Sent home to die.

Bishop Royce Hamer reporting on latest cancer case: Grampa I will call him came to me via recomendation when he was diagnosed with melanoa through out his body, it was found after a tumor was removed from behind one of his eyes and found to be cancer. After a lengthy consultarion I started him on MMS #1 and MMS #2 as well as some other protocols. Besides my teachings he also used the services of a natural path. Here is his last report after about 6 months. My total cost to him was $350.00 mostly in supplies including 2 batches of MMS and the Natural Path that performed vit C IV and Mistletoe IV plus another IV protocol was in excess of $ 30,000.00

March 5/12 head MRI schedule by the eye surgeon showed no issues.
March 26/13 appointment with oncologist. I told him everything was similar to 2, 4 and 6 months ago: no change and I feel fine, have no pain, no energy problems etc. He said since the Feb 12/13 consult, the clinical trials have changed and are not ready yet; if I wanted to do anything now the standard/traditional chemo treatment for melanoma (used for last 50+ years with serious side effects) was available. I said since I feel good I don’t want to do chemo, to which he said his recommendation would be not do any treatments right now as well. He said we should meet again in 2 months when they would know a lot more about the clinical trials for drugs which have shown 50% improvement over previous trials and have very low toxicity. I said then we should also look at more images at that time and do blood work to see what has changed. He agreed and would schedule a scan (neck to pelvis) and blood work for that time. He examined the 2 areas where my tumors were previously felt – in the right arm pit and left chest/arm pit. He said he could not feel any increase in size in the larger one in the right arm pit, although another Dr. said it had growth between last Oct and Dec/12. However, he could not find/feel the one in the left chest/arm pit area; and yet 2 other Drs. said it was shown on the fall/12 scans and the one Dr. said he felt it on Dec/12.
This is all good news as far as I am concerned.
I am still doing great and looking forward to the long weekend.
Have a Good Easter.

Bishop Royce hamer

Posted : 31-03-2013

Serious Infections

I have a condition where I have severe bone loss in the upper part of my mouth that has brought about a related problem that no longer protects me, and is constantly letting in bacteria into parts of my upper mouth and body that cause these constant infections. I was told by two specialist medical doctors that without an operation to repair the bone and tissue loss, the infections would not only get worse over time but those infections would cause my premature death.

Even when I had health coverage the HMO's would not cover the operation I needed. I have been suffering with constant infections that only antibiotics can heal. Without them I am in a battle for my life. Often I either did not have health coverage or many doctors did want to give out antibiotics anymore because of the resistance factor and then they go ahead charge me after leaving me helpless.

Twice I went to the hospital with serious infections was denied antibiotics, & sent a huge bill I could not afford. After I just kept getting more and more ill without the antibiotics I needed, only to end up in a coma and almost died.

Not anymore! If I even begin to feel like I am getting another serious infection, I take the MMS and in no time I am well, no more hospital bills, no more doctors who put my life in more danger and then bill me for it, and no more antibiotics.

I cannot even count the times in the last 5 years, Master Mineral Solution (MMS), that used to be called Miracle Mineral Supplement has saved my life. Doctors almost killed me more than 2X. And I have friends that have brought me every natural product they thought might work, trying so hard to save my life. Through them, I have tried everything from Colloidal Silver, vitamins, nutrients, products to neutralize my system or to cleanse my system and nothing worked except antibiotics until I found MMS.

Getting these infections became a battle for my life. That was until 5 years ago when I found MMS. To all those who want to tell others that, "this product is so dangerous and toxic (in the amounts prescribed by Mr. Humble in his books to overcome certain bad health conditions)", you have never been ill with something very serious and subject to the medical system making you worse and then charging you outlandish fees. making you not only sick but poor too!

I am still here because of MMS, and yes that is TOXIC, to the MEDICAL FIELD AND BIG PHARMA, CERTAINLY NOT TO ME OR I WOULD NOT BE HERE ESPECIALLY AFTER 5 YEARS OF USING the MMS that critics call Toxic!

