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Two Times A Charm

     Hello. My name is Sean Little.  MMS has saved my mothers life twice when she was in the hospital.  The first time was in 2006.  That was around the time I learned about MMS.  She couldn't sit up in bed without being out of breath.  I ended up sneaking the MMS into the hospital and giving it to her (at a 10% ratio).  My mother was up and ready to be released within three days.  Of course her doctors contributed it to steroids, but I knew the truth.  I did no follow-ups and her health was better for the next couple of years.

      The next time she went into the hospital was 2010.  My mother overheard her nurses in the hallway saying that she probably wouldn't make it through the night.  Then we recieved a phone call from a family member saying that the respiratory therapist told them that she was as comfortable as possible and we should all come say our goodbyes!  (How unproffessional for any medical personal to let a patient overhear this!)  By the time the news got to me, it was either run for the MMS or be escorted out of the hospital for life.  I once again had to sneak the MMS into the hospital.  We stretched a protocal 1000 into a week or more.  I truly believe that the protocal 1000 played only a small part in her recovery. It was the two drops that I had her inhale that was the reason that she walked out of there.  Mind you, I could only sneak in a small amount at a time for her to breath one day and then a small amount for her to breath in the next day for a minute at a time.  Even though the therapist was completely out of line for letting her hear that, they would've been 100% correct if this wonderful supplement didn't do its job once again.

sean little
United States 

Posted : 05-11-2012

COPD Healing

A friend recently introduced me to their daughter (42yr old) who has suffered with COPD for years and recently had gotten terribly worse. Her mother asked me if I would call her daughter and offer help. When I first called her she could barely hold a conversation and it was very hard to understand most of what she said.

She told me she had been unable to work for a month and was often unable to go from one room to the next without passing out, so little was her strength and breathing. She had been told by her Dr. that the lower portion of her lungs was dead and the disease would only progress.

I sent her some MMS2 and she took 1 each hour for 3 doses. She quit because of a sever pain in her upper abdomin which began 45 minutes after the first dose. She continued anyway with 2 more doses before quiting. The next day when I spoke to her she was 50% better. By the 2nd day she was breathing better and walking about.

Her doctor then took her off the high doses of Steroids she had been on and she is now, (5 days later) back to work and feeling better than she has in years! When she attempted to tell her Dr. (she is part of a COPD study) what she had done to make the sudden change he only said "I don't want to hear about that!"  What will he say when she continues to be well and the others in the study get worse? Praise God for the MMS and thank you Jim for bringing this to our awareness!

United States 

Posted : 29-06-2012

Proof The Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with MMS (Uploaded july 2013)

Red Cross World Sensation! Malaria finally defeated! (Uploaded may 2013)

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Archbishop Jim Humble's response to FDA's "reports" concerning MMS

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