Acid Reflux under control

Hello, I have posted several other testimonials under the categories of Sarcoidosis and Arthritis but I know how many people suffer from Acid Reflux, GERD or just indegestion and felt the need to share how MMS has cured my Acid Reflux problem.    My gut was really messed up, I was miserable almost every time I eat and if i eat at bedtime i would be up half the night in misery.   I would wake up strangling on my acid that would come up and as it come up it would get caught in my wind pipes and burn my throat so bad I couldn't hardly stand it.   It would suffocate me, I need to breathe but I couldn't because the acid was stuck in my wind pipe, I would try to cough but couldn't it was awful and this had become a regular occurance of the nights.  The GI docter ran a scope down my throat and said that the lining of my stomach showed erosion and that i had a hiatel hernia.  He prescribed me the highest dose of a proton pump inhibitor and said that i would probably be on it for the rest of my life.  The purple pill did bring relief for a couple years but then it begin not working.. I begin taking pepcid and one or two other things along with it and had become miserable again.  I went on the MMS protocol and after several weeks it healed my gut.  I no longer have to take anything because i have no symptoms!  Completely healed of all symptoms for going on two years now.  I also have discovered that if i eat a big, heavy or greasy meal that all i have to do is take 6 to 8 drops of the activator Hydrochloric Acid in an ounce or two of water and the meal will feel digested with no indegestion or reflux about 2 hours later.. ready to eat again.  With out the extra dose of Hydrocholoric Acid my body might feel heavy and sluggish for 5 or 6 hours.  I have found the MMS protocol has an amazing healing affect on eliminating any gastro acid problem.  

Mark Clark
United States 

Posted : 08-10-2017

Arthritis in fingers and tendenitus

Hello, I have posted how MMS changed my life in a testimonial found under Sarcoidosis but I also want to share how the MMS protocol helps with arthritis in general but specifically tender joints and swelling in the fingers and tendinitus in the arm and elbow.  My wife and I both suffered with these symptoms along with my parents in their 70's..  After going on the MMS protocol all of us noticed the aching, tender, swelling symptoms in the fingers arms and elbows going away in just one or two days.  The symptoms just dissappear... absolutely amazing!

mark Clark
United States 

Posted : 08-10-2017

Arthritis in Knee and Hands

Hello, I have recently posted how the MMS protocol cured my sarcoid symptoms that would trigger as well as other ailments such as Reflux, Brain Fog, High Blood Pressure, Fibromyalgia symptoms, and Severe Arthritis thru out body but I also want to share how MMS has helped my 70 year mother.  My parents although in there 70's are very active.. they work, hike, ride bikes and even play basketball with my boys, their grandchildren.  My mothers knee begin slowing her down and begin severly interferring with her active lifestyle.  The Dr. said her cartlidge was fine so knee replacement surgery was not the answer.  Rather, it was arthritis built up and begin giving her a cortisone shot in her knee every 10 weeks.  By the time the 10 weeks rolled around she was barely able to put any pressure on her knee and would find herself crippled until her next shot.  The Dr. begin to talk surgery to go in and scrape out the arthritis at which time my mother begin MMS protocol both internally and externally along with the DSMO.   After a couple of weeks she noticed the pain wasn't coming back.  She said that she would know for sure that it was working by week 10 when she would normally get her next cortisone shot.  Week 10 has come and gone and she has never had to have another cortisone shot.  The amazing thing is she maintains her normal active lifestyle!!