United States 

Posted : 26-03-2013


Hello Jim Humble

I am very grateful about your gift of MMS to the world and to me because it has healed me completely from Hiv-infection. I use MMS now for over 2 years, with fullest satisfaction. I did the Hiv-test back in 1990 and was put on meds in '96 and I used them up until 2010. Because they were killing me I stopped taking them altogether. But then MMS came and ever since then I live a healthy life. I will go on using it as long as it is available. Thank you Jim Humble for all you did to me.


none Posted : 16-03-2013

Mr. Fischer

I had a painfull crown and it began to moove.  My Dentist give an appointment a week in advance. 

So I took 10 drops of MMS and 50 drops of activator in a half a glass of water 3 times a day.

The second day all the pain were gone.  The 5th day The Dentist removed the broken crown and did a Roth-canal.

Told me that no inflamation, no bacteria and all is in good shape.



P. Fischer

Posted : 15-03-2013


I got rid of Psoriasis that I've have had for years , but now I've gained a new problem !!! the problem is that everyone is afraid of the federal mob due to the fact that no one understands their rights the feds capitolize on that ! so they have turned the American people into a gang of chicken hawks and now I dont where to get my main miracolous supeirioraty at . The individuals in Spokane should have learned something about the U S Constitution before going on their selling spree.

Joe L'Amarca
washington forest

Posted : 15-03-2013


I have been practicing homeopathy and naturopathy since 1982 and lately I had been using MMS and CDS as well. Before I used it on my friends and family members with their consent, of course, I first used it myself. My father who is 89 this year had tinnitus for some time and allopathic doctor gave him pills of course. That was not helping.The problem persisted for several months first affected one ear later the other one. Just after using MMS for 4 days the tinnitus was gone. He keeps using MMS to help his slightly enlarged prostate, too. He called me after 4 days and told me. "I cannot believe it how great I feel now." I went to see him and he rushed to the door to open it for me after I rang the bell and when he opened the door he was smiling, his facial expression was cheerful and he looked like he was 15 years younger, full of strength as well. My close she-friend, Dr. Blanka, MD usually takes what I prescribe her, whether it is a herb or something else. She read Jim Humble's website and seen video as well and she has seen me taking it so she trusted it from the very beginning. She had problem with her pancreas, always feeling hungry, which is a beginning of diabetes. After using MMS for 2 weeks she stopped eating frequently, which is a result of curing the pancreas and now she eats as she should be, her constant hunger is gone. As for myself. I am info health, and enemas, and vegetarian, divided way of eating, etc., for many years, so I can use MMS without any nausea in large doses and I can even use large capsule of MMS2 without slight problem, I do not even notice it when I take it. But my sight had improved so dramatically that after 2-3 weeks of taking MMS1, and not quite as I should every hour but at the different times, I could read small print in the magazine just about 2 days ago and did not have to use my glasses at all, not even once. I was amazed. I tested drops and used them in my eye. I even tested MMS2, dissolved it in the water because I wanted to see what will happen if taken instead of in the capsule just straight with water. I dissolved Ca(ClO)2 in water and when completely dissolved I took a syringe and opened one capsule and filled it with liquid, then closed it and swallowed it with water. Nothing happened. There was still plenty of the solution left in the glass so I added about 2 dcl of water and drank it. That was a big mistake!!!! Do not ever do it!!! You won't be able to breathe for awhile and you will feel like you are suffocating. I grabbed more water and drank it and finally after about five minutes it all came back to normal. So, if doing MMS2 do it as it says in the protocol. I did it because Mr. Humble wrote that they never tried it any other way so stick to the way that was approved. Yes, do exactly that. Now I am using CDS as well. It has absolutely no side affects, you won't have any diarrhoea or stomach upset. It works I really recommend it without any fear. We are having all these wonderful results within just days. I can't wait to see them after few week or even months. I'll keep you all posted.



