Lisa V

My husband and I have been very succesful in treating flu, cancer spots, and other ailments but the most amazing results were when we were able to  help others, specifically, two strangers who had both suffered from Crohn's disease their entire lives.
The first person is a lower middle income rural woman we met who was just shy of her 60th birthday and had been diagnosed with Crohn's as a young toddler.  Constant medical care her entire life had not helped her sleep more than three continous hours, she had intestinal lesions, she had difficulty with food.  She was willing to try so I had her start slow (1drop mixture three times a day) and we worked it up to 3 drop mixture 3 times a day. The very next day she was ecstatic to report that for the first time in her life she'd slept through the night.  By the time of her modern medicine six month check up she was lesion free. She kept her MMS use private, as I had asked her to; the doctor reported he was happy with the results of her medication. SHe is able to moderately enjoy fruits and foods that had been restricted, she very infrequently has any problems with stomach upset due to dietary upset attributable to Crohn's.  She hasn't been on the meds in over a year and a half as of this writing, just MMS. 
The other person is an 84 year old upper middle income educated man who had also suffered form Crohn's his entire life.  A tennis payer, he not only had all the usual Chron's problems but also sufferend a horrible stench when physically active requiring him to change his tennis clothes between matches and sometime during a match.  It was socailly difficult. Eating was a problem, IBS type symptoms were very problematic.  He planned his life and activities around knowing bathroom locations.  He was very willing to try MMS after I got him in touch with the above mentioned woman. Becuase of his age I started him really slow (1 drop mix once a day) but he misunderstood and took  too much giving him diarrhea.  I had him stop, clear up, eating and drinking as you would for flu. A few weeks later he started, this time a 1 drop mix in the morning.  After several days, we upped it to twice a day.  A week later a 1 drop mix three times a day.  ANother week and it was a 2 drop mix in the morning, 1 drop mix noon and night and so on until he was at 2 drop mix three times a day.  His first thrill was the stench was gone.  Completely.  Wore the same tennis clothes through more than one match.  At his doctor check up, no lesions.  He has been off his meds for a year and is thrilled with the results.  He no longer runs for the bathroom, sleeps better, eats better but still somewhat cautiosuly and believes he's been given a new lease on life.  
MMS is worth trying, just start cautiously and go forward with belief!  

Lisa O Voelker
United States 

Posted : 18-09-2014

MMS was our miracle!

"God, I cannot choose if my son lives or dies, but if he is supposed to live, show me the way..." That was my most earnest prayer one desperate night in April of 2010. My 12 year old son was dying from the ravages of Crohn's disease and c-diff he aquired in 2009. Immunosuppresants, steroids, IvIgs, fecal transplants, double doses of vancomycin were not enough to stop the downward slide of my sweet boy.


The specialists told me there was nothing else they could do for my son. In comes my prayer. That started me on a 3 year long journey of learning ( and still going), researching, praying and feeling guided to do certain things.  One of which was MMS.


Fast forward to 2010, my 17 year old was diagnosed with Crohns, then to 2012 when my husband was diagnosed with Crohns. I had given the MMS to my sons and within a few days they were symptom free. We did that for about 4 weeks to make sure, then followed up again in a few months and repeated that. My husband skipped medication as did my oldest son and we went straight to the MMS. We coupled this with nutrition and vitamins which is very important, but the MMS took us to where that was not able to.


My husband was well within a month. Even the doctors are baffled. In his words, "Your boys are better than 95% of my patients that are on medications!"  I believe Crohns is really bacteria gone wild because of all the medications we put in our bodies, steroids especially, the bacteria is oppurtunistic and takes over in a suppressed, stressed immune system. My 12 year old was a vibrant healty boy until he took a couple rounds of steriods for poison ivy, and a month later, he was diagnosed with Crohns.


This and so much more that I could write a book about is why I believe MMS works because so many of our ills are caused from bacteria, but doctors refuse to see that, along with the medical community, turning a blind eye to it. They are well, take nothing, eat no special diet and are healthy, happy people. No one could ever tell me that MMS was not the cure. I saw it with my own eyes and so did everyone around us. If anyone ever wants to hear my story, please contact me as I will shout it from the rooftops. God put me on this path, and if I can help just one person to not have to have their child or loved one stare death in the face, or just the chance at a healthy life, I will be so very happy and I am so grateful to God for showing me how to do it. He is the Master Physician after all...

Melanie Allison
United States 

Posted : 18-10-2012

Crohn's cured.

I've had Crohn's for four years.  I took MMS for one week, and my symptoms abated.  I quit taking my medication to see what would happen.  I have been fine ever since. 


Ryan Waits
United States 

Posted : 01-10-2012

Crohn's disease

My son's girl friend, age 28 began to use MMS about a month ago. Mixes it and takes it with pear juice. Doctor says her Crones Disease (which she has had for several years) is now in remission.   She has no more stomach pains

Gene Hutchen
California, USA
United States Posted : 29-06-2012

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