Mark Clark
United States 

Posted : 08-10-2017

Two Year Testimony

I would like to begin by acknowledging that my testimony is a bit long but I am not going to apologize because it spans a TWO YEAR HISTORY that I feel obliged to “Pass it Forward” in hopes that the MMS Protocols might help others as it has helped me.   It has not only given me my life back but may have saved my life.  I hesitate to even think of the disabled, drugged state that I would find myself in today at the mercy of medical science had I not stumbled across MMS and the Genesis 2 Church.   Sarcoid, Brain Fog, Reflux, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Gout, High Blood Pressure, Candida, and fungal/parasite Rash All are GONE!   Around 2003 I begin experiencing unexplained arthritis along with what I coined “muscle arthritis” that bounced around to different places in my body.  It would be in my ankles one week, move to my knees, elbows and then to my spine up my neck and then settle in my low back all the while my muscles would ache become sensitive and sore.   The two combined caused constant pain and aching feeling all over.   From what I read I begin wondering if it could be fibromyalgia or maybe just be going crazy in mind because of how it could move around (later I learn I wasn’t going crazy rather this was the classic symptoms of an autoimmune disease coined sarcoidosis.  I suffered from repeated severe bronchitis episodes that would last for weeks and months and would have to resort to steroids and inhalers.  A year or two later I begin having large nodules show up on my jaw bone and neck area; similar to large pimples that were sore but never come to head and would stay for 6 months and some seem to never go away.  At this point around 2006 as a result of a skin biopsy I was diagnosed with the Autoimmune Disorder, Sarcoidosis.   As time went on I begin having the patches of the nodule / granulomas show up on my arms and back of my head.  Again as a result of skin biopsy it came back as Sarcoidosis.  From year to year I noticed my health slowly deteriorating.  I begin developing severe reflux.  Next came Hypertension, high blood pressure.   I found myself in my forties diagnosed with this autoimmune Sarcoid, four types of arthritis, severe muscle / body aches, severe reflux, a hiatal hernia and high blood pressure.  My “doctors” had me on 3 medicines for arthritis,  1 medicine for muscles, 2 blood pressure medicines, 2 meds for reflux,  regular steroids for autoimmune triggers and they suggested that I go on methotrexate, a mild chemo drug, which I refused.  My symptoms were affecting my lifestyle and work, and actually were disabling me.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was when it began to affect my mind.  I found myself forgetting why I entered a room.  I would stand in the room and try to recollect what I was doing before I came into the room in hopes that it would remind me why I needed to be in the room.  These episodes got to a point where I would have to set down and think thru it because I couldn’t remember what I was doing before I entered the room.. Whew!  The mental frustration was becoming overwhelming and at this point I knew I had to do something even if it was resort to the pharmaceutical protocol for advanced sarcoid, which is ugly, consisting of daily steroids, Benicar, and various antibiotics for the rest of my life.  I was accepted by Vanderbilt University to be a part of an experimental research for Sarcoidosis.  My wife and I traveled to Nashville and I subjected myself to all there testing and procedures in hopes to come away with something that could help me get my life back.  They were never able to provide a cure but from what little I was able to disseminate from the research they suspicioned that sarcoid was pathogen related caused by exposed toxins or L forms of bacteria.  At this point I begin to research and found a consistent link between autoimmune disorders and L forms of Bacteria within the body.  I came across MMS along with DMS and Menorillite Clay (similar to bentonite clay).  My better judgment told me that Jim Humble and Greg were sincere guys so I decided what would I have to loose trying to detox and kill off any pathogens before I succumbed to my doctor(s)’ pharmaceutical protocol.  Within the second and third day on the MMS protocol my mind begin clearing up.  Within a week as my mind continued clearing I noticed increased energy levels and my aches and pains begin disappearing.  It took me about 3 weeks to get past my stomach and gut symptoms and get to 3 drops per hour.   Sounds weird but I noticed that places I suffered from I would notice it working in that area due to increased symptoms like my gut and then I would notice another area like my back and low back.  For about 4 days I walked around bent over like an old man and was painful to straighten up but out of nowhere went away.   After 3 months, I would say that I was 95% symptom free from all my ailments.  My life was completely changed.  The only reason I say 95% was because the autoimmune would still try to trigger on occasions but the big difference is when I would feel it triggering within one to two rounds of MMS protocol the autoimmune triggers would stop dead and never amount to anything.   After five and six months I was noticing that I didn’t even think about the episodes anymore and before it had become an everyday occurrence.  I want to emphasize how bad these autoimmune triggers were.  When they occurred most of the time I ended up in bed for 24 hours or longer and some would take one or two weeks to subside.   Also I would like to note that after the second day on the protocol, I have not experienced a single day of brain fog and forgetful episodes that I was experiencing.  I wake up and go to bed with no arthritis pain.  No Gout flare ups.  My blood pressure is normal.  No more fibromyalgia muscle pain.  No more reflux/GERD.  A fungal / parasite rash that I was unable to get rid is gone.  Candida symptoms and rashes are gone.  I HAVE BEEN ON NO MEDICINES WHATSOEVER SINCE I BEGIN THE PROTOCOL...  It is absolutely amazing!  No blood pressure meds, no arthritis meds, no autoimmune meds, no reflux meds, no muscle meds… NOTHING!  I want to mention that in the beginning I apparently had a fungus that MMS was reacting with (I had several rashes that were itching and would not stop burning) so I went off MMS for about 2 weeks while I followed the various internal and external protocols for fungus by incorporating bentonite and menorillite clay.  After the two weeks I begin the protocol again and done fine.  It is now going on TWO YEARS and I have NO symptoms of an autoimmune disease.  I have not been to the doctor in 2 years.  I have not been on any meds in 2 Years.  I feel strong again and am able to walk, run, lift.. anything I choose.  I live day to day with no pain and a clear mind.  I am back doing things like playing basketball, coaching basketball and doing projects around the house, which I had not been able to do for years and had become so disabled that I had reasoned in my mind that I may never be able to do these activities again in my life.  With my whole heart I believe God, Our Creator; thru this mineral along with the clay, has brought complete healing to my body.   I sincerely appreciate and respect Jim, Greg & Joseph for their faithful dedication to bring awareness to this precious mineral that our Creator, Healer and Savior has provided us for healing and health for those that will accept it.  Thank you all for your faithfulness and diligence to keep on sharing the good news of MMS especially in light of all the challenges that you have faced.