Czech Republic 

Posted : 08-03-2013

John Dixon

I have had a planters wort on the bottom of my left foot, it receeded and came out along the side of my long toe. It had started to hurt, and I didnt know what it was. At one point I relized it was a pathongine of some sort. I then put pure MMS on it, I was very deeply suprised at the point, but the strangest thing happened immediately. I realized the pain was going right directly up my toe back to the original location of the wort. It was as if this pathogine was being killed right along its extension into my toe back to the root/source. It was as if something was living in my foot and didnt want to die, but did. Per my study of how Chlorine dixoide works at the celular level, I then realized that no pathogine can stay in a living state when C.D. is exposed to its surface. Having done this research myself prior to using it, I was actually suprised that science is stranger than fiction. It works very well at killing other things such as athletes foot.

John Dixon
United States 

Posted : 07-03-2013

No problems so far!

I've only been taking it 3 days, but considering how good I feel, I can't imagine developing a problem later.


I've struggled with IBS for 3 years and Prostatitis for about 9 months, and the only consistent help I have had is from eating nothing but protein.  I've even taken antibiotics for 7 weeks with good results, but they did not last.  Now, after doing Protocol 1000 for 3 days, I can tell that the problem will -stay-away-.  It also appears to be working against my warts, and my general aches and pains are greatly diminished too.


I do not believe it is bad for you, and I hope the FDA realizes that this is a good thing.

David Utley
United States 

Posted : 07-03-2013


After years without an outbreak, I woke up with the telltale itch.  At first I thought it was a spider bite on my butt. It didn't take long to figure out I was having a genital herpe outbreak.  First I took out the pharmaceutical creme I had stowed away, applied it and low and behold here come two more lesions popping out. I kept putting the creme on hoping that would help since my last outbreak I tried everything from tea trea oil, oregano oil, bentonite clay etc etc.  and it lasted for weeks.  Well this all started on a Tuesday morning, by Wednesday morning herpes # 4 & 5 were appearing then I remembered the MMS that was hidden way back on the shelf.  Gratefully, I got on the web site to get the recipe.  I couldn't wait to read through everything so I just did 6 drops and 1/4 tsp apple cider vinegar with some water and slammed it. Thursday morning Herpe #1 was dried up. #'s 2&3 were red marks and 4&5 were gone.  I got right back on the website and caught up with all that is happening and I AM BACK!  FULL TILT!!  Facebook, emails, I'm joining the church.  I will preach. I will take the test.  I will continue to fight for health FREEDOM.  I am writing to my congressmen and to my political party (Libertarian) to let them know what is going on with this ludicrous FDA lawsuit against these Health Freedom Warriors! STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN... EVEN IF YOU ARE STANDING ALONE! Peace begins with me.  One other note, God Bless You Jim Humble!  When your time comes; You sure have earned yourself a high place up there in heaven!  Thank you! 

Casey Thompson
United States 

http://www.quantumenergyhc.com Posted : 26-02-2013

Ear Infection

I do not have an ear drum in my left ear. It ruptured years ago when I had a bad ear infection. Prior to using MMS I averaged 8 ear infections a year. 

So here is what happened - I had just found out about MMS. I was away from home - on a business trip - I could feel the infection coming on - by the time I flew home I could just barely hold my head up. I started the MMS using it every 3 hours from the moment I got home. By the end of the day the pain was relived. I followed the same protocol the second day - as I could still feel it itching - sorta driving me crazy. Generally I would be in pain several days when on 500 mg penicillin and would have to take it 7 days sometimes even longer. 

Here is the wildest part - on the third day - I woke no itching, no pain, and was totally amazed. I went to the bank and as I walked in my ear made a loud noise as I walked towards the teller and all of the sudden it burst and water gushed out of my ear - every teller screamed in this little bank - it was like someone had hit me with a water ballon - water went every where, soaking my hair and shirt. 

Now my ear has ruptured many times in my life but this was the first time there was no blood, no infection, no pain - just water poured out. The MMS in 2 days had cleared out the infection. 

All this was on a Saturday. On Monday I went to my ear doctor - just to have him check on it. Much to my surprize upon examination he said "well it looks like you may have had something a week or two ago but it is all healed and just a bit pink".    

That was 3 years ago - I have not taken penicillin since. MMS is how I keep healthy now.  





Donna Collins-Yamini
United States 

http://www.theconsciouscook.org Posted : 22-02-2013
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