12 hour 'cure'

Ok, so I used to get UTI's a lot in my younger 20's and 30's - Then when I started taking better care of myself with raising kids, growing up, etc.  they became less frequent.  Until one time when I was 47, I got one so bad I had to be rushed to the ER - it came on so suddenly, very intense with a lot of blood in my urine, all within just a few hours.  This was around the time I was going through a divorce, so I attribute it to the stress weakening my immune system and I was also taking too many anti-anxiety meds, etc.  Right after I recovered from this UTI episode with their powerful antibiotics, I decided to make a change.  Divorce final, moved into a new house, had a little money, so I quit my daytime job and began to research alterative medicine which I had always had an interest in, but never had the time really to explore.  I began to use Oil of Oregano (OOO) regularly after discovering how well it treated things such as sore throats, etc.  Since I started using OOO I never once had a recurrence of a UTI.  Perhaps just that little 'queer' feeling in my bladder every now and again, and then I would up my dose of OOO and it would just go away.  I am now 61, and was introduced to MMS two years ago.  I rarely take it internally, in fact the smell repulses me, but I do believe in it.  Mostly I use it in the bath, and for dental issues when they come up.  Well, lately, there has been a lot of stress in my life, again, without going into detail, and last night, I went to bed feeling normal and awoke with a strong sense of a UTI coming on.,  I immediately went to my OOO, which I hadn't really been taking regularly like I should, and took a several drop dose every hour for 3 hours with a full glass of water - but the UTI kept getting worse throughout the night.  I decided to take some MMS.  I started with a 4 drop dose, then 2 drops every hour for 4 hours after that.  I finally was able to fall asleep, and when I awoke - the UTI was all but gone!  I could tell by how intense the pain and the 'urge to go' was when it first began that this would be a doozy, but the MMS seems to have completely eradicated it from my system - in less than 12 hours.  Now I suppose the OOO is also a contributing factor as well, but from my experience, this UTI was every bit as intense as the one that sent me to the ER years ago, and instead of that, I am sitting here, pain free and feeling quite well.  

Jeanne Barnett
United States 

www.mountainofjoy.com Posted : 22-10-2014

Genital Chlamydia

I had contracted genital chlamydia and got the typical watery discharge from the urethra, prostatitis and fever. The causative organism was identified by PCR test. Doctor gave me antibiotics (doxycycline) which has alleviated the problem but has not cured it after the end of the treatment. This happens to most of chlamydia patients, the germs go into a latent state where the antibiotic cannot reach and the disease continues in its chronic form. Also, they develop resistance to the antibiotic very quickly. From what I read, your only hope to get rid of it is to get two antibiotics together (doxycycline, ofloxacin) so that resistance does not develop.

However, I decided to take MMS2. After two weeks from the last dose of antibiotics, I still had watery discharge, pain at the beginning of urination, generalized groin pain and everyday low fever.
The first dose of MMS2 capsule made the discharge to disappear for some hours but it came back later in the day. I took many doses during the next days, but only the first one in the morning had some effects. Obviously, the acid in my stomach was not enough to activate MMS2 many times during the day.

I mixed the MMS2 with weak hydrochloric acid and bubbled the gas in water. This gas should be chlorine dioxide and I made a greenish CDS. I don't know if someone else has made it this way, please check it because MMS2 is much easier to find than MMS1 and it could ease the CDS production a lot.
I was taking 1 tsp of it (diluted in glass of water) every two hours. Within one day my symptoms (discharge, groin pain and fever) have gone. I could urinate without pain this morning and I didn't need to wake up in the night to go to the bathroom as I was doing the previous days. There is still a minor discomfort, but this is normal. It is my second day on this "regimen" (CDS every two hours) and everything goes better. I will continue to take it for at least 2-3 days.

So, from my experience CDS is the best choice. You have to take it often in order to make it work. Once or twice per day will not cure chlamydia. Large dosages are not needed, just small dosages very often (my CDS was very faint green, the color was almost invisible). CDS does not cause any stomach disorder on me. On the contrary, MMS2 gives great intestinal discomfort to me (and MMS1 even higher, but I haven't tested its efficiency on chlamydia).

Sorry that I am not so patient to wait to write the report after all of my symptoms disappear (and after doing one more test which shows up negative, hopefully). I just wanted to share this as quickest as possible and thank you for the great service you offer to many hopeless patients!

Posted : 06-09-2014

free from pain at last

For the past year I have suffered with IC (interstitial cystitis)  The urologist told me that it could be controlled but would never be healed.  That I would live with it for the rest of my life.  I have taken a product called prelief before every meal for months to help with the bladder pain.  It gave some relief, but it was still difficult to wear slacks,  or anything close fitting.  Intimacy was many times out of the question.  Recently a friend told me about calcium hypoclorite which she placed in a capsule for me.  I took it twice a day for four days.