Mark Clark
United States 

Posted : 04-10-2017

wound stage #1

My wife has developed a wound red yellow, 1cms by 3cms on inguinal area with sharp pain. i used a patch using 10 drops MMS, 10 drops DMSO and 20 drops distilled water, placed the patch on wound for 15 minutes and discard it, done it faithfully twice a day for 10 days, new skin grew back and pain gone. completly healed, Jim and Mark,May God reward you. Christian Hamidani RN, Chicago

christian hamidani RN
United States 

Posted : 16-09-2017

6 year Depression Cured

In March 2017, a 24-year-old male came to visit me. He had serious depression for about 6 years. He was studying engineering at a prestigious university. He had to drop out of school, and was hallucinating. He visited many clinics, hospitals, and natural practitioners all across the United States. Sometimes he felt better, but then he would always relapse. His family had no idea what to do with him. When he came to me, he would only get out of bed for a few minutes a day, and slept most of the time. I asked him when did he get his wisdom teeth removed. He said “how did you know I got my wisdom teeth removed.” I told that him that this is very common. When the wisdom teeth are taken, many people begin the descent in health because they form a cavitation in the area. (Please see Dr. Tennant’s work to learn about how your dentist can kill you.) The cavitation infection ends up infecting many other parts of the body, and the wisdom teeth commonly effect the brain. So, I sent him to a dentist that knows what he is doing – these are very hard to find by the way. He got all four cavitation’s cleaned out and filled back with his own blood fibrin. The day after the surgery, I had him start MMS1 8-10 doses a day, and he worked up from the starting procedure to about 4-6 drops per hour. We added DMSO a few weeks after. In two months’ time, he was depression free. He is now working again for the first time in years. He is now wondering what to do with his life. Should he go back to college or become a natural health practitioner?!  I can’t wait to see his life unfold


Chapter 315

Chapter 315
United States 

Posted : 03-09-2017

blood pressure an diabetis

My sister an i did the protocol 1000, we both had issues with blood pressure an our sugar numbers were starting to climb. After doing the protocol together we both had amazing results. when we first started we were skeptical an didn't notice anything happening much. after doing the protocol an when we finished a few days later things started to happen an our numbers dropped, we were both thrilled with these results an shocked. we are both doing the maintenance dose every night. we both have been trying for years using supplements changing our diets spending money on these things over the years have really cost us alot of time an money. we had to give this a chance an volla IT WORKED IT IS AMAZING AN WE WANT TO TELL EVERYONE WE KNOW TO TRY THIS. Now my daughter is preparing to do the protocol an hopes to heal her sinuses an intolerance to wheat an gluten. I would like to thank all of you for the good work your doing an bless you all. We are so happy an we feel so good an want others to feel good too. My sister an I are in our 60's an were struggling to stay away from the doctors an their big pharma. I am happy to say neither one of us are on medicine an we feel great. We always buy organic, grassfed, wild caught, non gmo, pasture raised etc. we shop at farms an farmers markets, an we have a garden an organic garden where we grow herbs an fruits an vegtables. We never use plastics, we clean our homes without chemicals, we don't use lotions or perfumes we wash our clothes in homemade soap. we make alot of our own stuff an we use vingar an water to clean our homes. we use baking soda for cleaning. we are both holistic an have been for a long time. we even use good soaps an shampoos an know what to stay away from. with all that we did we could never get well totally until we used MMS an now we are even better. Please keep up the good work we love the news letters the radio broadcast an the forums an all the good info you give out we have the book we have the dmso which is awesome stuff for aches an pains. we even do DE an Benonite Clay, Olive leaf. They work really good now that we did the MMS those things now work better then ever like everything else we have. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU BLESS YOU ALL, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. WITH LOVE, FROM ME AN MY SISTER IN NJ PLEASE DO A SEMINAR HERE IN WHITING, NJ WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU HERE.

