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Flu (Influenza)

Flu/Virus, Arthritic pain [Posted : 02-06-2015]

Just a quick update since having MMS. I killed of a flu bug in the first 48 hrs I had it and then continued to dose for a week to deal to a virus that attacks me every time I get flu. It use to make a huge rash inside my thigh region and the only way to treat it was by anti fungal cream. That didn't happen this time. By the way that goes back to my early 20's when I was handling a lot of bugs in the meat industry as a meat inspector. Im 57 now.  

Also I feel its dealt to a few long time pains in some areas of my body showing arthritic type pangs due to old sports injuries and too many good women (LOL).

2mth virus gone [Posted : 11-16-2014]

After working long hours in the winter time  (i was 67) I contracted a flu that metapmorphosed from a throat condition to various aches or low energies in the body and I couldn't get rid of this.  After  2 months I bought CDS solution and took it every hour for 10 hrs for 3 days and the condition was gone, except for the diarrhoea.  So i contnued at every 6-7 hrs for 4 more days and that went too.   I now take it whenever i feel I'm getting a bug and it goes.   Usually I take it for 1-2 hrs  twice a day in thi case, away from antioxidants.  I've bought the overnight kit and found it very good to use to make CDS.   I don't necessarily take a maintenance dose every day as yet.

killing colds [Posted : 03-05-2014]

I've killed a cold three times now, once taking MMS1, one 3 drop dosage, two hours later no signs of the cold.

One time I let the cold take me, I had the worst snotty nose, headache, etc.  Then I took one MMS2 capsule and I felt so much better....then 2 hours later I took another capsule,  cold completely gone, no more snot, I simply couldn't believe I had had a cold.    I really feel the first capsule would have cured me, but I had been so sick.

I also had a sore throat, which is how most of my colds start, I took one MMS2 capsule and it was gone.

I am totally convinced this stuff works on all viruses


Dipl. Ing Mrs [Posted : 12-10-2013]

In our company almost everybody knows about the miracle of taking MMS/CDL when someone is feeling like getting a cold or a flu. The person who feels not well starts up with 20 drops CDL ( about 5 drops MMS) and he/she is fine the next day. The one who comes with a flu takes 20 drops CDL ( about 5 drops MMS) and is recovered the next day. This shows that MMS/CDL is best to have at work ,though everybody can get access to it when needed even for common little diseases like flu or cold. Even with wrong food and food poisoning its a miracle. We took 20 drops CDL and it was gone after 30 Minutes. CDL is the activated form of MMS. When you live in a country with easy fridge storage of the CDL you can order the CDL instead of the MMS. Make sure you order in a violett glass bottle. Just very hot areas in the world I would recommend the MMS and when you have real serious diseases to cure.
Coco Tan

commn cold gone after one iv chlorine dioxide  [Posted : 12-07-2013]

i am apharmacist but i am iteresting with alternative medicine i prepare the chlorine dioxide by mixing 1ml of sodium chlorite and 1ml of 50% citric acid in 50 ml glucose 5% then i mix that to abottle of 500cc of glucose 5% and give this to my wife iv where she was very very sick due to cold and flu to my surprise next day all symptoms were gone i said may be achance so i repeat the same procedure with 2 other patients and i have the same results and i swear on this 

dr mostafa shaaban

Common Cold [Posted : 10-17-2013]

Hi Jim,

I tied to post this on your site, but I keep getting "invalid token", I only have Internet 6 which your site won't let in...

Do we ever really believe in MMS until it happens to us first hand?

My husband and I went on vacation, so we were together 24/7. He is always the one who gets sick and gives it to me, but he has been taking the MMS2 capsules for 7 months, three times a week he takes one capsule.  I haven’t been taking anything.

We had dinner with a girl with a terrible cold. Yes, in a few days I was sick, snotty nose, exploding headache, aches, stuffed sinus, I got worse and worse as the day progressed, took Actifed and went to bed, but was up every couple hours blowing my nose and taking more drugs: aspirin & Alka Seltzer for cold.

The second day of the cold I remembered MMS, even though I had just eaten some toast I took a MMS2 capsule. In 2-3 hours I took another….and I wasn’t blowing my nose like the day before. I took 3 more capsules in the day for a total of 5 (never bothering to take it without food), and I felt well, but was skeptical. Slept through the night, woke up 100% well.