The pain has finally stopped.  It has been a month and no pain.  I am continuing with one capsule every 4-5 days just because it all seems too good to be true.  I am wearing slacks comfortably and intimacy is no longer a problem, which is answered prayer for my husband and I both.  I am able to dance, exercise and move about without pain.  bouncing movements are no longer a problem. I no longer have to be sure to take a pill before consuming any food.

  One other thing I have noticed is that I am able to drink wine again.  I have not been able to consume wine for many years without feeling like someone hit me in the face.  My face would turn beet red, become numb and be painful with just a few sips of wine.  I am guessing the MMS has cleaned up my liver enough to allow me to tolerate wine once again. I am interested in learning more about MMS for others.

sharon cluck
United States 

Posted : 23-10-2013

MMMS and urinary infection

Good morning to everybody, my name is Fabiola Alvarez and i am colombian, i live in italy, i am a gionalist, and in 2002 my brother died of lung cancer, at that time i didn't know anythingh about alternative medicine, so i felt the sense of impotency of the situation. this fact pulled me into the research and alternative medicine. I had a very strong candida albicans problem in 2007 that forced me to do a deep and long research in all the causes of this condition, after months of suffreing,reading and trying the new remedies, i could find the cure for this, i change my food habits and at the end i wrote a book about the whole thing (www.candidanaturalsolutions.com). i realised that this condition use to return, because my immune system wasnt't strong enough to fight and then after many years i discovered with the urine test that i had a very strong UTI, i ordered MMS and started right away with 3 drops the first day and every day i put 3 more, until get 15 drops, i noticed almost immediately that i didnt have to go to the bathroom every half an hour as before, i drank a lot of water and after 2 months i was new, i knew that my problem was not just the candida, because i still use to feel some symptoms as genital irritation, but the candida and the UTI were 2 single problems that i couldnt resolve and they were driving me crazy in this circle. at this time i can say i feel much better than april when i started the MMS, and also it gives me a lot of energy, i traveled to Colombia in the summer and i cured my mum that also had an UTI for more than 6 months, she made the urine test and it was negative. Jim, andreas, Kerry, i admire you a lot,you are great guys, i am available for anythingh in this adventoure journey, sincerely, Fabiola Alvarez (fabiolamaria2736@hotmail.it)

fabiola maria

www.candidanaturalsolutions.com Posted : 15-09-2013

UTI Bladder Kidneys

Hi All

Wanted to share my story.  I got a urinary tract infection.  I'm a 40's male.  It happened by my own doing!

Anyways, the infection got bad very quickly.  Burning and painful urination and even blood in urine started.  Very painful and burning.

That day, I made a batch of CDS and followed protocol 1000/2000.  I did 24 drops per 500 ml of water (cds)

I started day one every hour for 12 hrs.  I used a timer.  My UTI was progressing when I started, it moved up to my bladder.  On that same day, the bladder hurt but not exteme.  I took advil to reduce the pain.  By late afternoon, the infection made its way to the kidneys.  This was fast, but the UTI and bladder were slowly reducing in pain.  By the night time of the first day, kidneys started hurting.  Both of them.  I continued my dosage and went to bed.

The next morning, my right kidney stop having pains.  My frequency of urinating reduced dramatically.  By mid afternoon, I was urinating normally and my bladder pain was gone.  My left kidney stopped hurting and my right one reduced in pain dramatically.  I continued on the 1000/2000 CDS intake every hour for the whole day.

Day three, I wake up with no more kidney pains, no bladder pains, no UTI burning, but now felt UTI and bowel area itchyness.  Very itchy!!  But continued my CDS intake every hour of that day until night time.

At the end of day three, in the evening, the UIT and bowel area itching completely stopped.  All has returned to normal and I'm truy grateful that CDS came into my life.  As a preventative measure, I will continue to take CDS every hour on the fourth day to make sure that all is completely cleared.

This stuff is greater then most people know.  I've had the opportunity to use it on other ilnessess that other people had, and it cleared up a lot of infections, bacteria and pathagens.  I thank you ever so much, Jim Humble, for sharing the knowledge of MMS to the whole world to know and use.  Keep spreading the word and don't let big corps and governments stop you.  Were on our way to a healthier world.  Now if we could just fix all the other things were doing to this planet.


Ray from Ontario, Canada. 

Ray Brousseau

Posted : 18-12-2012

My testimonial

In August this year, I suffered from a urinary tract infection and I decided to try the MMS as alternative to any antibiotic. I applied the protocol 1000, and in less than 48 hours, I no longer had any symptoms. I did not need drugs to eradicate the infection. I was very pleased with the MMS, and now I take it every day before bedtime.

