2008 | Posted : 07-03-2012]

My husband and I have been taking MMS for just over a week. We have tried all sorts of things for our health before, but this MMS has been the best so far. We started off with 2 drops + 5 drops citric acid + wait 3 minutes then added water. Almost straight away we felt something. It almost felt like we were "out of it". We could feel it moving around the body with obvious sensations.


By that evening after having another 2 doses, our eyes felt like they were really wide open. Each day we have been increasing our dose. I got to 5 doses but then felt extremely nauseous and dizzy. So I cut back on the amount. We continue to take it and I am slowly increasing the doseage. We have incredible energy, like never before since taking MMS. My head experiences large moments of clarity instead of the foggy mist it normally feels like.


I am very excited about it. My friend who had a sore tooth for quite awhile now, swirled it around in her mouth and straight away the pain went.

I have seen this compound eradicate.. [Released : 01-05-2010 | Posted : 07-03-2012]

Good morning everyone. I have read many many posts on this site and I have studied alternative medicine for decades in an effort to "beat the system" with regards to the high price of health care. I have tried many remedies for many things over the years in my attempt to find what really works and what is simply hype and overexageration. Within the last 12 months I have discovered a compound that is absolutely fascinating although not very pleasant to the taste. I had a tumor on my vocal chords and this resulted in a cancer scare.


I was on the alternative cancer cure studies day and night and happened across a compound that consisted of Chlorine Dioxide. I studied the compound for 5 weeks night and day and studied it both inside and outside of alternative medicine. I ingested all of the data that I could find on the subject and ended up making a purchase of the product. I have tested the compound and found it to erradicate any type of harmful microbe that may be living in the human system. I have seen this compound eradicate swine flu, herpes, and chlamydia just to name a few microbes.


I have run lots of field tests on it to verify its effectiveness and have not seen it fail once. I believe this compound should be in everyones pantry who wants to have an alternative anti-microbial agent. I've seen this stuff erradicate MRSA in one day. It's estimated that it is roughly 100 times stronger than any antibiotic that we have now. It's no joke though and should be taken after being studied with due diligence."

YEA for MMS. [Released : 04-02-2011 | Posted : 07-03-2012]

I had a longstanding case of epididymitis and prostatitis for almost three years, that I suspect came from a case of Chlamydia that I contracted years ago and never fully got rid of. It got to the point where I had a constant pain in my left side (where my testicles meet my leg) and my left testicle was extremely sensitive all the time.


A urologist gave me a course of doxycycline (back when I still trusted doctors) which seemed to bring the pain under control, but a month or so after I stopped the antibiotics the pain crept back and became as bad as ever. After giving up on doctors, I began to try alternative remedies, the first one being colloidal silver (a common brand sold at Vitamin Shoppe). To my great joy I immediately began to notice a decrease in pain from taking 5-7 tablespoons of colloidal silver a day. After a couple of weeks taking colloidal silver the epididymitis and prostatitis was 80-90% gone. I figured that was as cured as I was going to get, and I was happy with the lack of pain, so I stopped the silver.


After the silver I began taking MMS for other lingering health problems I had. I began with 5 drops of MMS twice a day on an empty stomach. After one day I noticed my urine was suddenly cloudy with white blood cells. This told me that my body was fighting something in my urinary tract area. At the same time, I noticed that my epididymitis/prostate pain had disappeared--and I mean 100% GONE, almost overnight. What this told me was that the MMS had basically kicked the living heck out of whatever bacteria/parasite was causing my crotch pain. Needless to say, I was thrilled.


After less than a week on MMS, when I reached 9 drops twice a day, I started to notice something else--I was passing WORMS with my bowel movements. Needless to say, I was simultaneously disgusted and happy that the MMS was killing these parasites and that they were now leaving my body. I will continue taking the MMS and increasing the drops until I feel that I am free of these disgusting parasites.


Finally, I would like to add a note to readers not trust any so called "quackwatch" or other sites calling MMS poison or a scam. I gave MMS a chance because I felt I was at the end of my rope with a laundry list of health problems that seemingly nothing would cure, and so far MMS has surpassed all expectations with no side effects except for a couple of instances of mild nausea (which I suspect was the worms being killed by the MMS). Why are there so many (dishonest) people online who don't want to see others get well??"

Testimonial by MW  [Released : 12-31-2007 | Posted : 07-01-2012]

Hi Jana, I have taken MMS for 3 months and 2+weeks. I started out very low and remained at 3 drops several times a day. I noticed my nails improving right away. They lost the dullness and started to shine. they also lost the ridges and lumps. I noticed the white foam which I took to be yeast die off in the toilet. I have seen precancer lumps drop off. I have seen lymph congestion diminish..


I have seen lymph nodules reduced. My lungs, Kidneys, bowels, and edema, have improved. My aches and stiffness as well as spasms from MS have been absent for over two months. My sleep and digestion are much improved. My skin looks better and the age spots are gone. My skin is starting to tighten on my arms, face, neck, upper and lower legs. I may have left out a few improvements as there seems to be no area which MMS hasn't changed. I believe this is a result of doing MMS. I have worked up to 10 drops 3 to 4 times a day.