OMG it does work. I really think the Cure for the Common Cold would be much bigger news in the USA than the cure for malaria.

BTW, my husband never got sick at all, so one capsule every Monday Wednesday and Friday keeps him well...

I am going to Zimbabwe for the month of January, I plan to take lots of MMS2.......and some MMS1 makings, but I'm going to try MMS2 first.

Many thanks!   

       Donna ~  PV seminar 2013


Mr. [Posted : 09-01-2013]

I catch flu easily. This makes me familiar with the onset of symtoms: light-headedness, muscle pain, weakness.

Since september 2009 I have been using 6 drops of MMS + citric acid at the onset of symtoms. This was 100% effective in preventing flu. Total number of preventions was 6 (estimated) in 4 years. No sick leave was taken during that time.

Last flu infection was in july 2013. In this case I was at work and could only do the prevention routine after 8 hours. I used 3 prevention doses about 6 hours apart. Flu did not go away. However, I did not get the symptoms of coughing and sneezing and a stuffed nose which may mean that secondary infections were prevented. I decided to observe myself for a while without further MMS support. Felt very tired and sleepy for 2 days, not getting better. On the 3rd day started MMS again in the morning: 3 drops + citric acid every 1 to 2 hours. Somewhat irregularly because of tiredness. I was getting better all the time and after 10 hours flu was gone. Remarkable.
Most (maybe all) of my colleagues got flu - possibly the same virus - and reported being very ill for 3 or more weeks. 


- To prevent disease use 6 drops MMS once.
- To cure established disease use 3 drops MMS every hour.
- The very ill will benefit from the support of a care giver to ensure that MMS is used in the right dose at the right time. 


MMS1 and MMS2 cure all [Posted : 07-29-2013]

I chose the flu category because that appears to be the most common ailment in my area.  My husband and I first heard about MMS1 in early 2008 from a friend.  We listened and my husband having a good understanding of chemistry and all elements was impressed, so we bought "the set" (he sold both the water purifier and citric acid together) We started taking it not because we were sick, but to give our bodies a 'cleansing'. My husband reported having strange bowel movements etc. and I myself shared that.  We didn't think much of it because we believed in the product without having to be convinced. We believed Jim's story from the beginning.  Every time we have has even an inkling of the onset of illness we got on board with the MMS1 and within the 24 hour period were free and clear of any symptoms. This continued until MMS2 and we now do both!  Love Jim Humble and everything he has done for his fellow man!


Flu remedy [Posted : 06-17-2013]

One evening last winter my teenage son came home from school with the flu. He fell asleep in the recliner chair. He was delirious from the flu. I fixed him four drops of MMS in a cup activated with 20 drops of citric acid. I let it activate for three minutes in a tea cup then I put the cup under his nose and let him gently allow the gas to filter up into his sinuses for a few seconds. It is not good to breathe the gas deeply as it can cause tissue damage. I repeated the action one hour later making a fresh batch of MMS/ citric acid mixture. I let him just have one or two tiny whiffs of the gas and long story short, he was soon feeling better and he went to school the next morning. Pretty good how he went from delirious to going to school the next day! I also, treated someone else for a UTI infection. I put 6 drops of MMS in a teacup with 30 drops of citric acid, let it activate for three minutes, then added a half cup of room temperature water and had her drink it. I had her repeat this same dosage one hour later. The infection soon went away. We were so thrilled!

influence cure [Posted : 11-18-2012]

I had very high body temperature 40 degree celsius,pain in the muscles,hadeake,sinusis was totaly closed,what means tippical simptoms of influenca..I was drunk 10 drops of mms at the 11.00 pm and felt in sleep,and after 6 hours I woke up totaly healty,so I can not belive waths happning,coz tipical influenca,in my case, rid needs minimum one week to be rid...Same recawering hapened to my wife etc,, Veselin Serbia.



My MMS Experiences [Posted : 10-21-2012]

My personal experiences with MMS Classic includes my wife's usage.  I could also say that it includes the experience of a number of friends who have obtained MMS.   On the whole, our experience is a blend of both excellent results all the way to rediculous frustrating disappointments.