I recommend it to many friends now.



Daniela Sá

Posted : 18-10-2012

Urinary Tract Infection Gone!

Hi Jim,

Thank you for all the good you have brought to the world.

I have been using MMS for about 2 years. I don't use it constantly but if I am around people who are sick or I start to feel sick I start taking it right away. I have not been sick since I started using MMS.

Last week out of the blue I started to have a little pain while urinating but didn't think much of it. It grew very bad in a very short time and within a couple of days the pain was really bad and I had blood in my urine.  I was told that I had a Urinary Tract Infection and would have to see a Dr. and get antibiotics. Of course I started taking my MMS. I took 3 drops every hour for 4 hours the first day. By that evening the pain was greatly reduced and the blood in my urine was gone. The next morning I still had slight pain so took another 2 doses, both 3 drops and every hour for 2 hours. Just as I expexted IT IS GONE! NO PAIN, NO BLOOD, I FEEL FINE.  Thank you Jim!!


Posted : 29-06-2012

Diebetes Urinary problem

80 Male

My Grandfather in law is using MMS1 for 15 days.

He is on various medications that he takes daily around 5+ some every hour.

His presenting condition is Diebetes type II and a urinary bladder problem (like repeated infections and frequent urination) . He goes to toilet 20+ times a day 8 of which is during the night. He tried everything from conventional western medicine to traditional Chinese medicine and Herbal medicine. Nothing helped.

After starting with MMS he is now going to toilet once or twice a day. The urinary infection is gone.

Alon Belostenko
Posted : 29-06-2012

UTI gone in 3 days!

I've been introduced to MMS about 2 years a go by my husband but I never took it seriously. Actually it was too good to be true for me! Since I remember from my early 20's I frequently experienced UTI and the only solution were always very strong Antibiotics. Because of this problem I had very seroius issues with my right kidney and bladder. Plus every time I took antibiotics I was ready to get lots of more diseases (including various fungus) . The last UTI I got was only 2 months ago. which I spent lots of money on doctors, labs and infinite medicins. I was really sick of all this draining procedure. So eventually my husband suggested to try the MMS. I did it and the first day was a disaster! I had nausea, diarrhea, stomach ache, headache and very low energy (which because MMS was throwing out the bad stuff from my system), but I could not believe that only after couple of hours all the UTI symptoms were gone! Without no antibiotic involved! So the next days I continued with CDS which was much better in taste and the only side effect the fisrt and second day were little bit of headache and lack of energy and it lasted a day and half. In the 3th day I did not have anything left from UTI and now I'm in the end of the 4th day healthy and all clean :) ... This thing really got me! It's the first time in my life that I'm not using any drugs for UTI and believe me I'm very in to healthy eating and natural curing, but I never came across something like this! These past 4 days I've been researching about MMS on internet and am reading the Jim Humble's book and watching the documentaries about it. It's just amazing. plus, I've cured my toe fungus in 1 day and half! I tried lots of other things including creams and garlic and baking soda and some other stuff for it but nothing helped and I've had this fungus for more than 3,4 years! 

I just wanna thank Jim Humble, Andreas Kalcker and Kerri Rivera for what they are doing for humanity. 


Posted : 03-09-2015

UTI itch and burn cleared in only few days

I did STD test after I had intercourse with my girlfriend  and I end up having burning when I urinate I thought I had some kind of STD but all my test came back negative.  I went back to doctor and another urine test showed I had UTI so the doctor gave me antibiotic for 7 days.  A day before I went to my doctor, I remembered that I purchased a pair of MMS and have not tried it yet to see if it works or not so I started to drink 3 drops every hour on the morning I went to see my doctor my burning was reduced but I still had pain after urination which was very uncomfortable and wouldn’t let me get good night sleep.  I thought to myself if MMS works this would be the time for me to test the effectiveness of this product. So when my doctor emailed me after I left his office and when my test result came back I was positive for UTI I was determine to use the product.  He called in my prescription to the pharmacy but I never picked it up.  I continued to use MMS during day I had some headache and I felt tired during first 3 to 4 days but every day I took the MMS solution my condition was getting better so in less than 5 days all burning and discomfort was gone.  This was last week today.  I am continuing to take MMS to ensure that I am clear from any bacteria.  I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and will ask my doctor for another test to find out if I still have anything to worry about and I will report it.  I put my girlfriend on the same MMS bottle and asked her to start slow but be consistent as it is recommended that you take a little bit every hour.  After this try, I do believe this product is effective in killing the pathogens in our body.   I am going to recommend this to a friend who has herpes and  nothing so far has helped her. 

United States 

Posted : 16-07-2015

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