New Jersey
United States 

Posted : 29-08-2017

Gum Disease / Pet Cancer / Hearburn

I'd had gum pockets that were getting larger and a couple years ago had the expensive gum treatment my dentist provides. It worked but the problem returned recently. The dentist recommended a toothpaste with higher than normal fluoride, which in my opinion and research is not a safe thing to have in your body. The worst cavity prone period of my life I was using fluoride toothpaste and drinking fluoridated water. I recalled MMS, ordered, and this time I brushed with MMS once a day for a month even though its recommended to use twice a day, then I flossed and I swished the remaining mixture as a mouthwash. It foams up when brushing which was a surprise. The day after the first treatment my gums were already pinker and the fuzzy feeling on my teeth was gone and has been since. I have the glassy smooth feeling on my teeth which I love. Went back to the dentist about 4 or 5 weeks later and the hygienest told me I'd had major healing and was surprised I'd made my own toothpaste.

She actually printed the chart out that shows the pocket measurements for every tooth, and every single one had improvement and almost every one was in the normal range for gum health after this short period. 


There are actually a couple brands of toothpaste that exist with the active ingredient, CD, if you want something premixed. Dioxibrite and Closys are two I looked at but haven't tried. 

My one year old daughter was also teething, and she'd had a fever for four or five days and was just a miserable, sad sight. It would keep returning after several rounds of children's ibuprofen which we didn't want to risk overuse. She went to her pediatrician but they said there is nothing they can do but wait it out. I just could not believe that. I gave her 1/4 of a drop, and the next day the fever was drastically reduced and gone the day after that. 

Since I had some success I recommended to my friend who had recently lost a dog to cancer, and was about to lose another even after spending $18,000 for both. His pets are his children so this was, undoubtebly, devastating. This surviving dog had difficultly moving, could not jump on a couch, was on pain meds, consistently urinating herself, and had massive abdominal swelling. Within days she was able to jump up on the couch, within a week or two she was running through a field, another week she was off her pain meds and the swelling was gone. You could see her rib cage again, like normal. The fatty deposits on her skin, which are another form of cancer, were also disappearing. He used the cup2 protocol from pets section of the newest book.  Will see if he can make a video after he takes her in to the next ultrasound, but its extremely obvious massive healing has taken place. And all for 25$ for the two bottles with a ton to spare. 

He'd also had a surprise case of heartburn so bad that he thought he may have been having a heart attack, and legitimately questioned whether he was dying. After he took some MMS it was completely gone and didn't come back. 

More to come I'm sure.

United States 

Posted : 31-05-2017


I have been suffering along with the neighbor's autistic son's horribly disturbing agitation, screaming, yelling, crying, banging, stomping and noisy insomnia for 4 years .  Suddenly the child is 97% content and quiet.  I found out that they are using MMS and bought some for myself.  I am trialing it on my dog's skin condition by spraying topically and by dosing their drinking water.  I have found it to be a perfect deoderant and tonight I got some flea bites from an infested basement area  which were burning and stinging.   This went away immediately after spraying with the 40 gtts / 4 ounces solution. WOW i am going to start oral dosing myself tomorrow.

heather guidi
bocas del toro
Bocas del Toro

Posted : 11-05-2017


While attenpting to rid myself of this curse called Candida, which affects so many people and those not yet aware or diagnosed, I started out using the cds, at first just one drop into 4oz of water, and I took 2 doses prior to bed and had to go sleep.

The funny thing, as an older man, I had to usually pee 5-6 times at night which doesn't allow for enuf rest for my adrenals. When I had finally gotten up, I had only peed two times, which was good and unexpected and by the end of that week I had dosed myself about a dozen times and had gotten up to 7 drops per dose, and no longer need to pee at night and get a full nights rest ! My libido has also improved !! another unexpected surprise.

During all this time, I had been reading about different formulations to fix this curse from the quacks to naturopathic doctors  and more and have come to realize, mine is systemic and not gonna be easy to kill off.

Earlier, prior to starting this course of mms, I had success with taking turpentine with sugar, it killed off the biofilm on my brain in about 3 seconds ! I only took 1tsp of turpentine with 1tsp of sugar and it took only a few moments to start, and then the biofilm was gone. I was happy about the biofilm, but disappointed that it didn't kill off MY candia altogether, so I had to be happy I got rid of that stinking annoying brain fog !

I have on order, some mms2 which is more potent than mms1. I'm praying that does the job to finally kill off this curse. I just won't know how well I'll tolerate the mms2 til I take it, but I'm feeling good about it just the same.

forest park
United States 

Posted : 03-05-2017
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