A couple of years ago I bought five bottles of MMS based upon a desire to share better health with friends and family. My wife and I always grab for the Sodium Chlorite at the first signs of any illness.  We use MMS regularily for stuffed sinus, chills, headache or sore throat.  I've dissenfected any number of things from the shower, to water jugs. Also cleared up a case of atheltes foot in 10 minutes with a foot soaking.  There are many more mundane things we use it for that I won't bother to mention.  Success wise, MMS always delivers.

In 2009 I came down with that Swine Flu and suffered for months with upper respiratory problems.  This was a year before discovering MMS.  Last year I began to develop the exact same symptoms as I had with the Swine Flu.  Immediately started taking four or five drops of Sodium Chlorite activated with Citric Acid and symptoms disappeared in eight hours and that's pretty much the exact experience we've had with every bout of illness.  Last night my wife was suffering from a suddden bout of sever chills, headache and nausea.  Five drops activated before bed and this morning she is fine. She said that this was the sickest she's ever been but now she's fine.  Ok, all this is good including the experieces shared by a few friends who were given bottles of MMS. 

Where the rub comes, or should I say the frustration is from a number of friends whose relatives diagnosed with cancer were given bottles of MMS but refused to start any new "protocols" even if they hadn't started Chemo.  Along with the MMS, bound copies of the various protocols and articles were provided to the caregivers for their enlightenment.  Our experiences with these cancer victims has diminished our enthusiasm for getting involved in other's problems.  I know there are innumerable people with treatable illness that would benefit from MMS, but short of searching out those people who for what ever reason refuse to be treated at area hospitals, might begin an MMS protocol. There's also the personal liability issues.  I'm not giving away anymore MMS for now but will continue to use MMS myself.  Had my experience with others not been poor, I would have already taken the video course.....

George Shackelford

MMS Rocks! [Released : 07-21-2011 | Posted : 07-08-2012]

First time on the website, this is the first topic I clicked on as I was curious to see what a medical website will write about MMS. I am horrified by the approach, pictures, -tive testimonies and attack on MMS and Jim and the fact that you are using it on your fungus and claims it works,,, Very few Doctors will administer and suggest the use of MMS as their careers will suffer.


I have used MMS with positive results.


First time when my husband had some flu like symptoms, he was in bed for 3 straight days,, after the first day of taking MMS, he felt better and was back being healthy. All he took was 1 drop every hr for seven hrs,,that night he slept like a baby.


We as a family take it once a week and have not visited a Dr. in years.


MMS Rocks!

success story about MMS2 [Released : 10-24-2011 | Posted : 06-29-2012]

Dear Mr. Humble, last December I cought that bad flu that was going around the south Florida area, I was surprised that I coldn't kick the flu since I rarely get sick and then only 2 or 3 days, but this flu was real bad, my wife also cought it from me.
 I had ordered some MMS2 a few weeks before to give to a friend who had cancer but her family refused to give it to her.
unfurtunately she died a few months later.
So, I decided to give the MMS2 a try and took 3 the first day, then 1 every two hours for a total of 6 and that was it, I was totally cured of the flu, however I continued to take it for 3 more days just in case..
My wife then did it for one day and her flu was gone too.then. 2 friends who got the flu also did it and got cured in 1 day each.


Swine Infuenza Healed in 24 hrs. - Weird Strain [Released : 06-01-2011 | Posted : 06-29-2012]

Thank you so much Jim, I had caught a very strange strain of virus, with full on diarrhoea, flu symptoms, and a rash. You Saved my life. Most of my symptoms have gone within 24 hours - this is no joke. I was cynical, but hopeful. I was in tears most of yesterday because it seemed so hopeless. God bless you:) *hugs*

Colds and Flu [Released : 11-23-2010 | Posted : 06-29-2012]

Hi Jim, just wanted to add how effective the mms has been in helping my families health relating to colds and flu. Two of my sons came down with a bad strain of the flu last year. It closed down several schools. I gave the 7 drops of mms 3 times that day and the next day all symptoms were completely gone.. Also on the cold front; The moment I feel a cold coming on,,,sniffling or scratchy throat, I take 7 drops of mms in the morning and 7 in the evening mixed with the activator and the next day all symptoms disappear. Such a shame that the pharmaceutical companies are more interested in promoting profits than true  health. And shame on the corruption that go on between the FDA and the CFO's of these large drug companies.
Keep the faith and the fight going Jim. Great thanks to all that you have done!

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