I also am doing a lot to keep all systems evacuating. I also am taking enzymes although for the first month I didn't do this. Hope this is helpful. Are you dealing with Systemic Yeast? I have also stopped feeding it. MW

Testimonial [Released : 11-30-2007 | Posted : 07-01-2012]

"I sent a short version of this to Jim Humble and understand it’s posted somewhere.  Use all or part.  Thanks!
I’ve been experimenting with MMS for some time using myself as a guinea pig.  I changed nothing except to introduce and increase MMS in increments and monitor how I felt.   It was a strict test.


For a year I’ve been monitoring health and over-all fitness using a wonderful Russian machine.  It tests 13 levels of functioning of all the physiological systems.   It’s a 6 minute test;  3 minutes supine, 3 standing. It calculates chronotropic reaction,  compensation response and Ortho-test ratios.  A graph ranges from 1.1 (World class fitness) to 13.7 (Not-so-good).  Being involved in alternative health for 30+ years and knowing what I was doing (Diet, exercise, supplements), In 4 tests, spaced months apart and being a very good boy, I could not get out of the 12-13 range.

After less than a week on MMS (6 drops X 2) I thought I’d check and record my blood pressure.  BP was low, as usual, but I was stunned to see a resting heart rate of 60!  For years my pulse was at 80-85 and I’d have episodes of intermittent racing and irregular HR since I was in my teens*  I’m now 75..
A few days later I took the test again and it registered 9.4…well into the healthy range. 


The operator of the machine fell off his chair claiming I’d gained 20 years of “Robustness.”  He’d never seen such improvement.  A few days later I had a holistic dentist friend check my mouth.  He was amazed to find my teeth  more  “firm” and the gums pink and healthy…even though I smoke cigars.  Both practitioners are now taking MMS,

I re-took the test 3 weeks later in another state.  I was now up to 15 drops at night.  The chart read 8.4 indicating further improvement.
I work out.  HR never used to go up much above 100 while exercising and I did not sweat a lot. Sometimes the HR would not not recover smoothly and tachycardia would set in. Now, HR goes to 120-125 and I sweat a lot.  HR recovery is smooth and steady.

The problem is, I can’t figure out what’s changed.  I’d been through heavy metal detox, years ago with no positive results.  I’ve  tried many holistic/alternative protocols.  Heart worm was suggested…but, I feel my 60+ year problem was electrical and can’t figure out how MMS corrected the problem..

Additional positive observations:  Heat tolerance much better.  Thyroid and adrenals test better using muscle resistance.  5 drop dose 20 minutes before exercise seems to increase exercise tolerance (To early to tell for sure).   All systems  seem to be better “Balanced.”
Negatives:  Threw up twice.  Diarrhea several times…then constipation for a week.

* When I was 11-12 I made 25 cents an hour working at a florist.  One of my jobs was to place and light fused pesticide bombs in the the middle of greenhouses and run like heck.  There were times they went off early…. 40’s pesticides were pretty potent."

Carl Lindert


Carl Just contacted HealthSalon again with this update.
I took the test I wrote about again. This time it came down 3 points to 5.4 (Look it up on the link I sent. So the scores for a year were:
13.5, 13.2, 12.9 Began MMS: 9.4, 3 weeks later 8.4.


3 weeks later 5.4.
For two weeks I’ve been experimenting taking 5-6 drops of MMS before a workout. On several weight involved exercises I was “Stuck” for a year… inability to increase repetitions. I am now able to add 40-50% more Reps.. I’ve done this often enough to determine this effect is “Real”…for me."

Carl Lindert

MMS - personal stories [Released : 11-18-2007 | Posted : 07-01-2012]

My son (35 y.o.) has suffered with debilitating prostatitis for 15 years, and since taking MMS (as per protocol) for 10 days has declared himself cured! He has been on the strongest antibiotics for most of that time, which of course has had lots of side effects.


His daughter (3 y.o.) developed a severe throat infection and he said "it's one thing to take MMS yourself, but another thing to give it to a child". However, after careful consideration he and his wife decided to give it to her. She took 1 drop, 2 drops, 3 drops and after the 4 drop dose on day 2, she started playing and felt fine. Normally such a situation would require antibiotics and bed rest for at least 7 days.


My son's friend (55 y.o.) has had an elevated PSA count for the last 12 months to the point where prostate cancer surgery was planned. He started taking MMS and after 10 days his PSA count had returned to within normal limits. His doctor was so amazed, he said "we have never seen this happen before" and demanded to know what he had been taking. He also suffers with an hereditary cancerous bowel condition, requiring very regular colonoscopies for diathermy of cancerous polyps. He had a colonoscopy after 2 weeks of MMS and the doctor declared his bowel to be "clean" and not needing to see him again for 2 years.


My partner has metastatic melanoma Stage IV with secondaries in lungs, liver, bones, chest wall and groin lymph nodes and began on MMS about 4 weeks ago. So far no discernable improvement, but we are ever hopeful and I will report his results as time goes on. We understand there is no simple test to undertake to determine if the MMS is actually working on him or not, but he says, "where there's life there's hope".


I would encourage everyone on these forums to keep posting their findings. And I say, What a miracle!!!!!



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