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Autism (ASD) Recovery

My 16 year old son recovered from Autism (ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder) by the use of Kerri Rivera's MMS/CD (chlorine dioxide) protocol. I am now convinced that older kids and adults, tough nuts can all recover from Autism as evidenced by so many recoveries in various CD forums. The recovery happens fairly rapidly at a negligible cost. CD takes care of so many ASD co-morbid conditions like seizures, PANS/PANDAS, Mitochondrial disorder, Lyme, gastro intestinal disorder, OCD/stimming, neuro/psych, sensory issues etc. Brain fog, cognitive, behavioral, academic issues are now all resolved.  As a side effect we have seen allergies are now gone and the immune system has improved where we do not fall sick or catch colds. 

I think CD is a game changer for ASD recovery.

United States Posted : 29-07-2013


In 2012 I attended a student conference at a Russian University. 2 students presented a paper of a specific multiple vaccination. They reported it was science fact that 4 in 8000 children inoculated by this particular common multiple international vaccine died as a result; and they reported the fact that those affected by side issues such as autism, asthma etc increased each year, and by age 15 were about 20%. This is a major criminal action by the chemical/medical community against children and parents. The accepted post vaccine 'management' costs per child are mainly bore by Governments, which means people pay for these from taxes. This is akin to organised theft. I am so encouraged to see Kerri present her case in public, but ask her/plea with her to not too lightly brush aside the 'cause' as her choice of focus. Focusing on autism recovery can be in time minimised, if the source is plugged. Vaccinations can be a major cause. Can Jim Humble suggest why MMS fixes a probable vaccination sourced injury to body? What is the likely pathogen addressed? In1960's it is now medical fact that Simian Virus came to humans from apes-monkeys, via polio vaccine sourced from apes-monkeys; and infected millions of persons in USA etc, creating much of the street kid syndrome. Maybe those of all ages living today in garbage in streets could be cured using MMS? Without in any manner limiting my view that Kerri's work with her son and other children is magnificent, I urge Kerri and others to address this probable cause. Vaccinations today should as a minimum have to have on label the exact source of the vaccines...e.g. is it from pigs or apes or monkeys or other....or is it from a bacterium and if so what; or is it Genetically Engineered, and if so from what. In Russia the message to medical students was they must advise parent of risks prior to vaccinations, including the factual research about side effects and a 'small' % of deaths. These could become required minimal standards in USA etc IF parents act to ensure these protections are implemented. Also there should be a statement with all sales of these dangerous vaccine products, which states the exact research and prior tests these specific vaccines have been carried out and for how long and under what protocols and with waht side effects. Given the side effects increase over a 15 to 20 year period, what right does anyone have to inject a child not knowing the 20 year side effect issue? David

David Willaim Phillips
New Zealand 

Posted : 19-12-2012

ASD, Anxiety

I'm a 25 year-old woman who is on the spectrum with many autoimmune symptoms, chelating to remove mercury using Andy Cutler's protocol. That protocol helped reduce my symptoms immensely, but I felt I was at a plateau so I used MMS2 for about two weeks and it helped substantially in lowering the pressure and anxiety in my brain. I'm going to try MMS enemas very soon and will give updates. 

Posted : 28-09-2012


Hi Kerri,
Happy Mothers Day! I hope that you can had a great time! I send you a hug and a kiss. I want to  take this opportunity to thank you for everything you've helped me with and are still helping! I was waiting until today to give you the great news that Danny is better than ever! Do not know how I thank God for your life! Thanks Kerri for all, for your hospitality, for your help and endless etceteras that have made my child like never before! He is 95% now. He talks, reasons, and he has begun to read and write, doing well in his classes, he know more words in English! I hope one day he can have a conversation in English and thank you for all you did and everything you learned to help.
Kerri Thanks again!

Posted : 29-06-2012

Proof The Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with MMS (Uploaded july 2013)

Red Cross World Sensation! Malaria finally defeated! (Uploaded may 2013)

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Archbishop Jim Humble's response to FDA's "reports" concerning MMS

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