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Dengue fever

Dengue Fever [Posted : 10-17-2013]

I contracted Dengue fever in The dominican Republic in 2009 for the third time! The first two times were REAl bad and I didn't know of MMS at the time in the early 2000's. Well, this time I took the protocol 1000 for 2 days and it was completely gone. By the end of the first day I was 90% better, just a little sore. It is so sad that this knowledge isn't accepted by the "Medical Community". It completely works! It works even quicker with Malaria! See the website for a video testimony of the trial that was done in Uganda with MMS and malaria.

Let's change the world together!

Mark s. Grenon

i cured dengue fever in few hours taking mms [Posted : 06-29-2012]

i cured dengue fever in few hours taking mms...i start taking it the second day..i took only 14 drops..the day after i took other 14 and in few hours the fever was gone and my bllod started improove...this happened one week ago and now i am super healty and strong...i am still taking 14 drop a day...but today i will go down to 6....i always cured all my virus with mms..the only thing i couldn't cure is candida....can you pls send me the right protocol for candida...and also are they good for acne?


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